Northeast India seeks secession from India and integration into China; netizens’ comments

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People in the states of northeast India, including Arunachal Pradesh, whose major territory is claimed by the China as part of South Tibet, were severely discriminated against by other regions of India, since residents there look more like Chinese than Indians. The girls from northeast India, simply because their lighter skin color, often become targets of rapists. Over the years, India fails to invest any capital into these regions, resulting in their economic development severely lagging behind the rest of the country. Because of that, people from these states are always seeking independence, many of  whom want to join China.  Some of comments allegedly made by India web users have been cited in the post:



Why don’t India gives the NE part to China, so Chinese can give a good lesson to Delhi????

China should step in and take the northest indian states. Indians from different states hate each other, then  What is the point to maintain one India?

W. Bengal and northeast states should merge with China, the former for communism and cultural affinity and the latter for ethnic composition.  It is enough with Hindustani rule. They will enjoy more prosperous development  in China.

I have been in China for two years. North Indian  and the Tibetean features are very close. Their cultures are  very similar too.

China should take over this province. They will be treated in a more civilized manner.



When china fighted with India in 1962, no one citizen was harrased by the Chinese army. People from Assam and Arunachal treated the Indian army who fled away from war at their best. Ask any any veteran from the 1962 war. But the sad part is that Indian army raped woman from 13 years old girl to 60 years old lady during battles against the local militant of NE, as if they have been told that NE is a colony of India.




Netizens comments on the original post:


South Tibet is inherently a part of China’s territory.


Sigh. Suggest you take up guns to resist!


Think about Indonesia. You can’t do without a gun.


Strongly support their return to their own motherland – China! ! !


It’s called “return to the motherland,” since it should have been a part of China.


Welcome, welcome, warmly welcome!


Isn’t India a democracy? Call a referendum and let the people in these areas return to the motherland!


A san (阿三, Chinese racist slang for Indian), Bang zi (棒子,Chinese racist slang for South Korean), Japs, and U.S. imperialists, are all during sunset of their lives. They can’t make trouble for a few more days!


India encroaches on the Chinese territory.


Hang on. The party and the government will not forget about you!


Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun. Freedom is born out of war. No one gives you that for free! For your return, we will give gun and money as you like!

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400 comments to “Northeast India seeks secession from India and integration into China; netizens’ comments”

  1. Matthew Sawtell | March 7, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    Hm… until P.R. China can gain Nepal and Bhutan, the rest of the area is pipe dream.

    • Nababrata Datta | December 12, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      i am from north east….if u people think of coming to northeast….we will cut off your dicks and feed our dogs

      • Sathya N P | April 11, 2013 | Permalink Reply

        Hey it’s ok! you guys chill. Only China keeps saying that AP is part of their country. The people of India is with the people of AP and of course the last I saw, AP is still part of Indian map and will always be. Not only the residents of AP but the whole of India would go to war with Chna for the sake of this beautiful eastern state and its lovely people. So guys relax! This is a communist web site solely meant for chinese propaganda. So you can take eveerything witten here with a pinch of salt and show the finger to the chinese. Jai Hind! Jai AP and its people!

      • mike assamese | June 19, 2013 | Permalink Reply


      • denish assamese | June 20, 2013 | Permalink Reply

        finally respect to all and i would like to point out that ne peoples situation is getting worse with the time….and that is the fact we need to acknowledge even if we differ in ideology.the united north east for its people is always welcomed but with not bloodshed or hatred.we will lighten up our country with love and respect…for indian..this is not the cultural oppression,this is the political system generated oppression that is excruciating ne people.we need to do non violent protest…….may be hunger strike untill death would be a suitable option, and that too in a chain mechanism, replacing one by one if need till the demands are meet……..for all fellow neians, dont hate and see whole indian race as the culprit,this is about some people who are running government for their personal gain..reason may be many,i may not be able to reach out….before that we need a general consensus on a particular name to identify the ne people….we cant keep us calling is phonetically troublesome….need an organized mechanism to bring back the unity of our indigenous people….address it properly, solve it then go for demands…………..a news yet to be disclosed but just a hint i m putting… assamese association is planning a massive chain hunger strike……..but do it in right time when whole world is awake

    • wang | February 15, 2013 | Permalink Reply


      • Simon | May 4, 2013 | Permalink Reply

        The Chinese dare set foot on our land! We will rip them apart into pieces and will feed their flesh to rats which they PREFER to eat. A proud NE Indian!

        • neil | May 9, 2013 | Permalink Reply

          i am also from north india and agree with you!

          • neil | May 9, 2013 | Permalink

            i hate white people trying to exploit us like they stuck their nose in across the world. i also hate white trash for trying to rewrite our aryan history with max muellers bullshit in 1899 when he died when honestly he wasnt even born when aryan culture was here.fake scholar crap can fucken go to hell.

          • | July 11, 2013 | Permalink

            I am a bengali from West Bengal and its better to separate from India BUT not join China . Coz we dont want to go from One Domination of a Begger to another begger dominating us. We will like to be like Phillipines ,Taiwan,Thailand and Vietnam and be a part of the Largest and the most Strongest Country in the world the USA.

            Mixing with China is No solution .Definitely we support Freedom of all North East States and West bengal ,Assam coz the North Indians alaways Targets our Girls and Daughters, woo them emotionally and Marry them to Convert them and produce Hindi speaking babies . But mixing with China the same domination will happen . We should look towards the largest Democracy where real rights of people will be maintained

    • jatt sikh | May 25, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      i m from punjab a jatt . u chinke u must not be knowing wat a jatt is just understand i m ur dad. stop fucking around and look after ur own nation rather than poking ur nose into our affairs .
      if u ever think of stepping into india we will devour you and enjoy your meat with chowmein . 1st u guys are short statured next ur eyes dont open fully rhird u think of confronting us.

      • hello jatt | June 16, 2013 | Permalink Reply

        Hello Jatt,
        I am ritin this in Hindi so u can better undrstand..

        Saale bhosdi chod ..Madarchod…Maa ke lund..Apne upar lund laga ke chilla raha hai…Madarchod ki aulad,,Tere sir ke upar jitne Baal hai naa bhosdi chod use kaat ke apni maa ke bur me daal.. Aur kissi NE ko chinki bolne se pehle MADARCHOD KHUD SE JO GHEE AUR PASINE KI BADBU AATI HAI NAA USE SUNG…BEHEN KE LODE..

      • mike assamese | June 19, 2013 | Permalink Reply

        you know whats the problem in between india and the north est. the first and foremost thing is they are this paki guy has rightly pointed out by saying word like chowmein.they themselves think north east people as a chinese.even more interestingly goi announced recently that they didnot want to deploy army in red affected areas because they didnot want to kill their own people.this was an official statement which is striking in the mind of north eastern people who have been suffering from armed forces act.yeah army is in north east because its a foreign country,right…..and these turban wearing jokers think that they are somekind of hero, its nothing but the adverse impact they got from bollywood,who oftenly portrays them as hero.but these people were under muslim rule for thousand years.wht crap; but let me be clear we donot want integration with china. china should step in to help their brothers to rule with them together

        nd let me be clear…mongolians are going to rule the world..and this is the ultimate fact

  2. Cleo | March 8, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    They want to be a part of China because of perceived improved financials!?? I think we need to set up a protection zone for the Collective Himalayas – they need to get off those steep mountains and go to school and FAR away from German and Japanese operatives pushing them for political change. There is no point in mixing them with either side of the border when they are in such dire straits – they need to get well and in fighting form so they can choose with clear eyes who they want to be in this world. That baby looks Chinese but so what – being Chinese isn't the top luxury brand in the region – no one group should be. They need MONEY not cultural change. MONEY.

  3. Sam023 | March 11, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    what a preposterous argument !

    if you by the logic of facial features you should also include mongolia, japan, koreas and all the other mongloid nations into China !

    Though the Chinese might not agree, the world understands the misery caused to Tibetans by your forceful occupation and subsequent *cultural genocide* of Tibetan culture by large scale migration of Hans Chinese into the area….

    To give a fitting reply to ur *expansionist policy*, you should have had a superpower like US to give a slap on ur face !

  4. Travis | March 13, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    Free "Northeast India"! It was never a part of India until 150 years ago.

    • Pkkkkkk | November 14, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      What the hell are you talking about? India took over these lands just 60 (sixty) years ago. It is very recent.

      • Subhodip Banerjee | December 3, 2012 | Permalink Reply

        India did not take over these lands, you scumbag. These states voluntarily joined India. Did you not take your history classes seriously?

        • Don | December 19, 2012 | Permalink Reply

          India force to sign , not we want to be India give Freedom

          • Subhodip Banerjee | December 25, 2012 | Permalink

            Had India used force, your entire race would have been wiped out. But that did not happen. It was a result of mutual consent, albeit with some flaws.

        • An wa | January 5, 2013 | Permalink Reply

          Wipe out?Before the british,none of you motherfuckers could control our territory!We raided your villages and had a lot of Indian slaves before the British came!Guess they dont teach you that part in history and i can understand why!You were just handed over British areas!You were ruled by Muslims for 1000 years not us!If the british hadnt come,you’d be under muslim rule today let alone takeover the Northeast!

          • Subhodip Banerjee | January 24, 2013 | Permalink

            You are a disgrace to your own people. Go fuck your bitch of a wife.

          • wang | February 15, 2013 | Permalink

            He is a Paki enacting NEian. U moron get lost to china!

        • kk | July 31, 2013 | Permalink Reply

          Entire northeast was forced to sign…the manipur royal family regrets that decision today….so do the people.WHAT HAS INDIA FOR THE NE INDIA,AFTER 65 yrs OF INDEPENDENCE …..we are still where we were 65 years before economically ….n underdeveloped…..indian army has killed lots of innocent civilians in the name of terrorists n rape many women…..if the world sees the truth…..india will be tried for genocide of its own people…on top of this,indiangovt has put AFSPA ON MANIPUR WHICH GIVES IMPUNITY TO KILL ANYONE THEY SUSPECT…LICENCE TO KILL N RAPE THE STAE OF MANIPUR….MR BANERJEE COMDE N LIVE IN MANIPUR FOR A MONTH UNDER AFSPA….N YOU’LL BE VERY PROUD TO BE INDIAN…. NE STUDENTS ARE RACIALLY HARRASSED EVERYDAY IN DELHI,DISCRIMINATED N ABUSED,FEMALE STUDENTS…N EMPLYEES MOLESTED RAPED….WE R TREATED LIKE SECOND CLASS CITIZENS….THE GOVT OF INDIS DONT CARE ABOUT NE INDIANS SO DO THE MAYANGS(MAINLAND INDIANS)….99% of MAINLAND INDIANS DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT NORTHEAST INDIA’s HISTORY,CULTURE NOT EVEN HOW MANY STATES CONSIST THE NE INDIA…FORGET THE NAME OF THE STATES N ITS CAPITAL……

    • pakash | March 4, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      not single country in world was big baby. Chinese were fighting. United kingdom is still having problems. In fact i would say India was one country culturally. lithuania was seperate and taken by russians. the same with europe. So why to make unnecessary fuss dude. it is a part of india. and very soon tibet will be of india. it is a buddhist state. even if it is not a indian part we want it as a seperate buddhst state and not chinease state.

    • neil | May 9, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      shut the #$@% uP! quit speaking on our behalf idiot!

  5. Sads | April 30, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    Dear Chinese jingoist citizens and party members,

    First "STOP THE CULTURAL GENOCIDE IN TIBET" and then talk anything else. China, which occupied Tibet has absolutely no moral right to comment about the situation of other countries.

    If building few bridges and roads brings happiness, then US citizens should be the most happiest citizens in the world. But we all know, thats not true. Similarly, Tibetans like "third rated citizens" in their own countries and "who became minorities in their own lands"

  6. caonimade | May 1, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    indian and indianness is not defined on the basis of how you look!! china will never have another inch of indian territory. democracy doesn't mean doing referenda to break up the country. dumbass. but of course, why should anyone expect a chinese person to understand anything about democracy. you don't even remember your own govt shooting down chinese students in beijing in 1989. brainwashed idiots.

    **FREE TIBET** **INDEPENDENT TAIWAN** … hang on, you will be freed from your oppressors one day.

  7. Naga | May 2, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    I'm from the stse of Nagaland in North-east India. We're not Indians. We're much closer to the chinese ethnically. We look like eastern asians and some look like South-east asians. China should send more visitors to Nagaland to have a better understanding. T

    • neil | May 9, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      speak for yourself i am from the north and i look hindu ,very fairskin.

      • neil | May 9, 2013 | Permalink Reply

        i am hindu we believe in ram ,sitha luxmi ghanesh. i hate white people that lie loot and try re-writing our history of aryan culture.

  8. James_khasi | May 8, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    i’m form north east and what i can say is that i hate indian they are ugly,dirty,filthy and fuck them i don’t want my state to be a part of india

    • hisah1 | August 21, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      hey james go get fucked , probably thts what ur mom did, thts why ur here

    • KASHISH | December 28, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      fuck you bitich leave india, we dont need u, go to china fagget

      • An wa | January 5, 2013 | Permalink Reply

        Hey motherfucker we are in China!Its the black immigrants like you that shall be driven out one day!Like the Bangladeshis do,we’ll ethnically cleanse you too one day!

        • Subhodip Banerjee | January 24, 2013 | Permalink Reply

          Black?????????? How much fair skinned are you mate? Show me your picture. You are nothing more than a 5 ft midget.

    • | January 21, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      i support u dads from manipur although i live in australia. these stupid dot heads are hated not just by us, but the whole world.Find me one nation who thinks high of indians in any manner apart from themselves. They dont get along with any race . Its just their culture which engineers them to be such ignorant bastards and they can never change. If we dont want to be part of your culture and country what is the problem then . We dont look like you, think like you…or act like you. Btw my wife is chinese and even she hates indians and so does every other nationality that i know of or have come across. Maybe people dont say it to you r face but you guys should realise FUCK OFF we dont want to be a part of india it is a disgrace to be identified in any manner with that dirty shithole called INDIA..!

      • Subhodip Banerjee | January 24, 2013 | Permalink Reply

        You are a disgrace to your own people. Go fuck your bitch of a wife.

      • wang | February 15, 2013 | Permalink Reply

        But I love India more than china ..u Manipuri. I am from Arunachal pradesh btw.

        • gujjar | February 25, 2013 | Permalink Reply

          i have been to arunachal..most my life…it is very beautifull frm rajasthan….but indians are ignoant bastards…anyways…people of world do hate hindus…hindu gonna eliminate one day…u better go china ..they r better people…bt that wud require u to work…as der will be no marwaris to be feed upon….doing nthing….most world hate indians ,….n hindu…

  9. James_khasi | May 11, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    northeast is not a part of india. fight against the indian .freedom to north east .sads fuck off.

