Corruption shields killer driver after he crushed victim multiple times to death

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Below is a web article posted by a young man from Xinhua, Hunan province, whose mother was allegedly brutally murdered by a construction company driver who hit her. The crime has been covered up by the local police and officials that are in cahoots with the powerful construction company. The article has caught massive attention from web users, who are the major dynamic of vocal call for justice and investigation into the monstrous crime.

From Tianya

The heaven doesn’t have eyes! My mother was unfortunately knocked down to the ground. The company was afraid if she was crippled, the compensation would be too big an amount, they drove the car back and forth and ran over her head four to five times in the full blaze of publicity. The brains was all over the ground and too gory for anyone to look at. The driver later returned to the company, and with the help of its managerial staff, he fled away. The police was bought off by the company. Despite witnesses and evidence, the traffic police said it is none of their business. The public security said it doesn’t need to be placed on file for investigation. My poor mother, you died under the wheel with injustice unredressed, mutilated beyond recognition and even without a full body. How can I, an unfilial son, bury you and make you rest in peace!!

Graphic warning: Though pictures below have been pixelized to censor the gory parts, it may still be disturbing to some readers. Click on them to view larger version if you are prepared.

The truck that hit the woman

My name is Wang Bin. I am 25 years old. Since two years ago, my both legs become crippled from a mishap, and I have difficulty getting about. My mother had been taking care of me and bearing hardship without any complaint. She didn’t throw a fit even once at me. On March 17, 2011, the darkest day in my life, in the afternoon, my mother, who had spent her entire life raising me conscientiously, went to visit my paternal grandmother, who was very ill. On her way, on a road under construction, because it had become a little dark, a construction vehicle at a fast speed hit my mother. According to the witnesses, my mother was just knocked down, and was trying to get up from the ground. People on the side shouted “Someone got hit! Someone got hit!” The driver heard the voice, stuck out his head from the window and saw my mother lying there. He stopped the vehicle. People thought he was going to get out of the vehicle and check it. However, he did something that none of them expected: he drove back the car and then forward to run over my mother’s head. What is more hideous is, he repeated this back and forth several times to make sure my mother wouldn’t come alive again before he headed directly to the headquarters to the road construction company in full charge.

Wang Bin

When I was was told by people, who was at that time right standing there and witnessed the entire thing, I was so overcome with indignation that I felt suffocated. How can this be a hit-and-run? This is clearly murder. And a murder in front of so many people. It is obvious that the driver was afraid that my mother would be bed-ridden, which means they will have an ongoing bill, so they killed her to get it done and pay a lump sum!

After the incident, the driver rushed to his company. Instead of turning him over to the police, the managerial staff in his company helped him escape!

What makes people furious is, after people at the scene called the police, the traffic police of Xinhua County came with the people from the company. After the traffic police came, instead of protecting the scene, they sent for a transportation vehicle from the funeral home and dragged my mother’s body away from the scene, and they asked that the body be cremated right away as an unidentified body. They didn’t report the government or inform anyone else before they had her taken away and cremated. Why the rush? What is “unidentified”? My mother brought with her the cellphone I bought her that had all family contacts I it. Her photo ID was even in her pocket. These were found later in the funeral home as her belongings. Luckily, people in the funeral home have good conscience. They said without the family’s signature, they would have the nerve to cremate it even if at gunpoint. So it is self-explanatory that the traffic police and the company wanted to burn the corpse and destroy all traces of the crime. We didn’t get the news of her death until the next morning. That was because the police thought it wouldn’t be appropriate to just let the corpse lie in the funeral. So they thought it over before reaching us using the contact information found among her belongings. When we got to the funeral, the tag on the shroud read “unidentified!”

We went to the traffic police for an answer. They said it was none of their business, as the road had not been officially opened yet. We went to the company and asked them to turn in the driver. They not only didn’t bother, they threw abusive language at us and were very presumptuous, saying things like, “Died? So be it. Who expected her to be blind?” Then they sent for two carful policemen. The police said they came to mediate, and asked us for details of the incident. Then they said since it was the traffic police who took away the body, it should be taken care of by the traffic police. So we had to go back to the traffic police. They promised to give us an answer. But we got there and waited for a few hours. No one showed up. No answer was given. When we go back to the road traffic management department of the company, people were all gone. Not a soul could be seen.

My poor mother was crushed to death on their construction site. We reported the case to the police several times. They said it is within the jurisdiction of the traffic police and they couldn’t investigate into it. We made it known to their upper level, they said it is a matter taken care of by the lower level. We call the local police, and they now don’t even answer our phone!

When the incident took place, the location had surveillance camera to record it. However, none of us know where the video has gone or who is in charge of the video. Afterwards, people on the construction site told us secretly that their boss has slipped quite a lot of cash into the pockets of several heads of relevant departments. Each traffic policeman who arrived at the scene that evening got money. That’s why they wanted the body to be cremated as soon as they came. The company also talked to us, saying that they would give us 600,000 yuan (US$92,300) and settle the thing. But my mother was literally murdered. Can a criminal case be settled? Can children like us really let a murderer who killed my mother scot-free? The company boss was irked that we didn’t agree, and went on to say they would cover the thing up even by spending millions, “What can you possibly do with a pair of crippled legs,” how can we beat him, and so forth.

How can we beat them? In a small town like Xinhua, a dead person on a street is like a dead dog. In a poverty-stricken county, the poorer it is, the darker it is.  They can bribe the traffic police, the police, and order the police not to investigate it. They can beat us to death with several million.

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