Most Chinese bash U.S.-led attack against Libya, while others amused at the bashing

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From IFENG and Sina

On March 17, the United Nations Security Council imposed a no-fly zone over Libya and authorized “all necessary measures” to protect Libyan civilians from military attacks. On March 19, British, French and the U.S. forces initiated Operation “Odyssey Dawn” by firing missiles and launching air strikes at Libya. IFENG, official site of Hongkong-based pro-Beijing Phoenix TV conducted an online poll. Until 3:30 p.m. of March 20, among 181,001 net users polled, over 70 percent object to the Western military action against Libya.

English translation of the poll:

1, Do you support the military action against Libya unleashed by Western countries, including France, Britain and the United States?
A, Yes. Gaddafi has used military forces to attack his own people. The international community must put an end to the manmade disaster. (43,485 votes; 24%)
B, Yes. The Western coalition forces’ action is authorized by the United Nations. (4,530 votes; 2.5%)
C, No. U.S., Britain and France have double standard. They turned a blind eye to protesters in Yemen and Bahrain, and even backed crackdown. (107,253 votes; 59.3%)
D, No. Both Gaddafi and rebels disregard the no-fly zone. French, Britain and the U.S. use humanitarianism as an excuse to hurt civilians. (22,059 votes; 12.2%)
E, That’s hard to say.  (3,636 votes; 2.0%)
2, What do you think is the purpose of the Western countries’ military action against the Libyan government?
A, To protect Libyan rebels and civilians who are now being attacked by Gaddafi. (38,910 votes; 21.5%)
B, To reap profit from oil in Libya in the future. (134,268 votes; 74.2%)
C, To respond to public opinion against Gaddafi at home; they are stuck in the middle and have to attack (Libya). (5,509 votes; 3.0%)
D, Other. (2,282 votes; 1.3%)

Besides, amidst crisis in Libya, France, contrary to its usual stance, becomes the first country to acknowledge the opposition armed forces and took the initiative to launch the air strike. What contributes to French role as a pioneer? 34.8% of netizens polled think it’s the result of factors within France, “France is in the face of the election year. Sarkozy hopes to garner votes by this.” 33.2% showed their understanding, believing that it’s because France is relatively close to Libya and conventionally has its interests in North Africa. The rest 26.4% think it’s all about a country in decline taking advantage of the opportunity to curry favor by claptrap.

Selected comments from on news related to Odyssey Dawn.

新浪北京手机用户: No justice, only power; no righteousness, only interests. The evilness is going rampant. Where is Heaven’s Mandate! Western hegemony will sooner or later be screwed.

新浪广东广州手机用户: Other countries’ affairs should be resolved all by themselves. Britain, the U.S. and France are actually just bandits.

新浪广东广州手机用户: Yankees, you will be punished by the Heaven! Accumulate more virtue for the earth and the mankind. Heaven, why can’t you open your eyes wide?! Teach these bandits a lesson!!!

新浪广东广州手机用户: All this trouble stems from oil.

新浪浙江金华网友不懂: (They’re) fooling the international community!! An old trick!!!

新浪湖北黄石4714xyz1: That Gaddafi threatens to detonate mustard gas is insanity. He should give it up.

新浪重庆网友cqgcg: So only U.S., France and Britain are allowed to use missiles and airplanes? Do they have the courage to take responsibility after mustard gas is used? How are Iraqi people doing nowadays?

新浪河南郑州手机用户: Why are they attacking a president who has been in power for 41 years?

新浪江苏南京手机用户: Military industry can resume their production again. Unemployment rate will drop. It is the last resort to bail the U.S. out of its crisis.

新浪云南昆明qwertyuidgddgf: If they don’t do something serious, will Gaddafi stop? His hands are already tainted with many people’s blood.

新浪江苏南京手机用户: Is there any less blood of civilians on hands of the U.S., Britain and France? Why doesn’t any one do something serious to them?

新浪广东珠海: Kill the dictator. Achieve the success in one step. So that people can be free from slaughter!!!

新浪黑龙江大庆: You are so naive…hehe…what they want is oil…hehehehe

新浪四川乐山qwert109: Exactly. Oil is the really impetus behind the so-called “democracy” that Western countries champion. If you don’t have oil, who gives a shit to if you are dead or alive?

新浪广东深圳手机用户: Did the U.S. forcibly take over oil from Iraq? NO. The U.S. helped the ordinary people, but you criticize it. It can only say that you are the same type of person as Gaddafi.

新浪四川乐山qwert109:The U.S. helped the ordinary people??? You go to ask people in Iraq. Which one of them is grateful for the United States? Virtually bullshit.

新浪北京小贝80: Iraqi people who are grateful for the U.S. account for the majority.

新浪山东滨州186***** Before, buses in Iraq were Benz. Now Iraqi people cannot even afford food. Oil is still being produced. Where has the money gone?

新浪四川绵阳wubulls: The main reason they did that was Iraq unleashed the Gulf War. You gotta understand this.

新浪天津文以载道: It reminds me that back then the Eight Nation Alliance burnt down the Old Summer Palace…

新浪河北唐山手机用户: It is the British and French coalition forces who burnt down the Old Summer Palace.