  10. JinNeog | May 20, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    we the assamese dont realy want to be a part of china…we need a free assam instead

  11. Satyam | June 25, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    HAHA, the chinese people are fucking funny, you want north east india, you want delhi too. You guys are so pathetic, if sikkim had not merged with india we would have been a part of china too like tibet, and i would have had no freedom. India is a democracy and we will take time to grow, china is a facade.

    • medovilie | June 1, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      HELLO, why there is no movie for INDO-NAGA WAR???????????????????????????………………..i hope indians would realized what they have done…

      • pakash | March 4, 2013 | Permalink Reply

        chinese attacked india after saying indians and chinese are brothers. backstabbers!

  12. Thinley W | July 18, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    Very disappointed to see this anti-India propaganda on this web-site.
    I was almost beginning to think that I could perhaps ask the site manager,
    to stage a forum for Indo-Sino exchange of ideas without name calling.
    Very disappointed indeed.

    • Blacksoth | July 22, 2011 | Permalink Reply

      @Thinley W This is a reposting from a discussion forum. This "propaganda" is people voicing their opinions.. you know, what they like to do in FREE countries. I'm disappointed in your comment too. You don't have to agree with someone but you can sure let them say their piece. If you were to ask the site manager to start approving what people can and can't say I hope he has some colorful language for you in exchange.

  13. tripuri | August 30, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    hi im a tripuri tribe from northeast india, i like india bt as indian govt treat us very poorly i hate india, North eastern r known as 2nd class citizen, i ask r nt we indian? Even many hindu refugees from bangladesh were trying to occupy whole northeast especialy tripura n assam states bengali refugees has increase more than 50 percent, n torturing native people thro political power, bengali peoples r dirty as hell n blak as nigger, why is indian govt nt taking action against those bengali refugees? If govt treat us like dis we should hav differnt nation including 7 states of northeast, if we join china same problem wil arise we better get united wit tibet n form seperat nation as we r all tibetan family… India sucks for their deed to northeast

    • democracy for northeast brother and sisters | January 3, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      i like ur comment.

      • mike assamese | June 19, 2013 | Permalink Reply

        i like it……..the idea is superb…….thats what we need to do…….we all had been living in harmony before the influx of indians…….

    • Ican'tgetanyrespect | January 21, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      I am from Kerala, a southern state of India. Almost all of us are as dark as Africans compared to N.E. Indians and North Indians. Previously Indians treated us, Keralites, like crap! Around 1980 this situation began to change.

      Kerala is one of the most prosperous states in India now. Do you know why? Education!!!! A lot of us got educated. We go on to other countries and send a truck load of money to Kerala. We buy cars, houses, alcohol, you name it, as if there is no tomorrow. Instead of Mumbai, New Delhi or Bangalore, Cochi is the test marketing capital of India.

      Fifty years ago, Keralites went to Mumbai, Chennai or New Delhi in search of jobs. Now, Maharashtrians, Biharis, Bengalis, etc., are coming to Kerala in search of work!

      What a difference education makes! All of a sudden we have skills that you could market, if not in India outside India. Incidentally, we, Keralites *peacefully and democratically* elected the first Communist government in the whole wide world in 1957.

      Citizens in N.E. India will not be get any better treatment if you become part of China. If you form your own nation, you are going to be annexed. You would end up just like Tibetans. The key to your plight is education.

      Chinese are going to revolt. They are going to eliminate all their leaders and will install a democratic government in the next 50 years. It is inevitable as the citizens of China have seen what money can do to their living standards!

      • Educationisthekey | March 13, 2013 | Permalink Reply

        I agree with you. As they say – “Knowledge is Power” Ne people should focus more upon education to have a clear perspectives about their future. Change is inevitable, which way remains your choice. Rise above stereotipical thoughts

      • satish nair | June 7, 2013 | Permalink Reply

        I agree with u man I’m also frm kerala education is the key these guys need to put their shits back togethere I mean I don’t see any problem until now and I think the obivious reason is that they are dumb and think like shits :D in the US even obama said india is a better place for education

    • Bengali_of_Tripura | May 4, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      Mr. James u have asked…. “why a Tripuri or Dberma is nt leading Tripura??”

      Cauz instead of studying and working hard …… u people have wasted ur tym in showing off, drinking, partying etc. etc. and those who have worked hard has reached to their destinations.

      Govt. has provided u with all sorts of reservations, scholarships and every kind of support u need. If u still lag behind then don’t blame the Bengali’s for that. And Bengali’s here have not migrated from Bangladesh instead West-Bengal( Read the history of Tripura, ur kings had a great affinity towards the Bengali culture. They have allowed us to settle here. Don’t blame us!).

      And none of us are muslims here, almost everyone here is a Hindu unlike Bangladeshis. I’ve said this line because most the Tripuri people think that we have migrated from there.

      Bengalis of Tripura are integral part of it and they have a great contribution towards the development of the state.

      And for ur kind info it is one of the fastest growing state of NE having an HDI of 0.663 much higher than the national HDI. Did u know that? I don’t think so. Cauz u waste ur tym in blaming instead of working. And that’s the problem of entire NE people.

      Mr. James ur views towards your country and towards the people of ur state is truly pathetic.

      And to all the NE India people instead of blaming others… Educate yourself and start working. NE is a sovereign part of India and will remain a part of India. And whats the problem with u guys!, India has never forced u to change ur culture, You r allowed to select ur own leader( that means total freedom). No such freedom available in China.

      Don’t disgrace your country because of the ill behavior of some scumbags. Educate yourself and contribute towards the development of ur own state and country.

  14. LKKIK | October 9, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    u chinese filthy greedy fucks ,,,,we’ll never give any part of NE india to ya ,,,,,go fuck off ,,,it is our land ,,,,,,the people who look like chinese are those who migrated from ur land during wars ………………….NE india belongs to us ,,,,so stop ur fucking sayin that NE belongs to china ,,,,,,,,,,, JAI HINDUSTAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • chagatai | May 4, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      im Frm arunachal. Fuck india..

      • Subhodip Banerjee | May 5, 2013 | Permalink Reply

        There are 1 billion people who live in India. If you want to fuck all of them, then pretty soon, you will contract HIV.

  15. babina | October 16, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    i am from India’s north east state of Manipur. India govt. forcefully merged our state in the post independence period. we are ethnically, linguistically and culturally very different from mainland India. India is a funny country…here i don’t mean to appraise racism…but i is i think the only place where fair skinned people are subjected and looked down upon.

    • Laithonjam | May 29, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      If you are indeed Manipuri, you are greatly misinformed about Manipuri culture and history. The Metei people are only ethnically different from the Aryan-Dravidian Indians – we have Mongoloid features. That does not mean we have a separate history or culture. Manipur is one of the oldest civilisations in the world and our civilisational basis is a Hindu one. Even in 1000 BC there existed the Hindu kingdom of Manipur which was a part of Bharatavarsha. We were not converted to Hinduism (of course Hinduism does not accept converts) nor were we conquered by Hindu kings. We were one of the original Hindu kingdoms. This means, apart from looks, we are quite similar to mainland India. In fact, historically and traditionally, Manipur IS part of mainland India. It is just that now with the creation of Bangladesh, we are geographically removed and remote from the mainland that historically accepted us as a part of it.
      This ancient tradition of Hindusim is also the reason for the present Vaishnavite practices of Manipuris. Many people have been mislead into believing that Manipur were forced by Hindus to accpet Vaishnavism and that we had no ties with Hindus before that. This is wrong. If you read independant historians – such as those from Germany, France and Japan (because Indian, US and British historians can be suspected to have some bias) you will know that Manipuris themselves accepted Vaishnavism in the time of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. The Assamese did not, and neither did any other Hindu group in Northeastern India. But the Manipuris who were at that time animist Hindus, accpeted Vaishnavism. So your argument that we are very different from mainland India is not true.
      And the Indian government did not merge us any more forcefully with India than it did the Nizam’s Hyderabad or the hundreds of other princely states.
      You have to accept it: Manipur’s historical and traditional identity is completely Hindu. Maybe not the tribals, but definitely the Meteis. Linguistically, the Manipuri language also has quite a substantial Sanskritic root, though not as much as Asamese, but definitely more than dialects in other surrounding states such as Mizoram.
      Yes in some parts of India people do not treat us well, especially in the North where there is a lack of education, but then, dont we also constantly speak badly of minaland Indians and treat them badly when they come to the northeast? We are better people than them, more civilised and better educated, so we should stop this first. Dont you agree?

      • babina | July 29, 2012 | Permalink Reply

        dear laithonjam, well i think you are a bishnupriya manipuri…or you are a meitei (not from manipur), because i feel you are so into hinduism which manipuri meiteis are actually not. what is your basis when you say that we dont have a seperate history or culture? i do agree that now it got quite mixed up with hindu culture but it will definitely be wrong to say that manipur is one of the oldest hindu civilizations…i myself am officially a hindu…but i have my own religion “sanamahism”. i and so also almost all the other meitei hindus fail to get absorbed completely in hinduism…is it because we were originally hindus? nop…were were made into hindus…and thus we fail to give up our own meitei religion…and yeah…we had earlier hindu influences before chaitanya mahaprabhu, most probably from java and cambodia but that does not make us a hindu kingdom…now are you going to compare our God Sanamahi with lord visnhu? thats not done. and when was manipur a part of mainland india…as you have mentioned? could you please tell me the date and year…and please i dont want to hear what germans and british historians have to say about it…those who have never set foot on our soil…those who rely on some documents sitting and doing table study miles away…which may or may not be trustworthy…i’d rather read our own text written by our own people! arjuna coming to our place and marrying chitrangada…as written in the mahabharata does not make manipur a hindu kingdom. and again about language, manipuri or meiteilon is a tibeto burman language, of course with the increase of interaction and also infiltration we have now adopted a lot of indo aryan words, but as far as the latest researches are concerned meiteilon is considered as a link language between the kachin language of burma and kuki chin languages, that’s going to be my research topic even… okay now lets all leave behind these…but please try to grab this that people with similar features and geographical conditions have more or less the same temperament and environment…so you grouping us who are actually proto mongoloids with indo aryans…thats something not at all valid.

        • devendra | August 3, 2012 | Permalink Reply

          Dear Babina,
          Ask him in ur own khai language to detect whether he is a meitei(khai) or bishnupriya manipuri(kalachai). If he can answer then he is a pure meitei, if nt then he is now feeling uncomfortable because of uu. Manipuris are famous for its manipuri dance which is a pure hindu dance of Radha- Krishna together, bt if u say u re a nt a hindu then give our manipuri dance to us, u re more suited for ur tribal dances because u re nt a hindu means u re fake manipuris because manipuri dance is a pure hindu dance.- I m a bishnupriya manipuri from Raja lokei which u meiteis used to say as Ningthouja salai.

          • babina | August 9, 2012 | Permalink

            dear devendra, i am sorry that i dont have much idea about the bishnupriya manipuris and i am pretty sure u dont have much idea about the meiteis either…manipuri dance or manipuri rasa dance is woven around the romance of lord krishna and radha, but it evolved with the fusion of traditional meitei dance moves and that of what you call the pure hihdu trends during the reign of king bheigyachandra (ningthou chingthangkhomba)…n please do note thet meiteis are not tribals nor the meitei folk dance is a tribal dance. i dont know how old you are but you demanding the dance to be withdrawn because we are not pure hindus is something really childish and irrelevant! do you have any meitei friends? if you have then please ask them about their religion…most of the meiteis are officially hindus (some still follow sanamahism to the core) but we still continue to worship our traditional Sanamahism.

        • Nishant Balgovind | March 28, 2013 | Permalink Reply

          Hi Babina

          Can you send me one test mail on, I am not interested in all this fight of your’s and rest. I have something else in my mind, I hope you will co-operate.


      • An wa | January 5, 2013 | Permalink Reply

        So being Christian gives Germany the rights to take over a small country like Switzerland!Or being Muslim gives Saudi Arabia right to take over Oman!Even Cambodia and indonesia were Hindus in history,doesnt mean they were Indians!Nowadays a lot of people are christian,doesnt mean they live under the rule of the Vatican or Europe and America!Learning from an advanced neighbor doesnt mean being related to it!India borrows a lot of lifestyles and technology from the west these days,does that mean Indians are related to them!Study history,Manipuri history is much related to Burmese and South Chinese history!

    • 111111111 | January 20, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      Read your reviews, you do not really know, I do not know you usually based on what channels to understand China.

  16. Jungsar narzary | October 24, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    Iam from northeast india of bodo tribe, indian army catches and encounters our people claiming them as terorrist even though they are innocent, even the student are not spared i myself has been victim freguently checked and guestioned where ever we go, indian army are given special powers in the northeast to do whatever they like and eventhough we protest against it our voices are not heard. The mainstream indians even the educated ones donot even know how many states are there in northeast when a mainstrem indian was asked about mizoram one of the states in northeast he said which country is it .Northeast india is treated as a step daughter..

  17. hidsun | November 12, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    I’m from S India.. My girl friend whom I’m gonna marry is from NE India.. She says she’s a proud Indian even though she looks like a pure Han Chinese :P I do wonder wat our kids would look lik though..

  18. jaminaga | December 13, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    hi..i am from nagaland northeast india..if anyone wants to know about our naga history check it on the web and see how many innocent people killed,women raped and murdered,buthcherfd,villages burned by the INDIAN ARMY…. Dnt wana b an indian

    • Bikiran | December 22, 2011 | Permalink Reply

      I am a north eastern and a proud Indian. I may look like chinese people but in no way I am a chinese.The writer of these article is a eunuch who is trying to kill the nationalism sentiment of our country. Also a reply to north eastern brother who think they are alienated from mainstream India, should know about their own history before writing foolish comments here.North east has always been related to India since time immemorial. Go and study ancient text how north east was always connected to India before wasting your time here in writing comments. Also, I would like to say that it is this nation India who is feeding you people. If you dont get financial help from the center than you people will die in hunger. Look at our condition, we even fight among our north eastern brother and you think you will be happy by separating from India.All these insurrgency problem is due to our own faults. We cannot blame the center for our bad condition.

      • PassiveRebel | March 31, 2012 | Permalink Reply

        being the mercenaries of ancient indian political games is not integration (chinis and kiratas in the mahabharatha), so much for your ancient texts. please attempt applying the hegelian concept of false consciousness to our people, you can draw some very interesting conclusions. such as how bollywood seems to be affecting our culture in general, which eventually manifests itself in the response we see in the younger generation today trying to act japanese and korean. the older generation in many parts has seen a lot of bloodshed and they can’t risk being supportive of secessionist ideas. we need responsible state governments, we need development. assam has one refinery, what is happening to the rest of the crude oil drilled? if you look at the economic profiles of all 8 states you can see that each and every state’s economy depends on agriculture while tertiary sectors are non existent. there are villages being denied water and electricity connections. in arunachal the central govt wants to keep it a ‘virgin land’, so no mineral extraction, then why hydel projects which have submerged forest area? do a little thinking it can cause some brilliant results.

