Chinese netizens poke fun at propaganda about North Korea

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An article written by a Chinese reporter Zhou Zhiran (周之然) appeared on the official website of People’s Daily, the Communist Party’s mouthpiece. The loud accolade bestowed upon North Korean people’s “rich and colorful life” and its cheesy writing style soon turn the article and the writer into objects of derision and sarcasm.

Excerpts of the article

Pyongyang’s tomorrow will surely be more splendid

February 16 is General Secretary Kim Jong-il’s birthday. Choi Ok got up early and put on her newly-bought traditional Korean dress on which she spent over US$200. The red color of the dress beautifully brings out the festivity. Like in past years, she visited to Chairman Kim Il-sung’s mausoleum at the Kumsusan Memorial Palace not far away from her home…Choi Ok bought a bouquet of flowers and proceeded to the bronze statue…

After sending flowers, Choi Ok had a look at her watch and then took out her cell phone to call her college friends… It’s so much more convenient for contact with cell phones. Within Pyongyang, there are nearly 500,000 3G cell phone users. By the end of the year, the number will have reached one million. The entire Pyongyang has 2 million residents, and only one million live in downtown. Now basically every two residents own one cell phone. All her friends have had cell phones for a long time. How fast the change is!

…Now there are much more taxi cabs than before. Besides Jetta, there are also Volkswagen, Geely, (Ford) Focus. Going out is much more convenient. She had good luck today. There were no traffic jam. Lately it seems a lot of cars popped up suddenly from nowhere in Pyongyang, and traffic congestion, which was never seen before, occurred very often…

…A famous store in Pyongyang was having sales promotions. The store was packed with customers. There were a dazzling array of merchandise. Choi Ok and her friends shopped a lot and walked out of the store with bags after bags. It was lunch time. Where to dine has become a real question. Before, there were only a handful restaurants for selection. Now in Pyongyang a wide variety of restaurants are operating…There were outbursts of laughter from time to time. The festive air was very powerful. In the end the server gave Choi a discount card. She can enjoy a 10% discount if she comes within the next two months. Really great!

More varied and interesting events came in the afternoon. Kim Jong-il Flower Show is a must-see for celebrating February 16. When Choi Ok came to the exhibition hall with her friends, it was a sea of people. Then Choi found she forgot to bring her digital camera. Luckily the exhibition hall has express photo service. It takes only a few minutes to get the photos. After that, Choi and friends also went to a movie…Then she hailed a cab to go home.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il (right) and his son Kim Jong-un, the heir apparent.

The original article on People’s Daily Online has disabled comments. However, Chinese netizens have been circulating it on Sina’s microblog and made more than seven hundred comments.


By nitwitted reporter from People’s Daily Online…


Zhou Zhiran’s childlike fairy tale makes Chinese people living in inferno see the revolutionary silver lining. If there is a second life, I will surely choose to be born in North Korea. Wish it would still be Kim’s Kingdom.


They should post the renowned reporter Zhou in North Korea forever.


Oh my mother. It turns out North Koreans’ life is richer than Chinese. Stop supplying food to them from now on. They are so rich!


The writing is too much like a composition written by a schoolchild.


A science fiction about North Koreans.


The fiction is good.


He has nobody else to butter up, and kisses the Kims’ asses. The reporter is really disgusting.


Astonishing! This reporter graduated from a journalism program of our great motherland?


Hehe, our party will be floored by the spin. US$200 dress? Where did she get that?


I think he might have published his son’s winter break homework.


Turns out the People’s Daily Online is even more stupid than I am.


So talented. A pity that he isn’t a playwright.


This is an excellent news report about North Korea’s new features filled with Chinese Characteristics.


It’s just right to dispatch this kind of reporter to North Korea.


People’s Daily Online doesn’t speak people’s language.


Should I laugh to death over such a news report? Does the writer treat Chinese people like idiots and retards or what?


A freak born as a result of geopolitics. If it didn’t border China, it would have collapsed hundreds of years ago.


According to this report, North Korean’s today is better than my today. At least I don’t have money to ride a taxi cab to the square and send flowers and then ride a taxi cab back.


It is very likely that it is indeed written by a school child.


Haha, on a par with my son’s writing skill.


Comparable with schoolchildren’s writing!

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