Shanghai driver silently protests forced demolition in multiple languages in taxicab

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From Twitter


Handwritten Chinese text from top to bottom:

“Zhabei (Jing’s note: a district of Shanghai) People’s Government’s forced demolition cornered a 40-year-old women to death. EVIL.”

“Yesterday morning a woman hanged herself. The second-phase construction at Qiaodong on Qiujian Road.”


Handwritten Chinese text from left to right:

“Fight, struggle and stand up for rights.”

“On August 7, 2009, they issued the demolition order. Four months later on January 25, 2010, they came to seize my house. Eating people without spitting out bones. Improving the community is a lie!”

“Dark society forced a good and decent woman to death.”


Handwritten Chinese text from top to bottom:

“The entire country embraces World Expo. My home encounters ‘Forced Demolition Order’ from the government, coercing us to sign unequal treaty!! Coercing us to sleep on the street. For four months, they made  a ‘new-rich nail house resident’ out of me.”

“Black-hearted second-phase construction at Qiaodong. Improving the community sounded nice. They compensated each person with 149,600 yuan (US$22,500), and doctored fake documents to coax ‘the imperial sword’ from the government – demolition order to kill us, forced us to sign unequal treaty. Indeed, eating people without spitting out bones. In today’s legal society, even a people’s government can stamp its official seal at will?!”


The tweet said the cab driver’s two pieces of housing were forced to be demolished. A 40-year-old neighbor of him hanged herself too. They have no outlet for their grievances.

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