      • kanglasa | May 12, 2012 | Permalink Reply

        “North east has always been related to India since time immemorial. Go and study ancient text how north east was always connected to India before wasting your time here in writing comments. Also, I would like to say that it is this nation India who is feeding you people”.
        You are not from North East if you say this. You are an uneducated clot trying to mix Mainland indian theory to the NE. we were culturally and physically not part of india for thousands of years. India was non existant, it was formed on 15 Aug 1947. The history you are talking about .. please read it again. You will never see any north East map on any history book coz it was an seperate entity .
        Better keep quite and learn to respect others culture. I am an indian and i dont want to join CHINA but yes i hate Indians and their bhangi mentality… shrood, lowlife, miserable shithead.

        • Subhodip Banerjee | May 23, 2012 | Permalink Reply

          So, do you hate yourself, since you are Indian too?

      • Twiprasa/Tripuri | September 27, 2012 | Permalink Reply

        Do you have any idea when North-East joined to India? First you study then reply, Bro.

    • arya | July 24, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      hi m arya from north india (himachal) , i deepely regret about what indian army has done in north east india……..NE is also part of india……n still rest of indian always dicremenated with NE……….indian govt should do something for the development of NE………..firstly bangladeshi immigrants should be thrown out of dere… they creating more problem there……….i hope everthing will be fine in coming years… now rest of india is taking NE india seriously n their own…….rest of indian citizens are with you now……..

  19. raj | December 24, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    listen people, im from lucknow, my college(in pune,maharashtra) i hav dis pretty girl frm nagaland & i hav fallen in love wid her..she has dose chinese looks and dat attracts me more, a sweet smile nd a sweet nature…dis country is changing..i had been 2 shillong in may2011..nd hav fallen in love wid north-east india..its an unexplored paradise..moreover i saw lot of road construction going on betwen roadtrip frm assam 2 jaminaga, mr hidsun and all of u pls b proud 2 call urself indian..watever has happened in d past is truly unfortunate..its true govt of india has neglectd north-east but they hav begun 2 realise deir will take time but d day wont b far wen north-east indians will b proud 2 call themselves as my college so many boys frm d north-east part of india come 2 study every year..infact i found people frm north-east really adorable & girls very sweet and attractive..and many guys like me feel d same…if north-eastern states..’THE SEVEN SISTERS’ seperate frm us i wud no longer b happy 2 call myself a proud indian..d best part bout dis country is u find people of all skin and color…its ur country…times r changing

  20. Punit | January 7, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Well,what about whole of india joining china.afterall india taught china so much,sending scholars to teach marma healing,martial solution. Two most populous state join together.may be all christian countries should join to form one country.oh yeah better idea whole humanity should form one nation i mean planet.we are all humans after all.

  21. james | January 15, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    aftr reading all the commnts ..i came at a point tat indians have treated people of NE v.badly..n nw also they do ,may be it has lessen but but..its v.poor thnkng of an Indian.
    Govt.of india should take care of every state especialy Tripura..becoz tat land belongs to Tripuri tribe..dan how can a bengali refugee is leading a state..n those people are cuming 4m bangladesh..through them out of country ..As Bengali leads in WB,Marathi leads Maharastra,Bihari leads Bihar etc etc etc dan why a Tripuri or Dberma is nt leading Tripura??
    if indian govt. and indian people cant treat or except The people of NE india as a true indian brother and sister than i think its better to be seperated.
    and that doesnt mean tat NE should Be added to China,its true that people looks same.but Chinese may also treat NE like Tibet. .better to form a seperate COUNTRY Or INDIAN govt.should change the situation Or Chinese can take NE giving a surety of proper Independence.
    No nid to fight
    What to do is v.simple just take public votes and comments and do as what the people of NE wants.
    thats it!
    all what i want is do not capture any1s right.
    i m jst talkng the reality.
    not with any1s favour.

    • Bengali_of_Tripura | May 4, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      Mr. James u have asked…. “why a Tripuri or Dberma is nt leading Tripura??”

      Cauz instead of studying and working hard …… u people have wasted ur tym in showing off, drinking, partying etc. etc. and those who have worked hard has reached to their destinations.

      Govt. has provided u with all sorts of reservations, scholarships and every kind of support u need. If u still lag behind then don’t blame the Bengali’s for that. And Bengali’s here have not migrated from Bangladesh instead West-Bengal( Read the history of Tripura, ur kings had a great affinity towards the Bengali culture. They have allowed us to settle here).

      And none of us are muslims here, almost everyone here is a Hindu unlike Bangladeshis. I’ve said this line because most the Tripuri people think that we have migrated from there.

      Bengalis of Tripura are integral part of it and they have a great contribution towards the development of the state.

      And for ur kind info it is one of the fastest growing state of NE having an HDI of 0.663 much higher than the national HDI. Did u know that? I don’t think so. Cauz u waste ur tym in blaming instead of working. And that’s the problem of entire NE people.

      Mr. James ur views towards your country and towards the people of ur state is truly pathetic.

      And to all the NE India people instead of blaming others… Educate yourself and start working. NE is a sovereign part of India and will remain a part of India. And whats the problem with u guys!, India has never forced u to change ur culture, You r allowed to select ur own leader( that means total freedom). None of them available in China.

      Don’t disgrace your country because of the ill behavior of some scumbags. Educate yourself and contribute towards the development of ur own state and country.

  22. Vishnupur | January 19, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    I m a bishnupriya manipuri, as in our community there are no muslims, no christians and have no other religions. We are the vaishnavites the worshippers of lord Vishnu. Our people are very strict people and our whole community are brahmins and I think it is the only community where all people of one community is of one caste ie. brahmins but we are considered kshatriyas too. but we do not have any shudras and vaishyas. I want a seperate vaishnavite country having no other religions-a unique religious country. As per ahom people are also vaishnavites i also want to join with them. As our bishnupriya manipuri people do not look like chinese, nagas like north asians and we have less mongoloid features than koch people also but our bishnupriyas look very similar like ahoms having slight mongoloid features having same face colour not very fair like chinese or koreans but not also dark like other indians like biharis or bengalis etc. We are tall people like ahoms other than other north-eastern people. We are very similar like ahom people having same religion ie. Vaishnavism. Leaving lower assam I want a seperate Vaishnavite nation uniting with the ahoms as our facial features and religion is same with them. That means we ahoms and bishnupriyas are not like north asians like chinese, japanese rather we look like south asians like thai, malayasians or indonesians. Ahoms are not the same people like lower assam people, they are different they are tai ahoms and assamese language is not also their original language. And the real fact is that lower assam don’t want a seperate nation. I want to include meiteis of manipur too because majority of meiteis are also vaishnavites as per from little parts of tripura, silchar linking with manipur upto upper assam can form a uniform vaishnavite country. As any other seperate religious nation like islamic nation ie Pakistan, bangladesh etc or christian nation ie. England, USA etc or buddhism nation ie. Bhutan, Myanmar etc. I also want a seperate vaishnavite nation to protect our vaishnavite culture. Not only for all this but also it is true that our identity is a north easterner, we are treated as inferior to others regions of India. We want our seperate Cricket team, football team, hockey team etc. We want our seperate President, seperate Prime Minister and other seperate organisations etc. And we are also very civilized too we can make our nation prosperous and wealthy too. We are not saying that we will join China rather we want to make a seperate vaishnavite nation. For these reasons I want to part from India. lol I love vaishnavism and long long… live Vaishnavism

  23. Vishnupur | January 19, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    I want comments from ahoms, bishnupriyas and meiteis. Am I right or not we three communities are of same religion. Like other religious nations like islamic nation ie. Pakistan or Bangladesh, christian nation like England or USA etc. Can’t we unify to form a seperate vaishnavite nation like any other nations. It’s about our precious religion which is known as ‘Vaishnavism’-we have to protect it. Infact meiteis are close to bishnupriyas for their same manipuri culture having same clothes, food stuff, same manipuri dance only ill luck is that our language is different but again one-third of bishnupriya language is meitei even if our language would have been two-third similar to meitei then meitei peoplecould have understand our language but if we want we can unify. Infact we both bow down to ‘APOKPA’. In case of ahoms and bishnupriyas, I would say that physical features influences much in unity of people as physically bishnupriyas and ahoms cannot be seperated because they look like same people as they have same physical features both bishnupriya manipuries and ahoms having slight mongoloid features like south east asians like thais, malayasians, indonesians etc. Other similarities are that bishnupriyas and ahoms also have ras leelas, the Bihu festival and same religion. Infact assamese language is not ahom’s original language, their original language was tai, they have only adopted it and they are not the same people like the lower assam people, they are really different. And if we want we can make a mixed dialect language having tai, bishnupriya and meitei elements for our unity. I dont feel shame to say that we eat ‘paltoi’ which means dry fish which are grounded to very fine pieces along with ‘fahn’ kosu (its a kind of kosu which is used for this purpose) and kept in a bamboo hole which is known as ‘bahar chung’ and after some days it is ready to eat. The unifying elements between these three communities ie. Ahoms, bishnupriyas and meiteis is that have ras leelas, the bihu festival, vaishnavism, eating paltoi, having mongoloid features etc. And the main unifying element between us is our religion ‘Vaishnavism’ and it’s enough to make a seperate Vaishnavite country. We have to take advanced steps from now on. Long live… Vaishnavism. Please give comments-mainly for ahoms, bishnupriyas and meiteis as we are all vaishnavite brothers.

  24. Vishnupur | January 20, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Finally I think that ofcourse I see that lower assam people like kalita, das, deka etc are also a very very important part of our northeastern region, they also contribute a major part in our northeastern of course they are the local residents of Assam, we vaishnavite people cannot part with these lower assam people because I have seen they also contribute a great part in our vaishnavite religion. Almost all these lower assam people attend the nams in namghars, organise nam in namghars giving immense support to the vaishnavite shankari peoples of assam. Why these lower assam people gives so support to vaishnavism? Do you know that? Because these lower assam peoples give us respect to ‘Vaishnavism’ and to our vaishnavite peoples and indirectly they are vaishnavites only. So we vaishnavites cannot part with these wise people. These lower assam people are the wisest people who would be needed for our various developments, these people are the main centre people for our development of the society. I see that though lower assam people are not tribals but they are considered as NORTHEASTERNERS and treated as northeasterners only. Am I right or not, I am asking these lower assam people, so finally you people are also northeasterners. So we can’t part with these wise lower assam people. So afterall I would say that we ahoms, bishnupriya manipuries, lower assam peoples and the major meitei manipuries can unite together and form a vast vaishnavite population and fight together against India for our freedom for a free nation. If we fight for a seperate vaishnavite nation than we will definitely get our support for this purpose of a different vaishnavite country because there are seperate islamic nations, christian nations, buddhist nations then why should we not get a seperate vaishnavite nation. These land is ours then how these indians can stop us for getting a seperate nation. We will fight together and win and we seek help from the United Nation Organization(UNO) if these Indians don’t give us our nation. Thanks God India is not among UNO specialized members which include five important nations(USA, France, China and two other nations). Long live… northeast.

    • Kokchao | March 13, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      You are an idiot. Get some help

  25. injo lore | January 27, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    I belong to the galo tribe of arunachal pradesh and i hate this black indians….this indians treated us second class citizen,but what are they?They themselves are 3rd class in our eye’s,that why we called the indians as nyipak(nyi-man,pak,thrownway) that is thrownaway man,bastard who have no place to reside…this blacks are trying to influx north east and make it more look like a blacks regions,but we mongoliod people will not make it happen…..long live northeast

  26. Subhodip Banerjee | February 1, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Hello all. I am from Bengal. It is really sad to hear about the atrocities that have been committed against people from North_east by mainstream Indians. I am from Kolkata and I see plenty of people from the North-East, who come here to study. To me they are just as normal as we are.

    I must confess that most of the mainstream Indian cultures are a bit insular, i.e., they are not open to mixing with people from other socities or races. This leads to a false sense of superiority among people, as they dont get the opportunity to evalute themselves in the eyes of others. I have heard people making derogatory comments over the appearance of North-easterners. Those comments have hurt me a lot. Even the young and modern generation suffers from such stereotypes.

    However, I can tell you that we are proud of the 7 states of the North-East. Atleast I am. They make our country colourful. Without them we will become poorer, culturally as well as intellectually. They produce some of our best sportspersons. Also, the N-E girls are far better looking than any girl from mainland India. By nature, they are straight forward and simple.

    It is my request to the people of the region to stick with India. Not all mainlanders are the same. You are always welcome to Kolkata, anytime, for anyhting. I am sure, you will find people in this city who will welcome you with open arms.

    • ainoo | February 28, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      m an assamese but firstly m an indian.. n i love my india.. we shud respect our own country,, and @assamese i m flng sorry dat u r an assamese..

  27. voice of the insulted | February 2, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    see dis dirty minded mainland indian wat dey r interested iz only wid the northeastern gal n itz land dey really dont kare abut uz at all due to dis mentality i hate dis main-lander indian we want to live to peace plz dont try to change our identity, plz dont torture us using wid u r force(indian army) plz stop raping our galz wen dey go to study in u r metro politan cites (coz u dint develop any job opportunities here in our land) plz not teasing uz plz stop taunting our galz n insulting dem coz dey r more beautiful n preety den u r dirty momz plz let uz develop plz not spread hatred among our own people plz dont try to change the demograpic of the area by sending more n more biharies n bengali from bihar n bangladesh plz stop exploting uz plz we want to live i n peace u people have done enuf in dis 60 years we were once proud community n u people have finished our economy our identity even our racial purity plz dont make uz black ,cheap, dirty n filthy like u are plz we want to live in peace an if dis iz given u kan be an proud indian.i myself iz an hindu n use to proud of it but now i m not i use to be proud of indian army but now i hate dem i use to feel proud dat we were part of
    india but i now rethink abut my pride i dont want to an chinese also but i think sumtimes wud we have be given better treatment if we were part of china coz we have seen how indian treat uz in metropoliton city rape our sister in kill our brother in the name of unity in diveristy dey play wid our sister n leave dem n in name of unity (in rarest of the rarest case ) in trying to chage of population by marrying our ladies an trying to indanize uz we want to live wid pride an dignity not waz sex toyz n chowkidar of u r people. give uz our pride back plz..den we have no problem to be an indian . dont kill uz gradually like it .if it continue i think god ill send uz sumone to help uz may be our mongolaid brotherz residing in china.but india iz an strong nation n dey r tryin to bow by using der military n psychological warfare tactickz. n dey r succesful see how dis sex lusted indian look at our sister as if after having sex wid our sister dey have conquered china itz der mentality how cheap dey r dey r suffering for n inferioirty complexity from the chinese so dis pigz target uz to have an false sense of pride. indian plz we r not u r enemy n by targetting uz u r not defeating chinese u people r inferior to chinese n u people must know it we r also indian dont behave like an defeated pigz

    • Jasmit | July 5, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      Dear Voice of the insulted::::I am from Punjab but currently residing in New Delhi, I have read your threat, since i know a little bit of information about insurgencies and the condition of North East through my Wife who is also an Northeastern & from Manipur also from my many North eastern friends. I felt in deep sorrow and feel regret on the issues of North East. I bow my head with shame while hearing what ever is happening in North East with our own brother and sisters is not a humanity. My dear brother first ever we must think why this insurgencies came from, its all center supported to maintain their power in North East, Punjab, Kashmir & other parts of India where ever the insurgency or Terrorist exists presently. Basically Congress Party whom leaders Gandi, Nehru, Indira etc. are worshipped like God widely in North eastern Region are behind all this terror and hatred attitude towards North Easterns. Supposedly, you are living in a home filled with many of your brothers & sisters and a senior top member of the house give special attention to few of their kids while neglecting others then what would be your responsibility?? It is not that you leave your home and live in someother’s home (Do you think they will treat you well?? No my dear they may treat you well for one day two days or one week not more then that) It will be our responsibility to be strict to our own home and convince our other brothers & Sisters and stand against the discrimination or the senior top person to raise our voice. If ever you decide to leave home and choose to built your own home.. you need resources you need support from others… where you will get?? Looking to China (other home)?? Will they support you? yes they will support you but they want you to be treated as Slave for them or some thing elase in return. Looking towards India?? they may not coz you left India (government not civilians) your own home. If i recall the early days of insurgencies during 80′s in Punjab i barely remember that the same condition was there too, raping of our sisters, kiling of innocent people, burning of their homes etc. if you see now a days there are many Punjabis are locked in Indian Jail since 25 years with having no legal charge on them. But i do not hate India because civilians did not do anything its all government and their policy held responsibile for all this. My brother as of now i could only say instead having hatred attitude towards other Indian civilians you must get along with them to raise your voice against the cruel & Idiot Indian government. Descision is your’s.

