Chinese Little Match Girl’s New Year wishes

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Source: Sina&Youku

Her name is Wang Xiaoxing, which in Chinese means Little Star. She is a second grader at a primary school in the city of Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. Her parents are truck farmers from Pizhou, Jiangsu. They now live in Jiangning, a district administered by Nanjing but rather far away from the city, and work as a vegetable wholesaler at an agricultural product market there that supplies produce to Nanjing. The couple and their two sons are so busy making a living for the entire family that they’ve left their daughter, the youngest of their three children, in the care of her aunt.

February 3, 2010 is the first day of the Year of Rabbit based on Chinese Lunar Calendar. Chinese call it Spring Festival. It is the most important holiday on which Chinese are supposed to reunite with their families and celebrate it according to regional traditions and customs. Little Star also has her New Year wishes.

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Original video without English subtitles.

The first one to turn spotlight onto the girl was an internet user. He posted an article titled “Late on one evening of the cold winter, a little girl was still guarding the stall.” He said, it was 7:30 p.m. when he went by the produce market. The entire market was empty, as sellers had packed up their stalls and went home, except that only one stall was still open with the light on. A little girl was chanting, “Tomatoes, nappa cabbages, now at a discount!”

The net user was melted and paid 10 yuan for a nappa cabbage. The girl wanted to gave him the change, only to be turned down by him. When he left the stall, he heard “Thank you, uncle.” He felt sorry for the kid.

Many net users said they are greatly touched by the post. Some called her a modern-day “Little Match Girl.” Some thought she is a miserable kid. Some said she is sensible. Some were amazed at her strength and optimism.

When reporters in Nanjing traced her at the produce market, she was still guarding the stall. Shorter than 1.2 meters (4 feet), she had to stand on a wood stool to overlook the whole vegetable stall. It was cold that she puller the hood over her head.

In front of her were several textbooks, one of which is a Chinese Literature textbook that was dog-eared from too much reading. Finals started on the next day. She snatched some time to review the lessons when no one was around.

Selected fomments from Youku:

Little Star, you are superb. I sincerely wish you could live happily ever after. I should learn from you to view toil as fun…

Touching. Feel like crying.

Feel sad.

Youku has done an increasingly great job. (Its videos) reflect many real life experiences. Great!

I was speechless for a long time after watching this video. Hope the little girl can be happy and reunite with her parents soon. I guess there must be a lot of children left behind like her who are now waiting at home for their dad and mom. Hope they are happy too.

Touching. I used to be a child left behind.


This is courting people’s sympathies in disguised form. For a better business. F**K!

Can you look at the sunny side and be less dark? I think you are even beneath the kid.

Indeed my role model!

Wish you a happy 2011 with your dad and mom.

I feel ashamed after watching it.

Very touching. Think about it: such a little kid can be equal to this. We grownups should take more care of our kids.

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