Pole dancing, Superman, King Kong…China’s subways offer bizarreness and masquerades

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A woman pole dancing on a subway train in Nanjing, Jiangsu was later taken away by the security. “I want to show my clean pole dance to 10 million people,” she said. A passenger said he believed the woman simply wanted to hype herself up.

A robot on board Shanghai’s subway line 2

The Gorilla felt shy when noticing other passengers were taking photos and snickering, and got off the train at the next station.

Roosters on Subway Line 4 of Shanghai

A man dressed up in Superman outfit in 2008 created a buzz on the Internet.

The “deer man”

Pink wig, pink garment, pink high heel, pink hello kitty parasol…Pink lady? No, he is a man.


An Egg-headed couple

Storm Trooper made to the headline.

A woman in her early 20s dressed like a heroine in a Chinese kung-fu movie or costume piece

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