Faced with forced fish pond seizure, Chinese farmer hangs himself; netizens’ comments

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From Kdnet and Tianya Xun Jide, a farmer at Xindang Village, Funing County in Jiangsu Province, hanged himself onto an excavator on the early morning of January 12, 2011. He died at the age of 63. Xun had been a fish farmer for 13 years and had raised hundreds of tons of fish in a fish pond under contract. Dong Guangri, a village committee member, was said to intend to reap fabulous profits from contracting out the fish pond without Xun’s consent. xunxun2

In order to extort the property from Xun, Dong first sent a mob to Xun’s home to vituperate him and his family and wreak damage to his pond, and then had the pond drained. Finally, despite that Xun had given in and implored him to wait until all the fish are taken out from the pond, Dong used an excavator to destroy the pond. Xun Jide left a suicide note, in which he wrote, “(This) is my death note. I, Xun Jide, was hounded to death by Sun Zhifei (former director of the agricultural machinery station), Dong Guangri (the village party boss), Sun Huaishu (Village chief). My son and daughter, do remember to treat your mother well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well. I am dead. You must be good to your mother. I don’t know how to write. Xun Jide. January 11, 2011. On the back side is (an account of )debts (I) owed to others.”


Xun Jide's suicide note

Selected comments from Tianya: 天听我笑963:

“Harmonious Society,” “Big country,” “Superpower,” would you forbid comments this time?


F**k, a society of cannibalism.


Son of a b***h. The people’s lives are treated like dirt.


Chinese New Year is about to come… Why don’t you at least wait until the New Year is over…


Aiyayayayaya. Too miserable, too miserable. (He’s) absolutely hounded to death.


Is this what party members and cadres blatantly call “the vanguard nature of socialism?”


The issue of land will sooner or later become the spark that starts the prairie fire. Ai, party members and cadres are increasingly an albatross of this country and the Chinese people.


Since you don’t want to live any more, why leave the world alone? Why not claim a few lives as your company?! I feel undeserved in your shoe. Indeed too tragic.


This person is really unworthy. At the end of the day, it was only his own life that he terminated. I just don’t get it. If you don’t want to live, what can you possibly be afraid of? If you have thought about your offspring, why kill yourself?


Mad looting and ransacking. A scene of apocalypse.


Another traffic accident. (Jing’s note: a sarcasm that alludes to a village petitioner’s suspicious death defined by authorities as “a traffic accident.”)

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    like ryuk from death note says…"this world is rotten"

  3. Guy In China | March 19, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    People are sharks and will do anything for a profit. The worst thing is that it’s just capital gains – a one off screwing of other people. Once this cash runs out, he’ll have to go screw someone else.

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