Will you divorce your husband for RMB30 million? 70% Chinese women surveyed say yes.

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A 40-year-old in Guangzhou has had an extramarital affair with a rich woman. Pregnant, the rich woman offered 30 million yuan (US$4.5 million) to the wife, asking her to divorce her husband. The news of the wife’s resolute refusal spread quickly all over the neighborhood. Most people think it was dumb of the wife to turn down the offer.

Xiao Wen, who is in the know, said that Lin Bao (pseudonym) is a departmental director at a well-known hospital in Guangzhou. He was well-established in his career and had a happy family with his wife. Then he got to know Xiao Li, (pseudonym) whose family owns a business venture, and had a love affair with her. Not long ago, Xiaoli found herself pregnant with Lin’s baby, and urged Lin Bao to divorce her wife. She promised to deposit 30 million yuan into her bank account if she could let go of her husband, only to be rebuffed point-blank. To prevent the thing from turning any uglier, Lin’s boss is going to talk some sense into the couple.

It has become a marketplace gossip in the neighborhood and at the hospital where Lin works. Most people said the wife is too dumb. Since her husband has already betrayed her, why not take the money and file for divorce? 30 million yuan is enough for an ordinary person to spend for several lifetimes (Average annual income of a resident in Guangzhou is 49,000 yuan).  “After you have 30 million in hand, what handsome boy can’t you find?” Li Li, a resident in the same neighborhood said in front of her husband, “I would even divorce for 3 million, let alone 30 million.” Some residents stand by the wife, “How can you trade the youthful days and your affections you’ve invested for 30 million? (If I were her,) I  would not divorce. I would drive them to a dead end!”

After requests for an interview were turned down by the persons concerned, South Metropolitan Daily randomly surveyed married women from different age groups by asking, “If a rich woman offered you 30 million and asked you to divorce your husband, what would you say?” 70 percent said yes. “You would have forgotten what love is when RMB30 million is put in front of you,” said one nicknamed Heiyusan. Only 20 percent said no. “Without him, the thought of living alone in a house bought with 30 million scares me. Without him, when my kid asked me where his father had gone, I could only show the account book.” Ten percent of the respondents said it is hard to decide. Xiao He said, “(I) will look at it on a case-by-case basis. No if it were my true love, I would not divorce. Yes if we were simply making do with an unhappy marriage.”

A blog post says that there is in fact nothing wrong with the 70 percent who said yes. The husband’s two-timing is a bitter revelation. How can a heartbroken person resist the temptation of 30 million as consolation? The marriage has already ceased to carry any weight, because no matter whether the husband still loves the wife, his transgression and betrayal is unforgivable. Fidelity and mutual trust are the foundations of a marriage, which have been devastated by the husband’s two-timing. The couple can no longer stay together life before as if nothing had happened.

Netizens’ voice:

Ms. Zhang, 44-year-old hospital employee:

Would divorce immediately and run away quickly. What if she changed her mind later?

Ms. Yang, 28-year-old employee at a private company:

I would not hesitate if it were RMB, euro, or British Pound. Forget it if it were Vietnamese Dong or Zimbabwean Dollar.

Li Feiyan, a 48-year-old living on the dole:

I am reluctant to divorce him. Even though my husband was laid off three years ago, we have been sharing weal and woe for 20 years. My hubby is more important than 30 million.

Xiaowei, 27-year-old public servant:

Can I take the money and be my hubby’s mistress?

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    So of the number surveyed, only 20 percent may have married their True Love!?? That is REALLY bad news.

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