Chinese public servant beats janitor brutally for not giving gate pass right away

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At 10:00 p.m. on January 30, 2011, a car with the license plate “桂BBZ3××” stopped at the gate of a neighborhood in Liuzhou, Guangxi Province. The janitor recognized one passenger on the car as a resident of the neighborhood, took it for granted that they don’t need a gate pass, and didn’t bother to open the gate for them. So the two infuriated people got off the car and, as is shown on the surveillance video, kicked and stomped the janitor repeatedly, even after the janitor cried for help.

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One of them yelled, “I am the chief of **bureau in Liuzhou.” The other claimed to have a brother who is the police chief, and said, “I am beating you, so what? I am also going to lay you off!”

According to a Sina news report, one of the two men is named Zhou Yongshen (周勇伸), a cadre working at Liuzhou’s taxation bureau. The other is not a public servant. Both of them denied having ever yelled “I am the bureau chief.”

Selected comments from Mop




Son of a gun.


The society is truly screwed.


What is this f**king bureau chief? Must teach him a good lesson.


I am so used to it.


Not surprised. This is the river crab life in the heavenly kingdom!


The society is so f**ked up. It has no morality or justice.


Calm down. Their fathers are Li Gang. (Last year a student in Hebei province was run down and killed by the son of the deputy police chief, who warned off security guards by saying: ‘I’m the son of Li Gang!’)


Even officials in so small a place are so self-important.


In a harmonious society, we should calm down.


Motherf**ker! Go head and strangle him.


Beasts cannot be exterminated. Li Gang returns again and and again.

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