RMB77 monthly rent in Beijing? Lie on TV involving Chinese President exposed by netizens

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From Dapenti

China Central Television’s news said that on January 1, 2011, Chinese President Hu Jintao brought his new year wishes to a neighborhood in Beijing. There he visited a low-income family who lives in a low-rent department – 77 yuan (US$12) a month – because of the Party’s policy to ensure the people’s welfare.

On the news, Guo Chunping, lessee of the low-rent apartment who lives with her daughter, has a dialog with Presudent Hu Jintao.

Hu: When did you move in?
Guo: I have been living in this apartment for more than half a month.

Hu: How many square meters is this house?
Guo: Altogether  45 square meters. (450 square feet)

Hu: Two room?
Guo: Yes, two rooms.

Hu: How much (do you) pay for this apartment a month?
Guo:  (I) only have to pay 77 yuan(US$12) a month.

Hu: Can you afford paying 77 yuan a month?
Guo: Yes, I can afford it. That’s why I am very grateful that the Party and the government have built such a great country, and give us so good a home to live. I am deeply touched.

Hu: The party and the government have taken the people’s welfare very seriously, and have taken a series of steps. (Guo: oh…) And we will take further steps to resolve people’s difficulty in life. We feel happy too on seeing your housing improvement.
Guo: Thank you! Thank You! Our country has gotten better day by day. Before we didn’t even dare to imagine this.

After the news was aired, many netizens say it is beyond imagination that in Beijing, where housing is such a problem, rent can be this low.

Netizens have found out through human flesh search (Jing’s note: a Chinese Internet phenomenon. Net users spontaneously make concerted efforts to piece together facts and information dotting the Web, e.g. one’s photos, one’s online profile, and even one’s  IP address, to identify previously unknown people and expose hidden truth.) that Guo Chunping is no ordinary lessee who has a low income. She is a public servant employed by Traffic Police Brigade of Beijing’s Chaoyang District.

It is said that the neighborhood is located 18 kilometers (11 mile) away from Tiananmen Square, the geographic center of Beijing. A housing search engine shows the average rent for a 45-square-meter apartment in the locality is 2,000 yuan (US$350). The woman in the news does not live in the apartment. She has leased it out.

The picture of her travelling to Shanghai’s World Expo with her daughter has been dug out.



Guo Chunping, right, and her daughter, middle, in front of China Pavilion at Shanghai's World Expo in 2010

Picture of Guo's daughter provided by human flesh search

A net user said, “On the day when Grandpa Hu went to inspect low-rent apartments, the expressway was under strict traffic control and no vehicle was allowed to go through for some time. The driver of the cab I took said to me, ‘These big heads must be pretty tired from playacting every day.’”

Selected comments from Tianya


Our government is extraordinarily brave as expected. They have the nerve to turn any joke into a drama, and anyone wants to be a part of it.


They’ve made such a monstrous joke. Let’s see who’s gonna clean the mess.


What a society! Even our intelligence has been underestimated.


This post has to be put in the headline. Investigate into this. A person standing straight is free from worries about having a crooked shadow. (Jing’s note: Chinese proverb)


Losing face on CCTV news. How are you going to face foreign media when you visit the U.S. next month? Be embarrassed? Be infuriated?


The mother and the daughter are at most scapegoats. What’s condemning them gonna help? Are the actors in a position to call on and off a show?


Haha, you have the nerve to fool the emperor. Don’t who should be called a fool. I am watching gloatingly how this is gonna end.


I would say that the human flesh search result is open to doubt. Especially the daughter’s picture (found through the search) is obviously different than on CCAV. (Jing’s note: an epithet for CCTV. AV stands for adult video.)Are they really the same person? Description of job title and employer’s address is very unclear.


I really can’t figure out what this administration has done.

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6 comments to “RMB77 monthly rent in Beijing? Lie on TV involving Chinese President exposed by netizens”

  1. Stone | January 3, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemns her dishonest behavior of lying to our beloved President Hu! Apology is demanded!

    • MK | January 4, 2011 | Permalink Reply

      Agree with you. I think she is part of an evil plot to topple our beloved leader and the nation government.

  2. MK | January 4, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    I should invite him to my apartment to see if my rent goes down to 77 RMB by his sole presence. Or may be, the rent was originally 77, then the neighborhood became immediately famous and stylish by his majesty presence and now the rent is +2000. Who knows/Hu knows.

  3. Poi Oiuy | January 4, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    I don't think the emperor was fooled at all. He is too good an actor.

  4. Kedafu | January 4, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    I dont blame President Hu in da house, he didnt know anything about this issue.
    I feel confident saying some of the Beijing municipal workers set up this PR stunt.

    Quite similar to when Mao used to visit the countryside in his time. He was shown vast bumper harvests and socialist development from his armored train and farms that were set up prior to his arrival. Chairman Mao like President Hu was actually seeing what he wanted to see.

    negative 五毛党

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