Chinese College mistress “price list” and contract exposed online

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Recently, a post titled “it costs only twenty thousand yuan to keep a beautiful Shanghai college mistress” has become quite popular over the internet. The post gives price quotes of keeping beauties from some of the major colleges in Shanghai. Some of the girls are priced at as cheap as 20,000 yuan ($3,005 USD) a year.


[In picture]

[On name card]

Agent for (male or female) mistress from major Shanghai colleges

[On the price sheet (Note: 100 RMB yuan is roughly worth 15 U.S. dollars)]

College name price range Girl’s cost of living per year
Shanghai International Studies University 7,000-14,000 yuan 130,000 yuan
Shanghai University 6,000-10,000 yuan 70,000 – 100,000 yuan
Shanghai University of Science and Technology 5,000-8,000 yuan 60,000 – 90,000 yuan
Shanghai Normal University 4,500-7,000 yuan 50,000-80,000 yuan
Shanghai Business School 4,000-6,000 yuan 40,000-80,000 yuan
Shanghai Tourist College 1,000-3,000 yuan 30,000-50,000 yuan
Shanghai Zhongti Vocational Technical College 700-2000 yuan 20,000-30,000 yuan
Shanghai Conservatory of Music 10,000-20,000 yuan 100,000-150,000 yuan
Shanghai Theater Academy 20,000-30,000 yuan 120,000-170,000 yuan
After reading the post a lot of netizens commented that the price is not too high, and some even showed interest in keeping one themselves. So is this really true? A phone number is included in the picture, which looks quite authentic and convincing. Some netizens commented that, it is so saddening to see the society’s morals have become degraded to such an level!
Female college students, a very sunshine[positive and vigorous] group. They have enviable youth and a promising future. However, among such a sunshine group actually exist individuals that are completely the opposite.
Looking at the reasons why these college beauties are willing to sell themselves as mistresses, netizens think it’s because most of them are lured by money. Greed and materialism has destroyed their basic human dignity. They are devoid of sense of shame and yet such behavior is a humiliation to their own characters.


A private detective exposes a college mistress contract
In the picture is a contract with 36,000 yuan signed by a boss[a rich man], but the boss failed to honor the contract, leaving the girl only sadness and regret.


QQ chat log discussing the deal [presumably between a detective in disguise and a female college student]: 69258_1288593120dXww

[In picture]

Girl: Are you in Beijing?
Detective: Yes. How old are you?
Girl: 20.
Detective: Can you sleep with me?
Girl: Yes, whatever you want. Like I said, I can be either a friend or a lover…

[In picture]
Girl: … as long as you don’t look disgusting to me.
Detective: can I [have sex] every day? I have a strong sex drive.
Girl: … I see. But must wear condoms. You must take responsibility if I get pregnant. Let me show you my photos. Also, you must pay first.
Detective: Are you a virgin?


[In picture]
Girl: Is 3,000 yuan too much? I can be with you every night. I need to take classes during the day, though.  Do you have a place to live in Beijing? Do we go to a hotel or what?
Detective: My apartment is at Anzhenli. Which college are you in?
Girl: Capital University of Economics and Business. I just enrolled in September last year. What do you look like?


[In picture]

Girl: hehe. I’m going to call you gege [or older brother: a intimate way for girls to address their lover]
Detective: I’ll come take you to my place on Friday evening. OK?
Girl: Sure. I’m getting off now. Let’s chat more when we meet.
Detective: Byebye.

Selected comments from netizens:


Assuming the deal costs 20,000 yuan, we could calculate as follows: there are 365 days each year, so the average cost per day is 55 yuan. If you are in good health you could make love 3 times every day. In the end, it costs less than 20 yuan per f#$k, which is cheaper than going to FL [hair saloon, a low-class brothel]. It is not clear if food and accomondation is included in the price. If not,  this is truely great news to our fellow johns.


The contract at the end is the true spot light! But the so called contract is illegal in the first place, because it violates citizen’s rights to personal freedom and privacy. Besides, prostitution contract like this trade humans as if they are commodities. This has absolutely no legal effect.


Oh college students!


Is that p*ssy set with gold or what? [Referring the price being too high]


It looks fake. So obvious!


What are humans? What constitues a human?

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