Chinese netizens infuriated by U.S. media lumping China into the Axis of Evil

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On December 7, 2010, Bret Stephens published an article titled “China Joins the Axis of Evil” in the Wall Street Journal. Though the tone of the article itself is moderate, the provocative title soon grabbed eyes of Chinese netizens, and made the online community bristle with indignation.

Global Times, a government-backed newspaper wrote in its Chinese language version, “The large gear of Sino-U.S. relationship has got into the small gear of the politics of Korean Peninsula. But they both turn in the wrong direction. U.S. media has been vehemently flaying China’s North Korea policies. The Wall Street Journal has even announced that China “joins the Axis of Evil. Some people have poured the most vicious words in the English language to China. If Chinese society fought back under the circumstances, imagine how many words in the Chinese dictionary can be found to choke Americans. However, just let American commentators find a vent. The U.S. aircraft carrier has been tiring itself in the West Pacific. Foreign ministers of the U.S., Japan and South Korea joined hands to bash North Korea. But they truly want to do is just throw some malicious words at North Korea.

A post in a discussion forum named “Resurgence,” referring to China’s dream of reviving the state and coming back to the world’s stage as a superpower, puts the snapshot of the article upfront. The following are some of the comments on the post:

A King of Evil at the center of the Axis of Evil has made calling other countries “Axis of Evil” a tag line!
He who first offends will first complain. The U.S. should be at the real “Axis of Evil” of the world. Most turmoils in the world were stirred up directly or indirectly by the U.S.
It is not wrong to say Chinese corrupt officials are the Axis of Evil.
The U.S. simply want to achieve its ends of killing one through the hands of another. We don’t have to mess up with North Korea at its mercy. Isn’t the U.S. always bragging about how capable it is? It has kept talking angry talk, but it was loud thunder but little rain. It kept provoking incidents, and use South Korea as a fall guy to create tensions. Then it wants China to stand out and pressure North Korea and fall out with North Korea. The ending that it desires most is China and North fight, with both sides sustaining great damages, and it reaps benefits by being the sole winner. We are right in insisting that dialogue be the only way to settle issues of the Korean Peninsula. No matter how much nuclear weaponry North Korea possesses, we should not borrow trouble and thus we will never draw the fire upon ourselves. Americans want to set a fire and flee. Not so easy. We suggest talks; you disagree. If you Americans are capable, just declare war. I don’t think it has the guts.
Chinese newspapers have no less criticism for the U.S. They simply make it sound less explicit. What the U.S. does seems mostly have much to do with its interests. This is nothing but a gimmick to increase sales of the newspaper.
If we unite peoples that uphold justice and equity around the world, the U.S. will meet its end.
This is called ‘a filthy mouth can’t utter decent language.’ Don’t know what those Americophiles would think on reading the news.
To U.S. media: which country is at most wars since (the end of) World War II? Which country shows a swagger of arrogance by cruising in the big damn ship around the world? Which media flagrantly bolster up invaders? I can understand that you, as a journalist, want to feed yourself and say a good word for your boss behind your back. But you can’t be too shameless, can you?
If someone wants to treat China as an enemy, we will take up the challenge and be a “competent” enemy.
Let Yankees speak. China will strive unswervingly to let the world admit the greatness of the Chinese people.
China, first, can surely beat the U.S. by harnessing international opinion; attacking the mind is the priority. Second, increase substantially the quantity of nuclear weapons.
The U.S. permits anyone’s balderdash in the newspaper and calls it freedom of speech. Due to historical reasons, there still remains people who cling to the stale Cold War frame of mind in the U.S. With expansion of the scale of exchanges between China and the U.S., more and more people get to know the real situation in China. More and more American friends uphold friendship with China. Both China and the U.S. are responsible major powers in the current world. They need to increase communication, expand their knowledge, join hands and do good to the world.
“Americans do not have enough to eat or wear. They live in hell and struggle in the jaws of death. We must liberate them!”
The U.S. produces and sells weapons on a large scale, meddles in internal affairs of other nations, builds military bases everywhere and invades less developed countries. It is an outright warmonger.

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6 comments to “Chinese netizens infuriated by U.S. media lumping China into the Axis of Evil”

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  2. |= |=| | || E Z E | April 25, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    The US is not an axis of evil. Axis of evil countries are only countries that do not fight wars for decades. Righteous, just countries fight wars to purge the world of evil. It is not our concern that innocents die. No pain no gain!

    • Cosmin | September 13, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      That retarded american thinking you have going there is exactly why US is an axis of evil. They only poke and poke and poke.. I wonder what will happen when China pokes back. They are already in debt to them.. the US population don’t know that most of their money goes to China.

  3. Mr Delano | August 28, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    There should be only one flag for the whole world we are all humans and need the same things.
    Once we unite the whole world under one flag, miracles will occur.
    Mix capiatalism and socialism and you have a great recipe.
    I know most humans are too stupid too understand this concept>>STARTREK
    but it will happen, either throught the force of nature or act of man the world will have to unite or be erased…

  4. Christopher | October 6, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    I could and would say that it is part of the ‘axis of evil’!
    Notice how disrespectful china is to its neighboring countries.
    Following its territorial disputes with other nations.
    As if they’re really showing that they’re the head and best!

    China contributes so much to the world, yes.
    However their actions recently are quite abusing.
    Unlikely for a country with a culture that is based on honor and respect.

    The people nor the country aren’t ‘bad’, just blinded by what their Gov’t is really doing.
    It’s their government that is doing wrong.

    • Janiceivy | December 31, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      Hi John,I followed you over here from a cemnomt you left on another blog. Anyway, I like this post title. I remember playing RISK as a kid. Awesome game. I can’t believe they have a version with nukes now. I don’t know if you ever saw it, but I think I remember a Seinfeld episode where George and Kramer were playing Risk and wouldn’t trust each other when they needed to take a break for Kramer to go somewhere, so they ended up carrying the board with them onto the subway.Anyway, interesting blog here I’m bookmarking it to read your SEO stuff.Thanks for reminding me about Risk. Great game. ~ Steve (aka the trade show guru)

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