      • lis | October 15, 2013 | Permalink Reply


    • Jasmit | July 5, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      One more thing to be added, you sud see the Chinese government too and their attitude towards their own people. You will learn to know that their own people in their country are not treated well.

  28. Maithonghaan | February 13, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    I want don’t know what will happen with northeast. I m frm northeast, my village is also in northeast. I live in guwahati. I don’t know anything but I would say that what will be good people should think very carefully and then take any decision It’s not an easy case.

  29. Subhodip Banerjee | February 14, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    This is in response to the views of VOICE OF THE INSULTED. first of all, please stop refering to anyone has diry and dark. Hatred for each other will not solve any problem. I think you are trying to generalize all Mainlanders on the basis of comments made by a few of them, which is wrong. let me tell you something about China, the moment you join them, they will take away your culture with force and you will suffer the same fate as the Tibetans. This is not to say that I am Anti-Chinese. I have plenty of chinese friends in Kolkata. But that is the attitude of the present Government in China,

    If you cant live in peace in India, you wont find peace anywhere in the world.

    And as far as inter-marriage is concerned, marriage is a matter of choice, not coercion. If a Mainlander marries a North-easterner, it is because of love. There is no other intent involved. You can be rest assured about that.
    You to have you your heart and soul cleansed.

  30. Subhodip Banerjee | February 14, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    The comment that I have made in my first blog about the beauty of the women from the North-East, is based out of my own observation and sense of respect. I did not make the comments out of lust or any other thing. Please be careful with what you write.

    • Assamese | March 21, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      Frank Chin called it racist love, another name for Yellow Fever. All you Indians do is fetishize women from the “north east”. Take your ugly Indian face to India. We want you out of Assam. We are not proud to associate with filth. The hindus from Assam, if they like india so much, they can leave. We don’t want them.

      • Subhodip Banerjee | March 30, 2012 | Permalink Reply

        What kind of Assamese are you brother?

  31. Maithonghaan | February 14, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    It’s true they will take all our culture. These Chinese will rule in their way and we will suffer like the tibetians. So I would request my northeastern people not to take any decision which would create problems to our own faults and u people would be living in a place which would be worse than hell.

  32. Subhodip Banerjee | February 15, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Thanks to Maithonghaan. Atleast one person understands me.

    This is to all my frineds in the North-East. Racism exists everywhere in the world. Let us use this forum to evolve ways of tackling racism in our country, by discussing among ourselves, what we can do to live happily with others.

    • Jasmit | July 5, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      Dear Subhodip, Your view is clear, you and me in this threat are fighting for the same issue. Some of our North Eastern brothers are brainwashed or watching dreams of becoming Chinese or a saparate nation. Being their own Brothers & Sisters We must convince them to come back to the mainstream of India forgetting about the Indian Government who is doing unfair with them.. Hope slowly slowly they will understand the right path.

      • Subhodip Banerjee | July 14, 2012 | Permalink Reply

        Thanks Jasmit for your support.

      • Subhodip Banerjee | July 14, 2012 | Permalink Reply

        Hello Jasmit, thanks for being on my side.

  33. pra senju syn-ha | February 29, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    em a bishnupriya manipuri too…….em frustated n gutted by ppl calling me chinese hea……though it dsnt mean i wud go to china……but accept it…dey hav more balls den india……indians never confront d problem….. i dont c any change in der attitude n i guess it’l neva be……though i wud rather die den go to china…coz we north easterns respect our land d most which is not india in true sense

  34. Sri | February 29, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    I thank the NE Indians who have expressed support for the idea of India. India is a country that was born of lofty ideals, where people would live together irrespective of religion and race. Most Indians would admit that India is not perfect and there are too many inequalities still, but then we are definitely moving in the right direction. We are one of the most diverse societies in the world, and also quite ancient, so we need some time(and yes, some money) to attain these ideals.

    I’ve seen some of the disgusting comments by some NE folks. It appears that there are enough racists among them, and they look down upon the other Indians for their color. The Indian government hasn’t neglected the NE, not for the past couple of decades – loads of money is bring pumped into government schemes, but the level of corruption among the local leaders is very high there – much higher than it is in the rest of India. Unless the NE people bring their local governments to task(they elect their own governments, don’t they?), this situation will not change. Also the internal tribal differences among the NE people is quite high – Naga vs Kuki, Plains-people vs Hills-people etc.

    China would certainly not tolerate such diversity – it would just flood the region with Han Chinese. Just look at the other non-Han regions of China for example – Tibet, Xinjiang etc. Or even look at how the Cantonese and Mandarin speakers are at the throats of each other all the time(Hong Kong vs Mainland, Taiwan).

    It is a well known fact that ULFA and Bodo are funded by Pakistan and China to bleed the Indian state. And Bangladesh under Islamic fundamentalists such as Khaleda Zia were only too supportive of this. But now Sheikh Hasina runs a much more progressive government there and she has turned off the tap of Bangladeshi support for these terrorists. Which is borne by the fact that ULFA is lying very low these days.

    You can look up this link for a factual analysis of the NE conflicts:

    And finally to those “Bishnupriya Manipuri” guys, especially the one named “Vishnupur”, you must be barking mad. It is just evident from your long rambling discourse on your Vaishnavite superiority nonsense. I hope you move into the 21st century soon, for your own sake.

    • pra senju syn-ha | March 12, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      sri………with total respect……….i too dint even understand wat d odr guy was babbling about……now for d case em not against india…my father is in indian navy…but i hav seen conditions u wont b able to understand….. i dint say i want to go to china…i wanted to say was india is a shitplace political country nw… der never gonna b a solution for us………its too ideaologic………

  35. Kishor Singh | February 29, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    For you all sick fucks….
    Make south India a different country coz they all look alike (dirty nd half niggers) like many of u said.
    Make Haryana nd Punjab a different country coz they have heavy build, fair complexion,angular chins.
    And divide all the other regions on the basis of their ethnicity,religions nd looks because these features are the basis on which all the countries should be divided,according to you all.
    Ya nd by the way ,the northeast india was always a part of india,read your history first,then comment.

    • chagatai | May 4, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      im nyashang/nishi tribe Frm arunachal. Our religion is animist n I hate hindu people, out side different inside different.fucker india let us go china our tribes also in china

      • Jasmit | July 5, 2012 | Permalink Reply

        Dear Chagatai, If you think you are safe in China, Please forget this my brother try to peep in China’s Policy for their own people. they don’t care of their own people do you think they will welcome you or treat you good. No my dear they will treat you as third class people of thier country. so stop dreaming about China. I can guarentee you will be a slave for them not more then that. Your culture your religion will be snatched from you. You will not be the owner of your own land some chinese will be ruling on you and will ask you to serve a glass of water, prepare food and look after his family. Girls of North East will be treated as sex slaves for them. I am sorry to say just shake your head again and think. We will not let this happen with our own North Eastern Brothers and Sisters. My Appeal to all North eastern who soever are dreaming about becoming Chinese, Please look into chinese policy and then decide. I would rather advise to think on raising your voice against the discrimination happening against you in India rather then thinking of becoming Chinese or a saparate nation, and i also request to all my fellow Indians who soever visit this site must support the civilians of North East coz they are your own brothers and sisters.

        • lis | October 15, 2013 | Permalink Reply


  36. Kishor Singh | February 29, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Make south India a different country coz they all look alike (dirty nd half niggers) like many of u said.
    Make Haryana nd Punjab a different country coz they have heavy build, fair complexion,angular chins.
    And divide all the other regions on the basis of their ethnicity,religions nd looks because these features are the basis on which all the countries should be divided,according to you all.
    Ya nd by the way ,the northeast india was always a part of india,read your history first,then comment.

    • assamese | April 7, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      north east india was never a part of india,indian cunningly occupied after indias independence from british rein,even this bengali motherfuckers tried to put their language on assam during those days,they totally destroy our tripura, this black nigger indians

      • Jasmit | July 5, 2012 | Permalink Reply

        Mr. Assamese, Who you are? from where you came? you need to read your history first before writing your bullshit comment here.

        • tai ahom | August 3, 2012 | Permalink Reply

          Hey Jasmit, frm where re u frm Punjab or Bihar? Or may be in assam, ahoms are the real peoples of assam,ok frm about 1400 AD ahoms were ruling, now a days assamese people detected as Indians, ahoms re pure mongoloids, I the late 18th century ahoms converted to hindus, that’s why there were requirement of brahmins and sheduale cast people. Many people frm north india, west bengal and frm bihar settled in lower assam. Northeast always belonged to mongoloids.

      • Jasmit | July 19, 2012 | Permalink Reply

        U nuts, your bloody china is cunnigly snatching you from India where you kinda assholes are helping them in achieving their target..Who said Indians destroyed Tripura or NE, Are you aware how much money Indian government has pumped in these states, Indian Government is pumping the money for your better future so that the NE people should start their own businesses and grow prosperity in NE states. But China is spreading drugs and making NE people drug addicts to spoil the future generation of NE. China knows that in the influence of Drugs people will support China but tell me you asshole do you think what you are gaining or loosing under the influence of Drug.. Come out of the drug influence and rethink.

        • Assamese | April 3, 2013 | Permalink Reply

          hey. @Jasmit. I’m a bodo from Assam. I’ve had the gud luck of studying in IIT and an IIM. Though I’ve always been among the top 3 in school, I’ve been lukd down upon by the indians. Being from NE, necessarily implies dat ur 2nd class citizen & r treated down upon. I never knew racism until I came to mainland India. Chini, Nepali, Kancha & what not, & dat too all the time. I’ve to live in fear 24 X 7. My world changed completely after I came to mainland India. This can be attributed mainly to the mindset of a typical Indian. He thinks that he is superior to all. He is the most intelligent person in the world. All this thanks to the difficult entrance exams like JEE, CAT(cracking under million odds). While on the contrary how many theories have been invented by Indians, u tell me. All the modern physics, chemistry, maths, business works have been invented by the west & europe. Firstly, Indians have to let go of this superiority mindset. I’ve seen how Indians treat the exchange students who come to study from US, Europe in IIM’s. They are being made fun of and are treated as if they’ve no intelligence at all, whatsoever. I’d instead like to urge all Indians to respect other cultures and try to remain in peace wid each other. Try to respect us NE Indians. Otherwise, the day wud not be far when China will acquire NE & pose a serious threat to mainland India as well. @Jasmit. All we are asking is treat us wid respect & we’ll be proud to be a part of mainland India.

          • Subhodip Banerjee | May 5, 2013 | Permalink

            You are right Sir. But I think we need an effort from your side too, to mix with the mainstream culture. By the way, I am extremely sorry, for what you had to face. I am prepared to apologize on behalf of each one of them.

            I am a mainlander and you would be surprised to know what i had to bear when I stood up in support of people of the NE, in my own city. I was called a “Chinky lover”, or someone who calls others beautiful and does not find his own type attractive.

            Racism is everywhere and we have to learn how to ignore it.

        • lis | October 15, 2013 | Permalink Reply

          U nuts,you should say it to yourself.Now ,I am sure you are a dog,a dog which wants to bite anyone.I think these words should be changed to”India is spreading drugs and making NE people drug addicts to spoil the future generation of NE.”,haha ,I am sorry my English is very poor becasuse I did not study hard.Fool Silly Foolish idiot,hehe。

  37. ZOZO | March 10, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Hi guys, I am from Mizoram of NE, the most peaceful state and the second least corrupted state in India. We, the Mizo’s believe that we came from China via Myanmar. Some says our forefather were among the people who built the Great Wall of China. The Chinese King treated them harshly then some escaped at night… some believe that our brothers are still in China around 30 millions of them (not known)…

    Communication gap is the main reason why all this happen in case of discrimination. Mainland India didn’t really know much about us so do us. For all the mainland people, the thing you read in the books,newspapers and the tribal you see around you are very much different from us. We are highly educated and civilized and you should know that. And we are not Nepalese please keep this in mind. Try to know more of your neighbors/brothers.Yes we are different from you in many ways, so are you in our eyes.

    I know China is good for its minorities that you have to take Inner Line Permit from the local authorities etc.(may not be on Tibetans) and we are very much alike than mainland Indian But the reality is the Divide and Rule Policy applied by the British colony upon us especially the Mizo and the Naga suffer a lot till today and continue by India government till late 80′s.

    In case of China, I don’t think it is good for us cause she is not democracy otherwise I am afraid our rich cultures and natural resources will be taken away (I mean India can wait longer). I would not say that we are Indian (because nothing about us is written in Indian history not even mighty Brahmaputra river in national anthem) but India Govt is cool for us. She appears to be awakened since the late 90′s seeing the opportunities here in NE. She is looking for east now.

    So lets wait and see what happen the time will tell everything even our future. By the way it is you and I responsibility to make thing happen peace, wealth, unity, healthy environment etc etc.

