Despite the taboo ‘Egypt,’ Chinese netizens echo its protests, cry out for Facebook in microblogs

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Despite the fact that China has blocked the word “Egypt” from the country’s wildly popular Twitter-like service, Sina Microblog, not all Chinese shut their mouths.

A picture of Egypt protest attached to one microblog post has been widely circulated in Sina’s micro-blogosphere. As Chinese censorship apparatus has rendered any attempt to key in the Chinese word for Egypt futile, the microblogger who goes by the name “who-shen” simply says, “People on the scene expressed their opinion on the reform: No AK-47, no machete; need Twitter, need Facebook.”

The message was submitted on Sunday morning. In less than ten hours, it has been shared by 2,450 users and received 380 comments.

Most users clamored for a number of internet services that have been warded off by China’s Internet censorship apparatus, or the Great Fire Wall, such as youtube, wikipedia, subtitle-making teams, which translated online open courses of U.S. universities and were later forbidden probably because of the teachings that made the authorities nervous, and Emule, a website that facilitated free download of copyrighted works. Many praised and supported Egyptian protesters. Some daring ones called for freedom and democracy.
Inevitably, some people stood by authoritarianism. But there are also a handful who have really witty remarks to offer.

Selected comments from Sina microblog:

smartskym: They want freedom of information. Keeping the people in ignorance is out of the question, and will not work.
田野V8: It’s pity that many people have never seen Twitter or Facebook. So our people are: without any stance!
想睡的猫: Dictators can only live in lies.
NELLL: Frightened souls that were crushed over by tanks 22 years ago have learned to be selfish, to be obscure and to escape. Then, no one has ever heard the song “The most beautiful Chinese” that was played at the square.
Mr-Six: Why the f**k this seems to be talking about the heavenly kingdom?
捷克刀神: Egyptians and Tunisians have been very awesome lately.
李PENG: Exactly the same as what we need.
遗世独立Q苍苍_暖酱: We don’t want Xinwen Lianbo (CCTV prime time news). We also want Twitter and Facebook.
83年瑕疵品_我要瘦: Agree! And the water pipe! (Chinese nickname for Youtube)
pplove24: I tuned in for Xinwen Lianbo that I’d quit a long time specially. There was absolutely nothing…
erinfourteen Spot-on. //@亚洲的法语:AGREE!!!!!TOTALLY!!!
Pony菜菜: That’s why the two characters “Egypt” is now being banned and filtered out.
A李想: F**k. All four are controlled (in China)!
RShuJian: Before we asked for bread and milk. Now we ask for democracy and freedom. Mankind’s aspiration is also being constantly upgraded!
山水风中奇缘: In retrospect, the great Party is indeed brilliant. It built the grand GFW. (Great Fire Wall) Must have had foresight.
碧眼寰宇: I would think it were in China if it were not for the English…
信号山博攫: Revolution! Awesome Egyptian.
zhengxiaoshuo: Need free speech. No internet censorship
JennyL630: Chinese have none of these. So what? V5 (Sounds very similar to powerful in Chinese)
难淡: Twitter and Facebook turn out to be tools for revolutions. Haha. No wonder Z*F (An euphemism for the government, a form of self-censorship) is afraid.
憨鸟: This expression is very good. No bloodshed. Need communication. Need freedom.
東京上空30秒: God is so far away from some countries!
chen510260x: Need a lot of RMB (Chinese currency)
张颂zhangsong: Internet has infinite power!!! China doesn’t have tools for observation that the world of freedom has.
bobodiva: I disagree. These are tools for divulging secret information for a bunch of nosy people to look on. What’s the point of hiding at home, raising arms and shouting? Such revolutions are but virtual revolutions. Just go ahead with your dreams!
虾米虾米: We need (film) rating system; need legalization of red-light districts…
傻逼贾有财: We Chinese just don’t need these, as we don’t know about these for starters. They must be poisonous weeds sown by capitalism! We must firmly cast them aside!
宁财神: Need imdb! (Internet Movie Database) Need Emule; need google. No castration. Need original works.
Akimoon: Need wiki.
May733: Need individual freedom and a free society as well.
储扬: The majestic country has been terrified lately. None of the mainstream media covered the events. It seems it has silently admitted that its path is never a bright and broad road. It is dead determined to brag and allege that only the scenery here is beautiful.
侵略地球的火星猫: Right. We should learn from this method too.
独立旅鼠: Capturing a city is an inferior strategy. Capturing the minds is superior. China can become a real superpower only when it begins to export these things (referring to twitter and facebook).
飄忽小姐Valynn: I second it. Also need the right to take to the streets with signs.
王斌_im2点0: The one who held the sign might be a special agent from the U.S. CIA and is specially in charge of infiltrating and spreading ideology in the Third World.
李国庆: Internet is a nuclear weapon without fire.
古拉阁: Different skin colors, same wishes.

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  2. [...] Despite the taboo ‘Egypt,’ Chinese netizens echo its protests, cry out for Facebook in microblog… [...]

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