Photos: what goes on in Chinese love hotel

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Clarification: We didn’t really know this one was featured in other sites, for example, We just stumbled upon the photos and thought it is cool to share them. At any rate, we will try to make posts as up-to-date as possible from now on.

China has a few newly-built fanciful or elaborately designed love hotels, but the price range and high profile usually daunt many people with such needs. To cater to the demand for a place of privacy for sexual intercourse or other purposes and ulterior motives, China has many shabby and low-cost short-stay hotels, or in Chinese, hourly-paid rooms, (zhong dian fang, 钟点房; or xiao shi fang, 小时房) to offer.

The following photo series is not documentary journalism at all. Rather, it is photography as performance art that depicts the Chinese society.


Police and forensics investigate crime scenes


Lovers engage in sadomasochism.


The drug addict on the left inhales opioid drug while her lover injects drug with a syringe.


Two men engaged in forging fake certificates (ones with green covers on the floor) and seals (red ones on the table) are transported with joy, probably by getting a new order by phone.


The two men have hired an illegal prostitute. The three scuffle, possibly over payment for sex and the fire cupping service that comes with it (as seen on one man’s back).


Production team of an adult movie.


Migrant workers that cannot afford renting an apartment share the room.


Teenagers in school uniforms try the forbidden fruit.


The old man eavesdrops on their neighbor, while the granny takes a rest by taking a hot foot bath.


One kidnapper tortures their teenage hostage. The other shouts over the phone, possibly to the teen’s family.


Everybody on the art project is having fun.

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    Aren't this two years old? They were featured on ChinaSMACK and made quite stir.

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