  38. Soma | March 10, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Hey guys,,well i m living in NORTH EAST for 21 YEARS now but i originally belong to KOLKATA,,but since i stay in N.E. since by birth,i look a bit like chinese,n have that fair N.E. look!! N trust me,,i know more about the religeon n culture of N.E than KOLKATA,,n i love both kolkata n N.E. BUt N.E. going to China?? thats not a good idea guys !How can u trust that the chinese will treat u with itense love n care once they occupy N.E? What if the same attrocities n abuses continue to exploit N.E. women by the new dictators i.e. THE CHINESE in place of the old NATIONAL ARMY? What if N.E. has to suffer as a minority like the tibetans after joining china/ what will b the use then? n think,,what happens when a country or state conquers another? ABUSES on women,men,children of every age! The very same will happen when CHINA occupies N.E.It will b a bed of thorns ! N NOW IN REPLY TO CHINA’S CLAIM THAT NE BELONGS TO CHINA – NO ,THIS IS A LIE! IM A KOLKATAN BY BIRTH,THEN Y DO I LOOK LIKE CHINESE?NONE OF MY RELATIVES ARE FROM NE,,THEY ARE ALL PURELY KOLKATANS! SO WOULD CHINA NOW CLAIM THAT EVEN KOLKATA BELONGS TO CHINA? EVEN SHAHID KAPOOR ,the great bollywood actor has tribal looks ! HE IS A KAPOOR! SO WILL CHINA CLAIM THAT EVEN THE KAPOORS ARE CHINESE,N SO ARE ARE PEOPLE LIVING IN DELHI,PUNJAB etc??? EVEN MANY AMERICANS HAVE A LITTLE CHINESE LOOK ON THEIR FACES! SO WILL U CLAIM THAT U.S IS ALSO A PART OF CHINA? BETTER U CLAIM THE WHOLE UNIVERSE BELONGS TO CHINA !


    • zunufi | March 23, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      ohh plzzz stop it nwwwwwww…….

    • Jasmit | July 5, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      Thank you Soma for your valuable comment. I hope this will really help NE saparists to bring them back in Main Stream of India. I think they must understand the dirty politics. I read one of the guy mentioned that they will be safe in China as minority, but he did not mentioned how since Tibetans, Mongolians & residents of Xiangzhou province are minorities in China what is happening to them. Good Luck.

  39. Subhodip Banerjee | March 12, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Well said Soma. Zozo, please read Soma’s comments.

  40. fgwyy3yt | March 14, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    I donot understand why u have so hatetress @ bengalis as they are muslims,hindues,buddhist what is there in colour ,same colour of blood runs through every where. a person who has born in tripura is a tripuri,what will u do as a land locked land country once the territory is devided u will end up if fighting with in you,i knew a leader (poli) called dasararath deb barma.think rational,compitition will always be there.

  41. nww16 | March 21, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    North east india does not belongs to India at all…it was the british that occupies the area and gives it to “India” when they left. To make NE safer, they should be independent. To be free from the black indians rapists who always lusts for fair skin girls.

  42. jjjhgh6543 | March 22, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Dont be sad northeast people doesn’t hate bengalis………………
    Rajbongsis, koch are the people originaly belonging to mongoloid sect having Bodo ancestry now identify themselvs as bengalis, they luv…, bengali culture. n u bengalis know tat manipuri brahmins are the people from W.Bengal who had settled in manipur long yrs ago, these people have bengali ancestry, they are not illtreated ,, dey get respect and dey had been absorbed in the manipuri population. Chakma tribe of a tibeto burman group who had adopted bengali as their mother tongue. These are enough to be prov’d. Don’t luse hurt bengalis are nt hated.

    • | May 18, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      wat d fuck r u talking bot,hw cn chakma people adopt bengali fuking language as tre motr tounge?I m chakma bt i nevr speak bengali as motr tounge….k let me put some word,if u cn undrstand….lar ha,pedathingting,pele pele,tomma lingu sush,leba leba,botta hulonaga,c’mon xplain me tis words.This funking bengalis r suking evry wre,haha i evn heard,bangali demand separate state in NE including tripura and assam hw funy it is……Destroying our land in CHT,n evn want 2 destroy Chakma autonomous district council in mizoram?See d condition in shillong it was ocupied by fuking bangalis,asam,tripura,nw dy r tying mizoram,arunachal,nagaland…latr on tis people wl ask 4 greatr bangaladesh or bangabhumi!lol.

  43. zunufi | March 23, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    ohh plzz stop it nwwww

    • assamese | April 7, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      jjjhgh, i m a rajbongshi,but i am an assamese,k l o is asking for a separate state in wb, and all the rajbongshi are assamese only,not black nigger,and chakma people are forced to speak in bengali in bangladesh,…….whole north east should secede frm india, should start the process for united federation of asia….long live north east

      • Subhodip Banerjee | April 13, 2012 | Permalink Reply

        You speak Bull shit you Assamese. Bengalis are not niggers. Want proof? Stand in front of me, and you will find out.

  44. Jamesxxx | March 24, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Hi m frm tripura n i knw wht is the condition of our state v r treated very bad by bengalis n they hd raped or sistrs n daughtrs soo much bt v didnt gt justice….in 1 village 1 tribal gul got chance to participate in sum progrms in delhi bt our c.m who is bengali said to wear sarees instead of wearng our taditional dress bt dat gul refusd to wear fr dat c ws killd… n in our own village our village ws burned by tripura force n some of our sistrs r raped…bt v didnt gt justice fr dat mny hv to bcme terrorist…n i relly relly cnt c dis…..dey r njoying in our own state n v r sufferng!! As v loose our powers v cnt do anything more..whenvr i c in agartala town evrywhr bengalis..bengalis n i knw dey r neithr indians dey r frm bangladesh so i hv nothing againgst on india bt i 1 indian govt to help us n undrstnds our sufferngs! N all NE people b awre n apply some hard rules to protct ur land frm bengalis othrwse dey vl dominte all ur lands n properties n specially dey sudn’t do business in da main city….soo b awre my dear NE bro n sistrs……long live northeast mongolian race!!

    • assamese | April 7, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      my brothers and sister of north east,our tripuras condition is pathetic, all of we should stand for our tripuri brothers

    • ZOZO | July 28, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      yes the condition of Tripura is very sad… alien ruled state… but why dont u stand ur ground before hand… all support from Mizoram

  45. Rrr | March 24, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Northeast peoples lets b united to gt seperate country!n al those who r bengalis,beharis or any othr race they can leave the northeast!! N just answer me peoples y this pakistan got sepertd? May be they r also treated lik us before thats why they too they want seperate country …and just imagine if we r seperated how much peace we vl gt atleast we will be away frm this bloody rapist!!

    • Subhodip Banerjee | March 30, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      Rrr, You are a born racist. If you get a separate country, I am sure you will start to fight among yourselves very soon.

    • Jasmit | July 5, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      You are right RR. Better you must see what pakistan is gaining becoming a saparate nation. America shows his eyes and indirectly rulled, today china is ruling on Pakistan, later some other nation will rule Pakistan. Look into some more countries of Africa got independence in recent past what is their current condition.. Don’t be a Sheep be a Man and think before providing references. Pakistan was never a thought of common people. Its the thought of politicians or the sick leaders like Md. Ali Jinnah who was behind creating of Pakistan brainwashing the common People. He might be regretting of his own thought in hell. Ask pain of those people who suffered of bloodshed of their own relatives during Indo-Pak partition. Do you think the leaders brainwashing you will fight for you if ever NE become saparate, a hungry tigre only thinks for his own hunger dear. in regards to beharis and bengalis, where is a common behari or bengali has any link with raping the NE girls or killing of local people of NE?? DO you think we should evacuate the NE guys spreaded all over India? Who killed that inocent girl who refused to wear Saari was a politician? The politicians or the sick leaders has no religion..they start caring of common man irrispective of their race, cast culture or state during the elections. Chair is their religion and the main aim. India is a home of all of us and we are the family. anyone can live in anyone’s room as family. You cannot blame the entire community for what a person belongs to the community did with you. All five fingers are not same. I am a punjabi sikh this is what i learn from my religion love all respect all and raise sword agains cruelty not against the cruel. The best solution for North east is not becoming a separate nation or merge with China. You and other NEtrns are capable enough to make NE a peaceful place. raise your voice against crime with support from other fellow Indians. Me and my other fellow Indians who knows the condition in NE are with you. Spread the information regarding NE to other Indians an i am sure they will also standby with NEstrns.

  46. jjjhgh6543 | March 24, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    I ve listened 2 Jamesxxx”s comments. First of all I felt some sympathy 4r the bengalis……………….
    Bt if its true den its really very bad thing. As I m frm Assam so I dont knw about tripura, bt after hearing this I m really very sad. Bt seperating 4rm India will be very bad because u knw tat u tripuris have tibetan ancestry and u dont hv HAN CHINESE ancestry, you hv heard only how ur tibetan brothers are suffering in china, u sud read newspapers recently u can see tibetans protesting against china that “tibet doesnt belongs to china” U can”t trust the chinese as they will do similar with you also. First of all u sud b well educated first and defeat the bengalis in terms of education. You sud take the example of bodos of kokhrajhar- at a time dey were very poor but now see what is their position, they hv much developed. Good luck………….

  47. Ning | March 28, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    India izz a land of freedom, every people live in their own way irrespective of their skin, colour, religion etc.In India there are two types of mongoloids, one is the bodo- kachari group and other is the naga-kuki group. First group is the bodo-kachari group which includes (bodos, kacharis, tripuris, karbis, koch, rajbongsis, rabhas, dimasas, sonowals, garos, chutiyas, borahis, deuris, jaintias, khasis, arunachalis, chakmas, mishings etc.)- these people are of tibetan ancestral group. Other group is the naga-kuki group which includes (nagas, kukis, mizos, hmars, meitei manipuris, bishnupriya manipuris, hrangkhols, paites, ahoms etc.)- these people belongs to chinese-burmese ancestral group. I don’t know about sikkimese people. We know we northeast people don’t get that respect in comparison to others but it is really a free nation,we people may be people of chinese origin, bt we will not get freedom like India in that of china because India is a democratic country where as India is not. Our rich cultures will be lost as soon as Northeast goes to china. Manipuris are proud for their famous manipuri dance but as soon as it goes to china proud manipuris will start losing their identity, similarly people of other communities will lose their own identity, they will be harrassed like tibetans. But being in india it’s so free and pleasant. Then why we proud mongoloids are wanting to create problems for ourselves. Wake up……………

    • Subhodip Banerjee | March 30, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      Thank you Ning, Thanks for your comments. My regards for you.

      I am from Kolkata. I would love to see North-Easterners, coming to Kolkata, for education/employment/for whatever reasons. Please feel free to make use of every opportunity that you come across here. You can also ask your brothers/sisters from N-E to come here. We, Bengalis would be proud to have you among us.

      • ainoo | February 28, 2013 | Permalink Reply

        m an assamese but firstly m an indian.. n i love my india.. we shud respect our own country,, and @assamese i m flng sorry dat u r an assamese..

    • blackwdow | January 30, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      @ning…you moron..who say arunachalee are bodo kachari? who say karbi’s and khasis are kuki chin? if u dnt knw the facts,dnt spammed forum.

  48. PassiveRebel | March 31, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    no offence intended to chinese bros but apart from a few states in the NE (i’m including sikkim and the future gorkhaland) democracy is an integral part of the culture possibly more so to us than to the feudal and semi feudal indians, china is seen as a country to be careful of. what is imperative at this point is fostering a sense of unity amongst us people of the NE. naga kuki conflict is something to be ashamed of. bhutia nepali competition was a feature of the past in sikkim and we have paid dearly for it. in the NE there are more than 2000 tribes. imagine a scenario where every tribe demands a separate state or autonomous region, in assam boros are a large population, but after the creation of new states it has shrunk, silchar was lost to the mias. yes we want a homeland free from the clutches of madhesis, mayangs, dkhars or whatever you want to call them but not at the cost of each other. what is the basic ethnic group from where we originated? tibeto-burmese. when we come to india we’re called chinese our girls are molested, seen as loose and often raped if not murdered. inter tribal conflicts are something to be ashamed of. yes i believe in democracy but i also agree with chairman mao tse tung on one account, when he picked up a single chop-stick and broke it, then he picked up a bundle and was unable to. if we can catch ourselves before going against each other we can be strong and survive. when we go to delhi or bombay or bangalore they see us as the same, why can’t we see ourselves as a unit? i sound very preachy for that i apologise.

  49. mizo | April 1, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    if u see a snake and an indian, first kill the INDIAN.

    • Subhodip Banerjee | April 2, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      And then the snake will kill you.

      • Jasmit | July 5, 2012 | Permalink Reply

        Well said Subhodip.. Mizo must be a Chinese hiding himself in India due to errogant attitude of his own Chinese masters. He might have never seen the freedome in China as Indians have here…hahahahaha

      • ainoo | February 28, 2013 | Permalink Reply

        ur view point is so nice.. m an assamese n i think bengalis and assamese are like bro n sis.. tradition is quite similar.. n i love my india..

        • Subhodip Banerjee | May 5, 2013 | Permalink Reply

          From today, you are my brother too, and so is every single Indian. However, on a lighter side it would be slightly difficult to call all women my sisters, since it would be impossible for me to get married.

        • assamese | June 20, 2013 | Permalink Reply

          these ainoo is a paki assamese relating nigger bangali with assamese……..shame on you go to india……….because we are coming and we wil rule….rule,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  50. I am a Kuki n an Indian nt a Chinese | April 2, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    As we all knw we North eastern people hav been most of da time discriminated n many Mainland Indians, they r nt even aware of our existence. Once i was travellin in a train to Kolkatta. There were sum Mainlanders sittin by my side who were conversing in Hindi, n to my surprise wer actually talking abt me. One of da fellow thought me to be a Chinese while the others corrected him n said,” He is no Chinese but a Nepali, who cum 4rm Nepal to loot India’s money ”. Unfortunately, they wernt aware that i understood every wrd they said. I interfered n told them that i was no foreigner n dat i hail frm Manipur state of North east India. They were at first amazed by me speakin Hindi. N after a minute of pausin and gazing they asked me dat isnt people of Manipur wear no clothes n cut peoples head.. Ohh..!! I was really shocked by those queries.. But then again i thought, not really their fault its bcoz they jus dnt knw much or anything abt us. So i suggest dat Indian govt should do more to educate da others abt North East n da different tribes inhabiting here.. N da people of mainland should also change their mentality they have abt North easterns being inferior, junglees n all dat… Becoz If we r called Indians then we should also be treated as one as we had pledged dat all indians r our Brothers n Sisters…

    • l | March 10, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      Who come from Nepal to loot India’s money?? Brother I feel pity for you for having so much of negativeness in yourself. Those are the hard earned money by working day and night staying away from family.People from NE go to work in prosperous Indian cities but you don’t consider it as looting. Instead you people talk nonsense about them.Following opportunities and prevailing poverty drives some people away from home. Even a lot of Indians came to Nepal looking for opportunities..Now making up almost forty percent of total Nepali population. Nepalese are good security personnel and hoteliers so their demand as soldier,security guard, chef, waiter is high in India. Like wise Indians are most sought as teacher, professor , plumber, barber, tailor and many more skill full works in Nepal. Likewise maybe people from NE are also good at somethings. Instead of asking for recognition , asking for people to change their mentality, asking for others to do this and that maybe people form NE should start exploring their potentials and start utilizing. I was very impressed with what a guy wrote about how Education changed the lives and figure of Kerala and Keralites.

