Pretty Chinese girl sings for a living on the street, auctions off her first love at RMB100,000

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From Hexun Qilu People’s Daily Online Xinhua

A post about a girl singing in Beijing’s underpass for a living has become extremely hot in China’s cyberspace. It dubs the girl “Panhandling Loli.”

(Jing’s note: Loli, a reference to Vladimir Nabokov’s book Lolita, is now widely used in Chinese Internet culture as a synonym for pretty young girls.)

According to the post, Panhandling Loli is from Pingdingshan, Henan Province in central China. Her father died of severe disease. Her mother is in bed with ailment. Her family is terribly in debt. She also has a little brother who is now supported by another family.

To pay off the debt and treat her mother’s illness, the girl came alone to Beijing to make a living. At the beginning, she only got a serving job at a restaurant. However, the nominal salary was impossible for her to keep body and soul together. Then she became a street singer.

TV news with English subtitles translated by Ministry of Tofu

She said to a reporter that she has decided to auction off her first love in an interview. Later, Panhandling Loli priced her first love at 100,000 yuan (US$15,000).



The bold characters on the "pan" reads "ONE YUAN PER SONG."

A young rich guy whose family owns a coal mine wrote in his comment that he is willing to offer 100,000 to help the pretty girl and asks nothing in return.

Netizens are divided on its veracity. Many were sympathetic. A net user even called on people to donate for her and asked the original post author for her detailed address. But others are suspicious of the entire story.

凌风火焱:Her eyes are clear and immaculate. For the look in her eye alone, I want to help her.

西域斜阳:Wearing clothes of famous brand-names, having had a nose job, her hair flat-ironed, and photographer blurring the pics on purpose…Publicity stunt!!!

panjiaw0:She cannot be called panhandler, can her? She is so pretty. She lives by her own labor. Her moral standing is lofty. Her life is hard.

说不了的一:If you have a talent, make a good living out of it! You don’t have to use this method, do you? It makes people sad.

El1238:Very pretty. No matter whether she has been driven to do this by her life, or she simply wants to experience life, I hope she can be better.

“Such an innocent girl has to go begging. She wears so thin clothes (in winter). It makes people feel sad for her.”

“Sacrificing herself for her family, she deserves everyone’s respect.”

“No matter how difficult your family is, you can’t sell your body and dignity. First love is a girl’s most precious thing. How can it be measured against money? It’s so stupid.”

“This is too fake. There are so many beggars out there. Why only she becomes famous? It’s hard to discount its likelihood of being a publicity stunt.”

Some netizens focus on the significance underlying the case. A net user “黑毛” said, “It doesn’t matter if what the girl said is true. Similar stories make people reflect on the difficulty of getting employed. Many people who are not disabled and even as good-looking as Panhandling Loli, or those who do not want to enter the society and use their talent to make money, resorted to begging. Is this necessary to use such an extreme method to resolve difficulties?”

“I don’t care if there is hype behind this. Even if what the girl said is fabricated, there must be girls who have gone through the same circumstances. They are just not as pretty as her and have not been discovered by others,” net user “阳光碎了一地” said, “Support her! Support those who have similar life experience!”

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  2. Poi Oiuy | January 23, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    This story really highlights the strength of the Chinese people and how much health care in China has improved since the bad old days of 1945. In the bad old days, poor people either die from sickness or some one has to sell themselves to get treatment for serious diseases. The 100,000 yuan price tag also indicate how Chinese people has embraced the free market system – transaction between a willing and knowledgeable buyer connected with a willing and knowledgeable seller.

  3. Reader | December 19, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    Are people blind? She’s wearing those big contact lenses and had a nose job, hardly poor enough to be a beggar.

  4. Heero | April 26, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    i love pretty girl! ^^
    do you wanna be my girlfriend?

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