Video: Angered passengers beat bossy Air China platinum flyers

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Voiceover: On the night of February 24, 2011, when Air China’s flight CA1894 from Shenzhen to Shanghai was ready for boarding, two Air China Platinum Card holders was loudly disgruntled with not being assigned business class seats and disputed with the crew for an upgrade. The crew didn’t consent to their request. The two claimed to be acquainted with Air China’s president and tried to prevent the airplane from taking off by saying that they felt sick. All passengers on the flight had to disembark and go through security checkpoints again. Later, because of heavy fog enveloping the airport, the flight had to be cancelled. Infuriated passengers demanded compensation, and even got into a free-for-all fight with the two imperious platinum flyers. The two were later brought away by the police.

(Caption: video provided by passenger Ding Chenling)
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The two flyers recoiled on the shuttle bus from the angry crowd. The rest of the passengers wielded their cellphone cameras at the shuttle bus. One of the duo (in a white shirt) was dragged out of the bus by several in the crowd who chanted “F**k your mother.” The rest were crying “Good! Good!” as support for giving him a lesson. After the man was subdued, a woman, the other of the duo, got off the bus and begged for mercy. The crowd shouted in chorus “Apologize! Apologize!” to the duo.

01:26 The woman cried, “We have already apologized!”
01:29 One woman from the crowd: “You also need to compensate us too!”
01:39 Several voices to the man on the ground repeatedly: “Raise your head!”
01:44 One voice: “Playing dead?”
01:56 Several voices repeatedly: “Give the reason! What the hell is the reason? For us to disembark?”
02:18 “Stand up!”
02:30 One woman: “He should also compensate each one of them.”

Newscast on Hong Kong-based Apply Daily.

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8 comments to “Video: Angered passengers beat bossy Air China platinum flyers”

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  2. Cleo | March 1, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    Why would you lose your temper with staff? I only see this in my personal experience with marriages and family life involving members who hate each other because they have not divorced yet – then everything in life sets them off. Their tempers are ALWAYS on edge. I am not kidding. This has to do with EVERYTHING.

    • Anonymous | April 13, 2011 | Permalink Reply

      I agree. I think another factor is that in China, I feel like the vast majority of people feel a sense of powerlessness during their everyday lives. Powerlessness in the face of their government, powerlessness in the face of their bosses, powerlessness in the face of their parents and grandparents, and powerlessness in the face of the world. At some point people snap and what may seem like a random outburst of brutality to all of us may have been something that's been quietly building up for years. What's so unfortunate is that in these brief acts of violence in which one participant tries to reinvigorate their sense of agency in order to feel just a modicum of power, they're dominating another poor soul who's only attempting to do the same for themselves.

      • personal trainer | November 5, 2011 | Permalink Reply

        Interesting sociological analysis however don’t forget you are sampling dirty filthy sub-humans that are waste byproducts of new China. The first pair are your typical nouveau-riche self-entitlement twats that you meet in any hotel lobby or ktv. The rest are a pack of cowards behaving like a pack of feral hyenas encircling their easy prey. And as for the airport security and runway staff – where the fack were they? Oh, hanging round the back trying their best NOT to get involved. huanyin China

        • Marco | February 10, 2012 | Permalink Reply

          Fully agree on your analysis of a typical “social dynamics with Chinese characteristics” situation!

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