  51. Ar.P | April 6, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Hey read dis..

    we Arunachalee families most of us have a large family precisely 8 to 15 members.. And so far as I know in China Only 2 Childs are allowed for a family.. think about it…
    And pls stop arguing among youself..
    And as for myslf.. Em studyin in Tamil Nadu and learning Tamil is much easier than Chinese I think..

    No offence.. It was jst my idea.. =)

    • Jasmit | July 5, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      Ar.P though it was one liner but very knowledgeable. Every separist must read this. Keep it up.

  52. prashant | April 20, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    after reading all ur comments i can say that most of the people of north east are saying everything out of frustration…..
    common people u wont get this much love and care anywhere in world and china ‘forget it…’
    i have friends from north east and i am proud to say that they dont think like u all and r proud to call themself an Indian. please people understand and be a integrated part of india…

  53. Jake | April 27, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    I’m from South India and one guy from North-East India said that the North East Indians want to separate from India because of the North Indians treating them bad and as they look more like Chinese than Indian,most Indians don’t even consider them as Indians which is a sad truth and if anyone has the right to ask them to stop yelling,they should consider North East India as a part of India and the people in North East India as our own.

  54. deep | April 28, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    look at the recent news or the past news.everytime there is crime commisted agianst the NE people .I would say INDIA is a filthy country filled with corruption, selfish people, murdurers, rapists and perverts. The NE people are very cultured and posses strong moral values, where as the people from mainland india are juglees.I have seen many students of mainland india who would cheat like anything in exams ,and very dirty minded fellows (99.99 %of men)of mainland india are perverts.when they eye a woman they eye them with very dirty mind.i dont know how they become like this (all i could say is ,its in the blood,cannot change ,never).and so sometimes i wonder at the strange way God works.HE gives give soo much good quality in particular group of person like the NE people-not only are they good looking , honest ,cultured and intilligent but also a very beautiful home did GOD has provided.but on the other hand considering the mainland india,NOT only is the weather and the place itself sucks , but also GOD created them as the ugliest in the entire universe,smelly,(armpits),could never learn english,and with very low character,dont even know how to talk-(very loud), not even a little bit of civic sense, .well but what can i say , GOD works in ways we will never understand.

    • Subhodip Banerjee | April 30, 2012 | Permalink Reply


    • Jasmit | July 19, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      Have you read about Himachali & Uttranchali, Punjabi & Rajasthani Girls, they are also as beutiful as Northeastern Girls, How many rapes you have heard been commited in mainland India against them however they are living in between those men you are talking about.. You even yourself don’t know what you are talking about.. You 3rd grade idiot read your writing first before posting your comment. and yes please re do your schooling in English subject (unfortunately you will not get English education in China) i could barely understand your comment….Talking about curruption, you know Indian government is pumping lots of Money for NE states, where the money is going, your so called gentle NE politicians are doing this..Dear is your all five fingers are equal, certainly not likewise all citizens of a country can’t be equal good and bad persons are everywhere in your so called master China too. i am not saying 100% chinese are bad but majority of them are bad. so as in India common man is not bad but no one can trust on Politicians. The day you will understand this you will change your dirty mind.

      • Another | September 5, 2013 | Permalink Reply

        Let me just say that you’re English is atrocious as well. In fact, I’ve yet to see many that can write coherently here. English isn’t even my second language. Rather it’s my fifth and yet, I can see that writing with grace and clarity is terribly lacking in India. Even studying with my studies in Canada, I noticed that Indian students don’t improve to well.

        Why are you calling him an “idiot” in his command of English when you use multiple periods for a break in a sentence? Also, you should learn to write in more than one paragraph.

        Before getting to the point, I’d like to preface this by saying that I’m Han Chinese. I was born in China. I moved to Canada and I’m planning on going back to China next year.

        All I’ve read from many of the Hindus on here is how China is so evil. The bottom line is that you’re the ones treating the north-eastern people unfairly and yet you’re saying how unfairly people get treated in China. It is a fact that Xinjiang, Tibet and many other places are taking up most of the funds for infrastructure development. It’s a fact that minorities in China are not subjected to certain taxation and the One Child Policy compared to Han Chinese.

        I know for a fact how poorly the people of north-eastern India are treated. It’s tragic and many feel saddened by it. As far as the north-east joining China, I have no objections to that. If they even wish to have their own sovereign government, I’d be happy with that as well. I just hope the north-east and China can find mutually beneficial cultural and economic exchanges and help each other.

        I wish all the north-eastern people the best of luck in whatever fate and the future holds.

    • gujjar | February 25, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      u r thinking is 100 percent mathces to myn….i wonder abt u ppl…where u learned those things
      ….we guujjjarrs…are sexually obsseesed person…im too…frm rajesthan…but thats why we conquered half of asia….(emperor kanishk)…no well behaved mangoloid can do it…chengez khan was mangoloid …but he raped so many people too….as napolean said in his book “think n grow rich” sexuall energy can make one great if present in abundance if one can transform that energy…

      • Subhodip Banerjee | May 5, 2013 | Permalink Reply

        Hello Gujjar, are you really a Gujjar? And how do you spell Rajasthan?

  55. Rrr | April 29, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Yeah man u said it very true! N they cn produce childs soo much! LOL datz y spreadng evrywhr in northeast dat alsooo soooo ugly!! Y indians r very ugly ya! God please help them

  56. robin | April 29, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    hey chinese men i am an indian and what the thing a war you are talking about.look after every war the main reason for which the war was done is forgotten whether it is about tibbetian. so dont get both the nations towards a nuclear war.

  57. M dow | May 18, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Bangalis ar suking evrywre dey r like virus,evry wre let me say smething tis fucking bangali people r trying to ocupy noth east via bussnes,see d condition in shillong nw most of dm are bangali marying local gals,dy already ocoupied d land,see d conditn in tripura nw tey r ruling,see d condition is assam already ocupied wre is d ahom people are nw?almost extin,see nw in nagaland in dimapur,ful of muslim bangali n bihari shop keeps,nw tey target arunachal and Mizoram…aftrwards tey wil dimand 4 greatr bangladesh including NE,C’mon letz wake up nw n chace away diz motr fuking bangali and bihari dark skin nigr people 4m our land…dy r destroying our mongolian skinz,motr fuking virus lol.

    • Subhodip Banerjee | May 23, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      If local N-E girls are marrying mainlenders(Bengalis, etc), it is out of love, not coercion. If that is too difficult for you to digest, then take a jump from the highest mountain peak, down in to one of the valleys, and kill yourself. Your family will be well compensated. Migration is a common feature in India, and in Kolkata itself, more than half the people are non- Bengalis. But we hardly ever complain. We have learnt to live with everyone, because we are all human beings.

      • chang wu chakma | May 24, 2012 | Permalink Reply

        Ha3 benerjee babu…itz nt a luv,bengali does’t luv NE Girls instead ty luv the land…n yes migration is vry cmn in india bt it does’t mean bengali s ocupy d land…jst an xample go n visit tripura…any way NE is vry difrnt 4m mainland india,jst hv a luk d map of india,u wl find tre a big gap, in betwn tre ur country too Bangladesh mean bengali land…any way i dnt think The CM is non bengali in w. bengal n land holdr!

        • Abik chakma | May 24, 2012 | Permalink Reply

          @chang wu why u write such type of mgs n giving bad name to ur comunity,by d way r u realy chakma or simply?@benerjee u r half rite m with u!

        • Subhodip Banerjee | May 25, 2012 | Permalink Reply

          A few of the minsters in Bengal are Non-Bengalis, do you know that? Why dont you visit our city and find out for yourself how many people are really Bengalis? And stop using the name of Bangladesh. It is a different country and to us Bengalis, Bangladeshis are foreigners.

    • Jasmit | July 5, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      M Dow what ever u said about Bengalis and Biharis that they are ruling in Sikkim, Mizoram etc. is not because they want to rule their, Its because the localites like you did not wanted to do anything. They just know how to spread the hatred and arrange money for one time food… Spend time in finding a good job for you or burn your energy in setup a business for you instead talking bulshit here on net. If you produce good result in business come to Delhi or go any part of the country Spread you business nation wide other NEstrns will be proud on you. and yes don’t forget to keep Bengalis or Bihari staffs in your enterpruenership. Good Luck for your bettermint.

  58. Alobo naga | May 19, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    @Benarjee dada,hw u luk lyk xctly,r u luk lyk mongolian skin group or african skin group?any way let me tel u sme thing,if african cme n ocupy ur land i.e west bengal hw u wl feel?cos they are black n ugly.if dy mary al ur bangali gals n make tre childrns black n black ly gurela hw u wl feel? Same ting hapening hea…indian ugly people specialy bangali and bihari people doing dis…so giv sme mgs to ur brethn in NE to leave d place as soon as posible….otrwise NE wil becme lyk nigerian…so think bot it Mr.dada.

    • Subhodip Banerjee | May 23, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      Hey brother, are you referring to me? Anyhow, I will give you an answer. Please come down to Kolkata, any time of the year. You will find people from all over the country. In fact according to modern statistics, only, 43% of the people of the city are Bengalis. You will find plenty of people from the N-E who come and live here(specially Nagas & mizos). They come here to study, work, for medical treatment,etc. You can talk to them ask them how they are treated. I dont think they will have anything to complain about. It is because we have learnt to live with everyone.

      As far as my appearance is concerned, I neither look Mongoloid nor African. I think you should read science journals. Do you know that modern day Mongoloids are actually descended from people who left Africa 30,000 year ago, and settled in Uzbekistan first, and then spread to the far East? If not, kindly read an article by Dr. Spencer Wells, renowned Anthropologist.

      • Chao Avinash | November 26, 2012 | Permalink Reply

        First human came up in Africa and then migrated to different parts of the world. And as they migrated and settled in different parts of the world, the regional climate changed their facial and body features and resulted in creation of different Human Race. You could say Evolution and happened thousands and thousands of years ago. The three main races are Caucasoid, Negroid and Mongoloid and other races are mix of these and formed sub races i.e. Aryans, Dravidian, etc. I belong from Tai Ahom community in Assam and a descendants of Shan people of Burma and a mongoloid. I don’t know whether you are a bengali from West Bengal or not, but there are many Bengali people settled in Silchar, Tripura, and other parts of NE and are Hindu. This happened when East Pakistan(now Bangladesh) was created for Muslims. But during and after 1971 India-Pakistan war, many more Bengalis migrated to these parts. But now there are illegal influx of lakhs of Bengali speaking Muslims in the NE from Bangladesh and it is a very dangerous situation. So you have to understand that people of North East where never a part of India because Mughals never captured North East. They attacked 17times but where defeated every time by Ahom kings and Ahom army and sometimes with their alliance between Kacharis, Nagas and other tribes. We have read Indian history and culture since our childhood but you and others from rest of India have never known anything about NE. So I hope everyone here really go through History and present situation of NE and then pass judgement because prejudice will just make you ignorant fools.

        • Subhodip Banerjee | December 4, 2012 | Permalink Reply

          Hi Avinash, thanks for your post. It was truly knowledgeable. I have studied anthropology for quite sometime and I have some knowledge(in fact, more than decent), of the people of the North-east. In fact, I can differentiate physically between a Naga, Mizo & Manipuri, atleast 8 out of 10 times. I think you are going out of your way in calling someone an IGNORANT FOOL. I have already mentioned in one of my earlier posts, given below, about the origin of Mongoloids. So your explanation was not necessary.

          You are right in saying that i am a Bengali from West Bengal. I also understand the fact that you are against illegal infiltration of Bangladeshis in to N-E India. So am I. In fact most people here in West Bengal feel the same way as you do. We are also fed up of Bangladeshis entering into our country illegally, and often trying to take over land from locals. There are repeated clashes between the BSF & BDR along the West Bengal-Bangladesh border. Just because they speak the same language as we do, does not mean that they can come here and usurp us.

          Are you saying that the Mughals united India? Just because the Mughals did not capture the N-E, does it mean that the N-E will never be a part of India? To us, the Mughals were just bloody invaders, and nothing else.

          What do you think of the majority people of Assam? Do you have any idea that Assam, Meghalaya, West Bengal & Bangladesh(the rogue country), were once, a single state. If I am not wrong, then in ancient Indian history, Manipur has been mentioned many times. The other N-E states joined the Indian Federation after 1947, on the basis of their own free will and conditional agreement with the then Indian government. Again there were some basic flaws in that agreement. This does not take away the fact that unnecessary wars were fought between the Indian army and N-E groups. But now, it is time that we sit down together, join hands and fight against our common enemy.

          Tell me Avinash, if you are advocating the creation of a separate country for the North-Easterners. Going by your logic, if every community has its own country, then there would be almost 1000 countries in the world, which is illogical.

          Think before you answer. The bomb is now tied to your hand. Either defuse it, or it will blow you up.

  59. john | May 23, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    why’re you guys so racist??? i’m mizo and i love my state and kolkata as well. we have chinese ancestry…we love india and china both! personally,I hate people making racial,filthy and dirty comments. just accept everyone as human like you created by God. its not easy once you learn… you will feel truely good and happy once you accept the principle of universal brotherhood. afterall india is a land of unity amidst diversity. good day everyone.

  60. Abik chakma | May 24, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Helo evry body m real chakma 4m NE,any way let me put sme thing on it as a buddhist i dnt lyk racist people we must respect each oter,@chang wu i think u r not a chakma cos ur name say’s tre is no name lyk chang wu in chakma@benerjee u r corect in ur way bt u r wrong acording to other ways,so nevr mind,all d fingers are nt equel,all the bengalis are not equal n all the NE People are nt equal…so we must undestand each other problm…the debate wl nevr end if u continue n i nevr belive in any such writer tat mongoloid left africa 30,000 year ago may b he was blind,so let me quit hea!

    • Subhodip Banerjee | May 25, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      Hello Brother, thanks for your support. I did not mean to hurt anyone, but I feel that there are some people who are hell bent on being racists and creating divisions, and they should be given what they deserve. I like people from the N-E and even have a few friends from there who live in Bengal. However, if any one from Bengal has ever taken away land in the N-E from the locals by force, he should be punished. The N-E is like a heaven and should be like that.

