Chinese kung fu master KO’d by American fighter; Chinese netizens feel mortified (video)

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The Shaolin Kung Fu and Shaolin monks have mystified the world with their incredible strength, vitality and flexibility. Therefore, when a Shaolin monk lost the battle to an American in Las Vegas, he really brought shame on Shaolin Kung Fu. Netizens criticized him as “merely being swanky with no substance” and an “impostor.”  It is said that after he returned to Shaolin Temple, he for a while suffered from mental disorder and had aberrant behavior.

(Please watch from 2:12. KO at 8:53. Finish at 10:06)

Yi Long, the so-called No. 1 Martial Monk from Shaolin, was knocked down to the ground on his back at 0:44 of the second round by Adrien Grotte, an American fighter who KO’d him with a left hook. The event on November 13, “WuLinFeng Las Vegas Spectacular: USA vs. China,” was presented by the televised Chinese martial arts series WuLinFeng and In Sync Productions’ World Combat Kickboxing (WCK) and taped for broadcast on Henan TV in China, as well as other international carriers of WCK Muay Thai. The spectacular was meant to showcase Chinese martial arts.

Having too much confidence in Yi Long ahead of the fight, the Chinese anchorman blew Yi Long’s skills and strength out of proportion. As if the wording “mysterious” and “horrible” he used were not enough to describe him, he played a video clip of Yi Long to “show Americans the real kung fu combat.” At the beginning of the combat when Yi Long took the lead, the Chinese anchorman even commented oddly that Adrien Grotte “has been shaken by Yi Long’s internal power.” A few minutes later, the fanfare was found out to be ironic and absurd.

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In recent two to three decades, commodity economy has been brought to the temple. Shaolin has degraded to a tourism haunt and a money-grubbing company. Abbot Shi Yongxin drives a luxury car, lives in upscale hotels, builds Shaolin theme park in Hong Kong (Jing’s note: Inaccuracy. It is in fact a Shaolin Kung Fu cultural center.), promotes Shaolin tea drink, sells kung fu books and pricey incense, and turns “the holy place for Buddhists” into a moneymaking land. Shaolin Temple is visited by millions of tourists each year, earning a revenue of hundreds of millions of yuan. Besides, their performances rake in over a hundred million yuan. They are setting yet higher goals. Shaolin martial monks pride themselves on making money and performing. What they pursue is histrionics pleasing to the eye. It is a matter of course that Yi Long was defeated with a single hit.
It is saddening to all Chinese that the profound Shaolin Kung Fu has been ruined to this point. Originally Shaolin Kung Fu became world-famous for not only its fighting style, but its significance, its spirit and frame of mind. Not sure if Yi Long has realized it. I wish that Yi Long’s failure can quickly wake them up to their mistakes.
Buddhism advocates peace, but Shaolin Temple preaches fights and kills. It runs afoul of the harmonious society.
What monks do should be eating vegetarian meals and reading sutras. Why practice kung fu? That’s Henan’s gimmick to fool people. (Jing’s note: Henan is the province in which Shaolin Temple is located.)
If you don’t engage in the fight, you would be No.1 forever. Are you guys nuts? You have to play around? You no longer need mystery?
(He is) so terrible. How come they only manage to find people like this?

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Yi Long, why don’t you guard your head?
When it comes to fight, foreigners have an edge in terms of physique.
Shaolin Temple is only a legend in wuxia novels. (Jing’s note: wuxia, a genre of Chinese fiction concerning the adventures of martial artists.) Not a legend in the arena. Chinese martial arts have been mystified.
I truly despise Yi Long after watching the video. He admitted defeat right after he was punched. Look at Zhang Tiequan, who participated in the UFC. (Ultimate Fighting Championship) His eyes were bleeding from punches. He was the underdog throughout the match, and yet he didn’t throw in the sponge. I truly look down upon Yi Long. He has no patriotic spirit. He brought disgrace on Shaolin, on China. Did he realize he wasn’t a single person anymore when he gave up? Did he realize he represented China?
The so-called Chinese martial arts is about swaggering in internal combats and being wishy-washy in external combats. Want to defeat foreigners? That’s easy. Invite them to China for the fight, use Chinese rules and Chinese referees. They definitely can win based on scores. And usually you don’t know what those foreigners who do come really are. This Wu Lin Feng is so fake it makes people sick.
What would happen if the People’s Liberation Army (Jing’s note: China’s military force) fights against American troops?
Being like this, he has the gall to represent Chinese kung fu?

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    Someone thinks this story is fantastic…

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  3. Brad | December 25, 2010 | Permalink Reply

    The only thing embarrassing in this fight are the Chinese promoters and commentators who promoted an unrealistic and false view of Shaolin martial arts. The Shaolin monks are human beings who train hard in their Shaolin system. They practice martial arts, meditation, and other practices. This was a sport fight and requires a certain type of training to go up against other athletes that train specifically for this kind of fighting. Qigong is great for health and can have many benefits in martial arts, but the inability to get knocked out by other highly trained athletes is not one of them. I doubt many of the shocked Chinese citizens have much knowledge at all of what their martial arts actually involve.

  4. D3rtbag | April 10, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    train harder young grasshopper

  5. john | April 11, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    oh well…he wasn't a true warrior anyway

  6. complications | April 22, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    The Shaolin monk however was restricted with the gloves, as they learn to fight by using their hands to flow their body. Being unable to use something fundamental to what he is used to would have drastically affected his fighting abilities, however it is wrong to commercialise the Shaolin monks. All the real master martial artists are hidden away in the mountains :)

  7. Martial Arts Man | July 29, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    Hahah, there is little doubt that these up and coming Martial Arts like any other athlete is larger, superior, quicker, stronger and even more skilled. Weather it’s Traditional Martial Arts or MMA, starting at such a young age is such an enormous advantage.

  8. WeKnowNothing | June 3, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Ooookaaaay here we go…. First of all, Yi – Long was put into a KICK – BOXING match with Adrien, which means, there are rules. If Yi – Long truly is trained in the art of Shaolin, then he also would presumably know it’s military variant: San Soo. This style is used to take down the enemy in a fast, often brutal, and at times a subtle way. If the enemy is not incapacitated or dead within less then a second or two, then this art would be seen as mis – used. It has had centuries of evolution through real experiences. In hand to hand combat with no rules, my entire life savings would be put on Yi – Long. Not Adrien Grotte.

    Adrien is a brilliant kick boxer though, isn’t he?

  9. DallasZedland | June 6, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Yi long got knocked down and was immediately back on his feet the ref called it because he was dazed. I still have hope for Yi Long even if the chinese people dont. Way to support your people china. I hope he comes back, he has what it takes to be a world champion. China needs to stop their bs propaganda machine and relax on the man, because regardless of the loss hes a great fighter with excellent speed.

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