Beijing forces elementary students to salute Communist Party flag every month

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From NetEase

Beijing’s Communist Youth League has just announced that starting from next month until October, each of Beijing’s elementary school will have to organize its students to salute the flags of Communist Party, Communist Youth League and Young Pioneers on the first Monday morning of each month.

This year marks the 90th anniversary of the Communist Party of China. The person in charge at Beijing’s Youth League said the new directive is to strengthen Young Pioneers’ comprehension and love of the organization, the League and the Party.

Besides, the city’s students will perform patriotism-themed dramas and tell historic stories about the Party as well. Top student storytellers and actors will be awarded.

This is the first time that the three additional flags are required to be hoisted and saluted in China’s elementary schools. As an established national convention, K-12 students all over the country attend their schools’ national flag hoisting ceremony every Monday morning.

On China’s famous web portal NetEase, many netizens criticized the directive, “Who gave the city’s Youth League this right?” “Why the Youth League doesn’t come to help me when I cannot afford food?” “Is this education fair and just?” Some also said that the ceremony is to brainwash kids since their childhood and to indoctrinate them with the erroneous notion that “The Party is tantamount to the country.”

Young Pioneers of China is a mass youth organization for Chinese children, run by the Communist Youth League, an organization of older youth that comes under the Communist Party of China. Basically, young pioneers are kids aged between 6 and 14 who wear red scarves. One can join the Communist Youth League in junior high and the membership expires when s/he either reaches 28 or joins the Communist Party, whichever is earlier.


Students from the Experimental School Attached to Capital Normal University walk while holding the flag of the Communist Party on February 21, during the opening ceremony of the new semester.


An elementary school student holds high the character “Party” on February 21, the first day of the spring semester.


From left to right: the Communist Party flag, the Youth League flag, and the flag of Young Pioneers.


On February 21, elementary school students salute at the flag-hoisting ceremony.

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    They are getting as bad as the americans!

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    That was a very good idea to do that, it helps the younger generation to know Chinese history more.

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