      As far as the Anthropology part is concerned, I know it is hard for you to accept. Same it is for me since I do not resemble any African. But genetic studies have proved that we all share a common ancestry. In fact all East and South Asians and many Europeans have the same ancestors, who hailed from Africa, but went towards separate directions in search of food. During those days, people did not know farming/cultivation, and had to depend on hunting and collecting. The weapons used by hunters during those days were very primitive, mainly made of stone and wood. Imagine, fighting a tiger with a stick. Also weather conditions were quite extreme and people living in one part of the planet had to quickly adjust to weather conditions, that were unique to that region. As a result, subtle differences occurred. For example, someone living in Northern China, would be lighter skinned than a person from Southern China. The reason is simple, The North is cold, with a rugged terrain, with very severe winters. The south is closer to the sea and the Tropics and experiences warmer and wetter weather conditions. There the skin colour of the people would be naturally slightly darker.

      As far as the Mongoloids are concerned, the settlers from Africa who settled in Uzbekistan, quickly got used to the very cold weather. They migrated eastwards to what is now N-W Mongolia, which is a very Mountainous country. There they evolved in to what we refer to as the East Asians, exactly as mentioned above. It seems that out of all the races on this planet, the Mongoloids are best suited to the mountains. They have strong legs and a stouter body that allows them to make full use of the lower Oxygen supply, in the high altitudes. Also they are the most evolved race.

      If you like/dislike my comments please let me know. I would try my best to clarify things.

  61. Ranjit singh | May 24, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    I suport NE guys as u want soverinity from mainland india we too want separate punjabi land as we are unique in culturaly,socialy,externaly etc…we must hv punjabi country as pakistanis got pakistan bengali got bangladesh and so on…i too hate this bengali people because they are so cunning like a fox,i hv my own experiment during ma visit to kolkata last year…sabhi logo ko indendent dena sahiye!

    • Jasmit | July 5, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      Ranjit: R u ready to sacrifice your life for a separate Punjabi Nation??I am a Punjabi too and belongs to a Jatt sikh family.. In your so called punjabi nation wat all those Hindu, Muslim Punjabis will do?? It would be better for you to keep your religion alive and be strong in your own religion rather then thinking of a Punjabi nation. SGGS said “Khalsa shall Rule” that doesn’t means Guru ji is talking about a separate nation. He was referring to the rule of Pure People. Be a true and pure sikh first infact all Punjabis living world wide should be strict to their religion which is sikhism, You will see the Khalsa ruling not only in Punjab in the whole wide world.

  62. john | May 25, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    humko independent milna hay ish corruption aur dity politicians lok seh! ^_^

  63. john | May 25, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    humko independent milna hay ish corruption aur dity politicians logo seh! ^_^

  64. Chinglen kangleicha | June 17, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    I’m chinglen, belong to Meithei community of Manipur (kangleipak). i don’t to be part of india. fuck india and its army, peoples. they treat us liked 3rd class citizen as we are very similiar with chinese. Mainland indian looks very dirty, black skin.etc. We are not part of india. so, we want free kangleipak or merged with china or japan

  65. Yang.. Dimaxa | June 19, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    M 4rm dimahasao… I fuck’ hate indian govt. Cz dey hd olwyz neglectd us 4rm d begng… India iz fo d non tribal .., itz nt switbl fo d trbl of noth east india..! V vil b hapi beng part of china rather den india!
    V r undr d colonial of india

  66. Don | June 28, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Yes we want to join china we are not Indian
    I am from Northeast

    • Jasmit | July 5, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      Don, Yang & Chinglan, Y you sitting on Indian land of North East, go to China and live their..You could be the better slaves of Chinese. Dont ever think of coming bak to India wen chinese pigs will peee on your face. the cunning dictators of china will treat you as the below 3rd class citizens. where your salary will be substrated with each kid. where you must seek permission to raom freely, even to pee (sir may i go to toilet please). You are shouting here against your own country (if you are Indian) when as Chinese can you shout?? In India you have right to speak, post it here if you get the similar right in China. Why you need to get visa to go to China instead you can freely work or get education here in India?? Wadda aaya China da dalal.

      • Subhodip Banerjee | July 14, 2012 | Permalink Reply

        Jasmit, some people are difficult to handle. There is nothing you can do. We can only hope that better sense will prevail.

  67. Hingchaba | July 7, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    I want to stat thath as subhodip da said thaht mongoloids are africans wud nt b rit. bcoz we knw thaht human beings hav evolved frm one group. I will tell u wat the thing is – first human race tat originated in earth was the negroid race about 30,000 thousand yrs ago, after a group of people frm the same negroid race moved and settled in nordic regions- hence formed the caucasoid race wich were kwn as aryans after tat they spread all over and many also settled in india. Among the three races mongoloid is the most newest race. the same aryans also spread over china, japan and korea and formed the today’s mongoloid race. Earlier many yrs ago their was a place called china, but dey wer nt kwn as mongoloids, its only in the today’s world. My argument is thaht we hv evolved frm monkeys, so tat are we monkeys? No. Like that nordic evolved frm africans, mongoloids evolved from nordic, so mongoloids are nt africans.

    • Subhodip Banerjee | July 14, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      Hello Hingchaba, just call me Subhodip. That would be just fine. Regarding your adventure in Anthropology, let me add some spice. The ancestors of modern day Caucasoids did not jump out of Africa all of a sudden and move directly to Europe. It was a very slow process. In fact, their first place of settlement out of Africa was Asia(western Asia). As the weather conditions in Asia improved, and the Ice-Age receded, their migration towards the North or North-Eastern regions continued.

      The first permanent settlement of this new group was in Uzbekistan. Since people during those days did not know farming, they had to depend on hunting of animals and gathering of fruits. So living in a particular place for too long became difficult for a group, because very soon, they ran out of animals and trees that bore fruit. Since during those days, children mortality rate was very high, families thought it safe to bear as many children as possible, so that at least some would survive. Later on, with better hunting techniques and through some knowledge gained on the medicinal values of herbs and plants, the human population based in Uzbekistan increased at a steady rate.

      This put pressure on the resources, and people were forced to leave home for new opportunities. Another wave of migration started and different groups spread to different parts of the planet. One group headed to the East and South-East and settled in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc and parts of the Malay archipelego. Another group moved towards North-Eastern Asia and settled in Modern day Mongolia. From there, the group broke up in to smaller pieces and spread all over East, North-East and South-East Asia. This gave rise to what we call the Sinid, Tungid & paleo-Mongoloid sub-races of the Mongoloid branch. I think North-East Indians are a mixture of Sinid & Paleo-Mongoloid types. Again many Bengalis also have some Paleo-Mongoloid ancestry.

      Going back to Uzbekistan, another group migrated towards the North-west, and entered Europe through Ukraine. Now these are not Aryans, but Cro-Magnons. They form the majority of the European population even now. The term Aryan is actually a “CULTURAL” term. It means “NOBLE”. It is not a Racial term. The first people who were able to develop farming were referred to as Aryans, simply because they were able to lead comfortable lives as compared to the hunter gatherers like the Cro-Magnons and others. They were able to utilize their spare time in developing their language, developing a script, developing art, craft, culture, music, etc. Since they became culturally superior to others, their lifestyles quickly started to spread all over the world. That is how Aryan culture entered India and many other countries in the world. Just as American culture has spread all over the world.

      You would be amazed to know that not a single Mainland Indian has ever been detected to having any of the so called Nordic Mutation, even though we all speak related languages. So the so called Nordic Aryans never actually settled in India

      Thus you can understand , that we are all distantly related to each other.

      I did not call any Mongoloid African. i just wanted to say that we are all related some how or the other. Lets not insult others on the basis of skin colour or appearance.

  68. seriwaza | July 19, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    I dont think that China should rule India.Have you people forgot what has happened with Tibet??
    Even today Tibetians are fighting for their independence and justice.So in no way the North Eastern people and Chinese people can be considered the same…..though we may have similar Mongoloid features.
    Thanks !

  69. Jrs | July 22, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    What are u all fighting for. There is no peace within north- east . Arunachal is trying to take land in lakhimpur, assam. Meghalaya in khanapara,assam. Illegal bangladesis getting ration cards from Congress only for vote. If anything is to be appealed is against the negligence of govt. NIT, IIT(ASSAM), IIM(shillong), NIT(AGARTALA) are made by centre for development of NE people. But NE needs more than that. China is not included in the priorily until we dont resolve domestic issues. Proud 2 be assamese, proud 2 be indian.

  70. Jrs | July 22, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Haha,What are u all fighting for. There is no peace within north- east . Arunachal is trying to take land in lakhimpur, assam. Meghalaya in khanapara,assam. Illegal bangladesis getting ration cards from Congress only for vote. If anything is to be appealed is against the negligence of govt. NIT, IIT(ASSAM), IIM(shillong), NIT(AGARTALA) are made by centre for development of NE people. But NE needs more than that. China is not included in the priorily until we dont resolve domestic issues. Proud 2 be assamese, proud 2 be indian.

  71. ZOZO the Mizo | July 28, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    I wonder!!!How could university major Indian didn’t know NE states. Bring a map and ask me location of countries in Africa, Europe, America, Asia Pacific, Middle East . I can point them all in a sec… Try to be familiar with atleast South/South East Asia if you are an Indian… What ashame!!!! Omg!! one should go back to school….

  72. Pedro | July 29, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    I’m Spanish. What I’ve read makes me anticipate no happy ending, at least in the short/medium term. It looks to me like the Indian Government is getting overcome by the demographic scale of the country, inner ethnic, religious conflicts all over India, and particularly the isolated location of NE India. NE India is becoming a region out-of-law, out-of-interest, and out-of-help, like Somalia and Afghanistan. And as it’s so hard to live in that region, I would migrate out there. Now, I think we should also start thinking about the Earth. There is no infinite room in here. The more we grow up the worst we´ll live, and our governments should begin to implement that Chinese policy of one son/daughter per person for the sake of all of us. I can’t imagine how must be like to live in West Bengal in 30 years when it’s estimated we’ll have added up 3,000 million people to our overcrowded planet. It’s horrifying.

    • Subhodip Banerjee | August 2, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      Pedro, the North-East is not a Region Out of Law. In fact some parts of N-E are extremely peaceful, eg Mizoram. I dont think you should compare Somalia/Afghanistan with the N-E. The N-E in many ways is better than many other parts of India.

      Since you are from Spain, I think you should concentrate more on the problems that are being faced in the Basque region, of your country. The ETA almost turned Spain in to a hell with a series of bomb blasts in the major cities. Amazingly, the Baques are one of the oldest people in Europe and culturally, they are more ancient, as compared to other cultures.Yet, they feel discriminated in their own region. How about that?

      And by the way, weren’t the Catalans demanding self-autonomy even a few years back?

    • Subhodip Banerjee | December 9, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      Hi Pedro,

      Great news from Spain. The main separatist party in Catalonia has own huge number of votes this time. I hope you have got that news.

      So Catalonia will soon become another country.

      Its time you second graded Europeans clean you dirty asses with water instead of using paper.

  73. Smrila | July 31, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Reading all the comments made me sad. I am a bengali and i absolutely love n adore the north east and the people of north east. 2 of my closest friends are from Shillong and Assam and I have spend my college years with people from Assam, Manipur, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh. They are very simple and wonderful people. Yes i do empathize with them regarding the way the remaining country behaves, be it sexual harassment or cultural comments or comments made regarding food habits. It is horrible what the army does in the name is AFSPA while the remaining country is insensitive towards such a grave issue.
    My request to the young people of North east is that please do not have such hatred towards all indians, some of them genuinely feel for you. I am so proud of the young pool of talent that are representing india in the olympics from this region. I sincerely hope the situation will change some day soon. I have lived in Bangalore, New delhi, Dehradun, Bhubaneshwar and off course Kolkata and outside India, i know it feels horrible to have someone stereotype you just because you belong to a specific community. Like people laughing at the way bengali’s speak hindi. Or just assuming fish HAS to be my favourite dish!!
    I know it will take a long time to make this country more sensitive and less abusive, probably will never achieve Utopia, but hopefully one day we can atleast learn to respect people from all culture n colour.

  74. pherang | August 1, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Iam from tripura.We from the north east need not seek appreciation from rest of india.Instead we should give them the cold shoulder.Iam not interested in their culture.We live in a pristine place and have such a beautiful culture.We should develop our region as self sustaining ,ecologically pristine and safeguard our culture instead of thinking secession.Lets make north east— “The Shangri La”.And china is not that bad.I subscribe to China pictorial magazine.China has taken many steps to protect indigenous culture, even protecting tibetan art.I love chinese classical music and movies too.And also…Chinese invasion also would not matter….because india lost it once in 1962…Jawaharlal nehru thought india lost northeast forever.

    • Subhodip Banerjee | August 2, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      I like Chinese culture, music, etc a lot. In fact I can even speak a few Hakka Chinese words(thanks to my school). But that does not mean that I have to sell myself to another country. Appreciation for another culture/country is absolutely ok, provided, you know who you are and where you belong to. It seems that you have an Identity crisis. You need a reality check brother.

    • Debashish Roy | August 11, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      To all my dear friends from the North East – the first thing u guys should do is to have a good look at a country not so far away from u – PAKISTAN , a country which separated 65 odd years from today …do you really want your ‘separate ‘ existence like that ? About joining with China – do you really think the chinese will treat the former ‘Indians’ in the same way they treat their own…and i am not even going to a discussion on how they treat their own! Yes India has corruption , poverty and whole lot of different other problems..yes people from NE look different from people of north or west india like they the same way they look different from south india …ask yourself , is that the only reason why u want a separate country?? You want a separate country or merge with China becoz u want development , industrialization fund inflows…if you want that join politics and raise your issues in the parliament….INSTEAD you want the easy way out…..and just for the records…..if u say that china treats Tibet and it’s people well..take a history lesson brother or just type TIBET in wikipedia….JAI HIND.

  75. tai ahom | August 3, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Hey Jasmit, frm where re u frm Punjab or Bihar? Or may be in assam, ahoms are the real peoples of assam,ok frm about 1400 AD ahoms were ruling, now a days assamese people detected as Indians, ahoms re pure mongoloids, I the late 18th century ahoms converted to hindus, that’s why there were requirement of brahmins and sheduale cast people. Many people frm north india, west bengal and frm bihar settled in lower assam. Northeast always belonged to mongoloids. The real peoples of assam – The Tai ahoms, boros and some other related tribes.

