China’s Paul the Octopus – 12 pandas as fortune tellers for the Asian Games, with a gimmick though

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Soon after the first gold medal was given out, panda Brother Bosi has become the first panda to successfully predict the winner of the Asian Games gold medal. According to the schedule of games, the very first medal of the Asian Games is most likely to be generated by wushu, or Chinese martial arts. Among the 12 pandas that the Asian Games organizers have chosen as mascots, Bosi never failed to be the first to find food hidden by breeders using his sharp eyes.

In yesterday’s live broadcast on the official web site, breeders prepared food for Bosi. Bamboo shoot represented Chinese athletes, whereas apple represented foreign athletes. At last, Bosi chose bamboo shoots. This morning, Chinese athlete Yuan Xiaochao snatched the first gold of the Asian Games for the Chinese delegation. In the following days, 12 pandas will take turns to forecast where the golds will go.

Paul the Octopus predicts for FIFA world cup at Sea  Life Center, Germany

This year’s FIFA World Cup saw Paul the Octopus. Now, at the Asian Games, 12 cuddly and cute pandas also started playing the forecast game.

Selected comments from netizens:


My wife said they even don’t know how to tell a lie! It’s so sad! They should have said that a panda genetically modified to have cravings for apples suddenly and determinedly, for China’s sake, picked up his abandoned habits and ate bamboo for the time being.


Is it brightness of panda or stupidity of human? Can’t believe it comes from China. Let foreigners scoff at us…

水手A Ti Mo:

I suggest that when forecasting table tennis winner, let apple represent China and bamboo shoot represent foreign countries. Let’s see if your panda surpasses Paul the Octopus.


It’s so damn silly. What do pandas eat other than bamboo shoots?


No wonder China is the land of copycats. It’s so ridiculous.


What an coincidence! This evening, I threw a bone at my dog and said to him, “Grab it if there is any senseless news tonight.” He was correct!


I put both poison and dog’s poo in the editor’s bowl. At last, poison was untouched. Dog’s poo was gone! The editor has such a high IQ. Is this nitwit running out of news stories?


Ha! When did Chinese reporters become retarded? I was floored! It’s the same as expecting a dog to pick between a piece of meat and an apple – it will pick meat without a doubt. Everything is pirated. It is okay if you at least do it sensibly and reasonably. Now it’s so silly! It’s way worse than if you don’t pirate. My words failed me. China’s copycats have become too absurd to make any sense. What can we say?


Bamboo shoot is for China’s soccer team, whereas apples are for foreign soccer teams. At last panda ate all the apples and left bamboo shoots alone.

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