Chinese teenage girl unabashedly breastfeeds a puppy dog in front of the camera; netizens’ reactions

January 14, 2011Jing Gao3 Comments

From Sohu and Tiexue


Selected comments from Tiexue:

It is her own breast milk. She can feed it to whoever she likes.


She isn’t afraid of rabies. Besides, who can popularize the scientific notion of when girls have breast milk?
Women will lactate 24 hours after giving birth. Some women who miscarried or had an abortion would also have some milk. If neither of the two situation is the case, she must have had some breast disease, and what she secretes is not breast milk~~~


Who is f**king thinking about these freaky ideas to hype themselves every day!


The dog is really happy. Being a dog can receive such a treatment. Is this dog male?


They blame everything to the post-1990 generation. The post author, what is the truth?


Who cares what decade was she born in? The b***h isn’t afraid of being infected with rabies?


She is bored and has nothing to do anyway. Why not squeeze some breast milk and feed it to the dog.


Absolutely a way to sensationalize herself. Better let someone f**k her.


Another brain-dead nut-case…


So huge.


Women will not have breast milk until they deliver a baby. I had seven girlfriend before I got married. Three virgins and four non-virgins. No matter how I squeezed or sucked, there was no breast milk. The longest time I spent was half an hour. Only a little yellowish salty water came out. All of those seven girls were like that. After I got married and had a baby, it gushed forth!
There are 20 million men who regard you as an enemy!
Don’t be fooled. The (bleeding from) hymen might be ketchup! Haha. I have had 12 girlfriends! Now growing bored with romantic relationships.


Nowadays hymens do not need to be restored in hospital. They sell fake hymens in boxes. You install it yourself at home.


Dogs are men’s best friend! ——-Especially teenage girls’!


The post-1990 generation is a synonym for all brain-dead acts!


So awesome. Though it can’t be true, those are really big!


Stupid. Could be another case of sensationalism.


She was born after 1990???? How can you tell?


I also want to try letting a dog suck my penis.

3 comments to “Chinese teenage girl unabashedly breastfeeds a puppy dog in front of the camera; netizens’ reactions”

  1. Albert J | February 4, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    The touched up photos of a puppy at a woman's breast are taken from Xiha. Its a U.S. woman breastfeeding her tiny pup and NOT the Chinese teenager.

  2. evarchitect | September 21, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    don't you wonder why a person would even put a camera and time it? or.. perhaps she had a photographer?

  3. James Johnston | January 28, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Let any woman do what she wishes with her breastmilk as long as there is no danger of diseases and infection. Breastfeeding a small puppy is not committing a crime and nobody has the right to mock or jeer at it.

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