Vengeful Chinese wife spreads sex photos of hubby and mistress

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From Haixia; Sina; NetEase

A Chinese woman, who has just divorced her husband over extramarital affairs, attached dozens of uncensored sex pictures to an email intended for several high-tech businesses in Zhongguancun, or Beijing’s “Silicon Valley.” The pictures, which were later pixelized, have become viral over the internet, and the incident is dubbed “Little Three Gate” or “Xiaosan Gate” (Jing: Xiaosan, 小三, or litter three, is a Chinese moniker for mistress, as she is the third and the supposedly unwelcome person in the relationship)

The first line on the picture reads, "Shameless little three in Beijing who destroys others' family." Below is the mistress' personal information.

In the email, the Chinese woman said that she had been married to her husband, a sales manager at Microsoft China for three years and has a one-year-old child. She quit her job from a foreign-owned company after the child was born. She found her husband often had sleepovers and was quite distant with her some time later. Then she began to keep an eye on his cellphone, and finally dug out nearly 200 mash notes. Determined to find out if her husband was truly having an affair, the wife maintained control, and called the cell phone number of the mash note sender in the name of a headhunter, and even friended the “little three” on MSN. The wife even asked the little three out for lunch several times. At one lunch, the wife found the mistress’s credit card has her husband’s name as the cardholder.

On one occasion, the wife took away the mistress’s cellphone, and found out the “little three” has been romantically and sexually involved with several men besides her husband. The cellphone also contained multiple sex videos. The wife demanded an explanation from her husband. Even though he apologized and swore off the relationship, he nevertheless stayed in touch with the “little three.” After the Chinese New Year, she signed divorce papers with her husband.

To take revenge on her ex-husband and the mistress, she uploaded dozens of nude and obscene photos of them two, and detailed the mistress’ personal information, including her Chinese and English names, her phone number, her home address, her employer, IM accounts, date of birth and even I.D. number. According to the news, many white-collar workers on seeing the photos recognized her.

The name of the mistress is Diao Lili (刁黎黎). She works at a Taiwan-owned software company. According to the human flesh search engine, she was fairly famous and sociable in the IT business circle in Beijing.

One report dialed the phone number provided by the angry wife, and reached Diao Lili. She said what the email states is purely fictional and defamatory, and that she had called the police. But as for where the sex photos came from, she didn’t answer.

While most netizens reveled in the scandal and sensational photos, some questioned the veracity of the story. “This is nothing but a publicity stunt to hype the software company mentioned in the post. The company was very obscure, far from famous or being a partner of Microsoft as the original post says.”

Among the 36 photos the wife uploaded, 28 are deemed obscene. According to Chinese law, spreading via the internet more than 400 obscene pictures constitutes “distribution of obscenity” and will be sentenced to at most two years of imprisonment, detention or confinement. That is to say, if the number of recipients of her email reached 15 (400 divided by 28), she would be prosecuted.

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