新浪四川广安天高云淡: Now the Yankees have joined the British and French bandits.

Comments from on a news report titled “Japan voices support for multinational forces’ attack on Libya while maintaining on its stance on immediate ceasefire

新浪北京守拙: This is enough to prove that a country without its own stance (Jing: referring to Japan) doesn’t qualify to be a permanent member of the UN security council! Japan is but a lapdog of the United States. U.S. has so many dogs. It doesn’t matter to him if you are gone!

新浪重庆梁平yyfbx1:Why doesn’t the Heaven grow a pair of eyes? Why weren’t the earthquake in Japan be stronger to shake the damned Japs into the ocean? They are still acting like dogs and biting a small country. Japan, go to hell!

新浪天津手机用户5: Days of little Japs are counted, and they still want to see a war. A leopard can’t change its spots.

新浪重庆手机用户: Little Japs are worth nothing. They have already been hit by the disaster and yet still want to be an underling of the Yankees.

新浪江苏扬州手机用户: It seems they think the earthquake didn’t kill enough of their people. What does the internal affairs of Libya have to do with you Japs?

新浪上海手机用户: The Japs are still not sober. Fuji Mountain, hurry up to erupt!

However, the minority who stands firmly against Gaddafi finds the majority’s opinion ridiculous. Several Chinese microblog posts have become very popular among the coterie of liberals and independent intellectuals.

易到用车周航: That’s what I call brainwash. Those who run the brainwashing machine are despicable. Those who have been brainwashed to the extent that they are not even aware of it are pathetic. Why it is important to have universal value and independent thinking? The opposite are “the interests theory,” “the conspiracy theory” and the blinding following.

连岳 (Lian Yue, a well known Chinese social critic):Why China has significantly more people who sympathize with world’s dictators? First, it’s because of the huge population. Multiply the lowest rate by a billion, the number would be horrible. Second, it is the weak base. The education of “Love Dictators; You Can’t Survive Without One” is full play in our country and has never been stopped.

韩寒 (Han Han, China’s most popular blogger and possibly the most popular blogger in the world):Friends turn to ask my take on it. I said, my point of view is very simple: Dictators do not have internal affairs. Slaughtermen deserve to be invaded.

王以超:Do Western countries act absolutely out of righteousness and values by attacking Libya? I don’t know. Is it absolutely for the oil? Can anyone tell me which foreign oil company gets the biggest contracts after the post-war Iraq? Exxon-mobil or Shell? Neither. It’s PetroChina. Thanks to the relevant party. So many people’s brains have been turned one-dimensional.

陈志武:No matter which side you stand by over the issue of Libya, the consensus should be: What is a country? What does a country come from? When you see that in Chinese history or in any other society’s history, countries are always formed after many splits and merges, whereas an individual is an individual, who can’t be split or restructured, then you will see it clearly why human rights are above state sovereignty.

罗永浩可爱多 :( Luo Yonghao, founder of, one of China’s most liberal and edgy blog portal before it got shut down by the government) Some people’s ideas are really weird. When Gaddafi slaughtered civilians, you guys denounced it with indignation. Now the multinational forces have intervened, you denounced it again with indignation. F**K. Even Gaddafi is confused! What on earth do you want? You want Gaddafi to suddenly get out of whack and become a Buddha? But honestly, you guys are better than those bastards who didn’t say anything when Gaddafi slaughtered civilians and now jumped out to bash the multinational forces for intervening in the internal affairs.

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5 comments to “Most Chinese bash U.S.-led attack against Libya, while others amused at the bashing”

  1. Tom | March 22, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    Had a Chinese friend asking me this morning about what was really going on in Libya. He was surprised to learn that China could have vetoed the action, which it regularly does, but instead abstained from voting. Just wondering if there was much discussion of that going around on the Chinese blogs.

  2. Roninstevie | March 25, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    Another proof how are far those "independent intellectuals" are away from reality and the common people.

  3. CN Jeff | March 26, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    This is what I've been let to believe: China pulled out over 30000 workers from Libya, which are all working in oil related construction. China is against any agression that would change leadership in Libya. Why? China has billions of dollars worth of contracts for oil in Libya, it could also use Yuan to pay for oil instead of USD, even most of it is paid with infrastructure projects Chinese are doing in Libya. That's why the people and countries that have lot on stake (trust in dollar) want Gaddafi ousted, all the contracts nullified and better (puppet) leader put in place.

  4. Anonymous | March 28, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    Why should we believe any of the comments on Chinese news sites or blogs? I've posted comments on many Chinese websites before and they are always erased within minutes if my opinion was not the same as the CCP's.

  5. Yrag | November 4, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    It’s very instructive to be able to read what Chinese citizens think of world affairs, and to see the multiple points of view–plus, from what I understand of the strict control of the Communist leadership, I have to say, it must take some real courage, compassion and conviction of some of the commenters to speak out in ways the go against the Party’s wishes.

    The Chinese people, thanks to the courageous few will ulitmately be fully joined with the world in living and speaking freely– and I write this as a born American of European heritage.

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