    • Jasmit | November 2, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      Hi Tai Ahom, M from Punjab and my wife is from NE, Manipur, my knowledge of history of NE is very less but if talking about my culture i am sikh of jatt caste our body structure is like pathans do we need to get merge with Pakistan?? No!!! Since 1750 AD Maharaja Ranjit Singh was the ruler of Punjab Including Himachal, Haryana, and Northern Punjab region now in pakistan, we should also get our own kingdom rite?? or check out the history of royal Rajasthan, they should also get their own homeland?? Dear United States of America is also made with 52 diffrent states and currently a powerful country. Go to the hostory of your China, it was never accupied by any country but if you look at thte economical growth of the country is neligible as compard to India, We were under the rule of Mughals then Britons. Its just 65 years of Independence, what we have gain is much more stronger then the China who was never had the pain of slave country. Certainly you are the native people of Assam i dont have doubt on it but the land belongs to India and anyone can roam or settle in any Indian state or city its our born right.. Many of NE peoples are settled in Delhi, Mumbai, Banglore, Chandigarh etc. no one is trying to kill them or harrase them, we don’t feel NE peoples are 3rd grade peoples or dont belong to mainland India.. We are one and Unite this is what my thought..I too visit my wife’s parent in Manipur where i feel llike home and vice versa.

  76. Sharad | August 5, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    I would like to convey to all the NE people that there is no place in this world for Utopian thinking. What ails the people of NE is exactly ailing the people of Mainland. I used to live in Delhi and saw how we discriminated against each other. It did not matter if you are from North, South or the East!…Reading many comments here coming from the NE it appears all of you are equally fascist in your thinking but due to numerical imbalance unable to take it to the other camp!. Well would you show any patience to these “Black and dark” people if you were in majority??? I guess not…

    Away from all the bitterness i would like to say I married a lovely human being from Assam who completed me as a person. It did not matter if my parents were not pro-marriage as they just like everyone else here madly obsessed with their theories and reasons. We have a beautiful family and I just loved my experiences of traveling to NE states. I have become more educated about the beautiful NE and its culture. I never hated NE people an love them for their honest and hardworking nature.

    Please don’t be so negative in your thinking…OUR country has same evils that WE all need to conquer.

    To all those who think China is an option well you are in a fools paradise. I am sure they can accept you into their country when they dont accept the birth of an EXTRA kid in their own country!

    WE together can bring the change it begins with us…

  77. Naresh | August 6, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Hmmm we are living in strange times … really sorry to hear what the Indian Army did in the NE , probably they went mad with rage , paranoia and sickness … anyway there is no excuse for what happened … I like to think that I am a Planetary citizen … shameful when Human Rights violations happen … community , race , skin colour of the victims is of absolutely no consequence … It is a human tragedy , that is all

    I am from Bangalore … I taught at a school in NC Hills for a year , at Mizoram for few months, and also I served as a Hostel Warden in Arunachal pradesh …

    I am crazy about the “NE” for want of a better word to refer to that region … the Dazzling colours of the Meghalayan clouds , the vast stretches of rice fields in Assam , the Blue Mountains of Mizoram … the stunning visuals of Arunachal … I miss it … but I am not going to pack my bags and head to the NE anytime soon ! I used to do that in my younger days … I wish I could roam free in the NE , and enjoy the scenic beauty till my dying day … but I can’t … so now I am trying to learn astral travel / and wish I could become invisible …

  78. patriot | August 19, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Its xtremely unfortunate that such illegitimate claims are made on indian army…..this is again a cheap chinese attempt to lure north east indians towards their side…but beware…the tibetans are already victims of chinas repressive policies

  79. mindflushed | August 20, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    don’t anyone think we are facing a great parasitic problem of this bangladesi miya influx in assam and other northeastern states and our so called congressi leaders in assam are doing nothing regarding the issue. Being in china or india is not going to be an issue if we are not going to make our states free from these bangladesis. Our identities, our culture, our monnuments, our land are being vandelised,encroached by theses motherfuckers, request to all my brothers from northeast india and mainland india to look into the condition due to this influx nd get united to eradicate the root of this problem. Here we are fighting among ourselves and those basterds are taking the benifits. Norteast as a part of india or chaina? People its going to be soon another bangladesh so wake up get united . Show those basterds what they really are..

  80. kiratas | August 21, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    i think indians have jealousy for each other that s why they fight against each other . there is so much racial discrimination in the north east .people of meghalaya think there living western lifestyle but they dont know that what ever freedom they have got is just limited to india only and that too in their own state and areas only they are so lazy and haraaam khor that they dont want to work they think they should get everything for free if u bloody tribals want to go to china then go no what are u doing in in india u bloody outsiders remember what ever u have got today might not be yours tommorow what do u think china will spare u they will kick on your face and do laterine on your corpses i dont want you to be here make our northeast a filthy place to live in i cannot see the destruction of of my homeland i want to commit suicide i cannot see the notheast tuirning into hell by hands of people living init and by outsiders invading it i should better commit suicide or go outside india or fleeaway from this planet i cannot see my own motherland suffering .so iam going to switzerland u people fight keep on going to hell or heaven i cannot see my northeast suffer so bye jingalala

  81. Devendro | August 22, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    My name is Devendro, I m manipuri (bishnupriya), I love my Bharatvarsha very much. Our people are very patriotic people, one can imagine in such small population of only 4lakh to 5 lakh people, a great number of people works in Indian Army, one can find several thousands of our people serve in Indian army and of but they never became great personals like Colonel, Major etc because our people lacked in education. But according to me, name of the post does not matter only work matters, sacrifice for our motherland matters which is our beautiful place known as Bharatvarsa. I know Punjabis also respect us very much because they too give a much hand in Indian army and we also respect them too. We know in a recent clash between boros, assamese people with bangladeshis, Indians supported the boros and the assamese people. This is enough to be proved that India is not that of country. Atleast northeast should give India a chance to bring colours to northeast. And about origin of our people is that We are the people who are descendents of Babrubahana who is the son of Arjun and Chritrangadha. Our people have about 70 lokeis(clans) some of which are raja lokei (mangangs)- the royal group of people, moirang lokei (moirangthem), luwangs, angoms, koirengkhullakpas (kwairakpam), khumols-raja lokei (Oinam), chiru lokei, Lempa lokei (thokchom) and manipuri brahmins etc. Words written in brackets are synonymous to meiteis but though our clan names are same with meiteis but we do not consider we are meiteis and vice versa but we can only say that we are close to them because even some naga groups also say we are only close to other nagas.
    According to me Indian will again became the “Sona ki Chiriya” The Golden Bird.

  82. [...] First, the target of the hoax had to be a group people who are marginalized and/or distrustful of the establishment and have little institutional support. In this case, a minority group with a distinct appearance (north-easterners look more East Asian than other Indians) that hasn’t been well integrated into the mainstream of Indian society (some in the northeast states have agitated for independence from India and integration with China). [...]

  83. [...] First, the target of the hoax had to be a group people who are marginalized and/or distrustful of the establishment and have little institutional support. In this case, a minority group with a distinct appearance (north-easterners look more East Asian than other Indians) that hasn’t been well integrated into the mainstream of Indian society (some in the northeast states have agitated for independence from India and integration with China). [...]

  84. [...] First, the target of the hoax had to be a group people who are marginalized and/or distrustful of the establishment and have little institutional support. In this case, a minority group with a distinct appearance (north-easterners look more East Asian than other Indians) that hasn’t been well integrated into the mainstream of Indian society (some in the northeast states have agitated for independence from India and integration with China). [...]

  85. [...] First, the target of the hoax had to be a group people who are marginalized and/or distrustful of the establishment and have little institutional support. In this case, a minority group with a distinct appearance (north-easterners look more East Asian than other Indians) that hasn’t been well integrated into the mainstream of Indian society (some in the northeast states have agitated for independence from India and integration with China). [...]

  86. [...] First, the target of the hoax had to be a group people who are marginalized and/or distrustful of the establishment and have little institutional support. In this case, a minority group with a distinct appearance (north-easterners look more East Asian than other Indians) that hasn’t been well integrated into the mainstream of Indian society (some in the northeast states have agitated for independence from India and integration with China). [...]

  87. [...] First, the target of the hoax had to be a group people who are marginalized and/or distrustful of the establishment and have little institutional support. In this case, a minority group with a distinct appearance (north-easterners look more East Asian than other Indians) that hasn’t been well integrated into the mainstream of Indian society (some in the northeast states have agitated for independence from India and integration with China). [...]

  88. [...] First, the target of the hoax had to be a group people who are marginalized and/or distrustful of the establishment and have little institutional support. In this case, a minority group with a distinct appearance (north-easterners look more East Asian than other Indians) that hasn’t been well integrated into the mainstream of Indian society (some in the northeast states have agitated for independence from India and integration with China). [...]

  89. karni pratap | September 30, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    guys ! i am from rajasthan ! i belong to a rajput family ! in india tribals r given a 50% reservation in government jobs ! but v dont get a single percent ! but dis thing never bothered us ! we din ask indian govt. to separate us ! i hav got a lot of frnds in NE ! in my skul around 20 to 25 STUDENTS r frm NE ! u can ask any NE INDIAN who has been in here for a while if he/she has faced any problm in here !

  90. Jackie | September 30, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    I’m Filipina & I had a boyfriend of 2 years from Nagaland. I admit that when I met him the first time, I mistook him for a local coz aside from his face that looks more Filipino than me (I’m Mestiza or half-White), he’s also a Christian which is the religion of 94% of Philippines, Catholics & Protestants combined. Anyway back to the topic, as I’m educating myself on his culture, I found out that they are being discriminated in other Indian states & some even question their Indianness simply because of how they look which isn’t fair & not only that, the economic situation there is really heart-breaking & therefore there is a lack of support from the Indian government. These factors, can lead to identity crisis & eventually an insurgency so you guys can’t really blame them. I feel sorry for these people, they are nice people overall, they have a fascinating culture which is also overlooked (I can’t find these in the “Incredible India” ads or on documentaries on TV about Indians). They also deserve to be treated equally.

    And about the Chinese, why are they sooo greedy to even think of invading another place? Aren’t they feel content that they have Tibet & has 1/3 of the world’s people? Then they also trying to claim the Spratlys Islands which really belongs to us. Shame on them >_<

    • Jasmit | November 2, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      Jackie, You have good points, i am also working with my Philippino counterparts and our offices r in Makati city Manila & Baguio, This is the speciality of India that we have unity in diversity..I do not agree that Indian govt. has discreminated the NE part of India. they have pumped alot of money in NE, lots of packages are being given to NE for their development, Its all drained out due to many reasons. The main reasons are the currupt politicians, and the second main reason is the residents of those states… I am sorry if some one feel hurt but that is the truth.. They are not maintaining the developments from the govt. side because they are being brain washed by the Chinese Pigs..even though they are not contributing in the development for their own states…I think NE peoples should raise their voice against the terrorists who threat them for money (without Discremination)..Till the time they support these types of terrorists, who are trying to brainwash NE people, NE cannot be the developed part of India.. Chinese Pigs are actualy cunning peoples, they don’t let the peace flourish in the NE region and will keep on trying to brainwash the localites due to their greed of invading the land…Philippinos are also look alike Chinese but they don’t wana give a inch of their land to China, Why some NE peoples are doing this?? simply its becouse of the Chinese influence and the money they are recieving from the Chinise govt in order to flourish the insurgency in this region. I think the ball is always in the court of NE peoples but the problem is they don’t know how to hit…

  91. bom chang | October 14, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    m a bodo 4m bodoland, NE. I wud rathr join mynmr instd of china. S v r 4r tibeto-burmese family. I luv l0vng indians bt i hate itz govt. N fucking uneducated d0nkyz.

  92. wang-Indian | October 19, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    To all those rubbish NE Indians speaking on behalf on NEians. I AM A PROUD INDIAN FROM NE INDIA L….Stop cribbing and trolling here. India is a land of oppertunity and freedom. You opt for china, u r dead instantly. I agree our facial, cultural etc resembles the chinese but that ain’t the criteria for opting China as a mother country. How stupid the thread starter is.

    I agree Indian congress govte has been neglecting NE India for so long but this isnt the case only with NE India, look at Bihar, Jharkhand, WB etc etc. Every states except for few has been neglected to core by this Congress govt. The reason why we have all sorts of problems in these states ranging from poverty, unemplyment to Naxalism worst than many NE states. Since 90′s crores of Rs has been pumped to NE India. Where have they gone??? Are the ministers, MLA’s doing enough except for core corruption. 1st ask your respective govt aboutr the funds alloted by center for developement. In every sector corruption bumps up. Just for a simple UDC/LDC , Police personal etc job lakhs of Rs is being demanded as a bribe else you wont get a job. Are roads, buildings etc being constructed properly from those crores of funds sent? And are you doing enough to prevent those before lamenting Indians and India here.

    For racism, i remember when we were in boarding and for that matter even in our locality, the outsiders were treated badly. I mean people from plains who doesnt look mongoloids, even from other tribes and states were racially abused. Its a human nature for taunting but thing is slowly coming to terms. Govt of India is doing enough , take an oppertunity and raise yourself. raise above the malicious thinking you have been jotting down here .

    • Subhodip Banerjee | December 4, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      Hello Wang, I agree on everything that you have written. Corruption is the root cause of all evil in India.

      As per racism is concerned, again it is a natural, albeit a bad habit to make fun of someone who does not look like you, or who belongs to a different culture. We should get above these things and consider things from a national point of view.

    • Subhodip Banerjee | December 4, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      Hello Wang, I agree on everything that you have written. Corruption is the root cause of all evil in India.

  93. jovi | October 22, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Bhosadike , gandu, kukur, mother fucker, asshole…where is my comment. Don’t you get here in India…i shall smash u for writing against India. Jai Naga, Jai NE and Jai India.

  94. nadim | November 26, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    4. DULL

  95. Rex | December 1, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    shut da fuck up nadim do you think that was insulting well think about the other people of NE who are insulted daily….

  96. | December 11, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Too much hatred
    I’m Indian ,Manipuri meitei.
    First of all please stop those vishnupuri guy he is so irritating. His comments really are
    and Aktar bhai sahab we don’t talk because Others don’t talk with us
    i would say it as communication gap and lack of knowledge.
    India is a funny country situations like these make me Hide myself in shame
    when i was two i left Manipur and stayed with my dad in Delhi than Patna
    among my friends i Find Punjabis the most awesome kind i love them thou my best friend was Punjabi
    i eat their food and i don’t eat Manipuri foods mostly Cuz i build a habit of Eatin the Punjabi kind of food style with Manipuri dishes
    Yet there is discrimination in India not only in mainland as we NE people say and in chinkie land as Others stupid people say.
    Its a matter of shame that a our country has all the evil things in it from child labour to dowry system .
    From racism to religious conflicts and corruption.
    I’m refering to those who said NE people are Kamchor! I accept we are drug addicts and alcoholic But aren’t you isn’t the whole world?
    Things had changed my friend
    those were the survey decade old.
    In contray people try to climb the steps in NE poli field. But they get killed murdered Which our Indian Media fail to BRING infront of the world.
    Seriously Don’t you agree? Everyday News are from north India sometimes south India. And a 3-4 min clip for NE in a year (its a literary phrase i used)
    the serial bombblast in Assam kokrajhar bongaigaon guwahati and One More district i forgot the name !
    (Some might b thinking Where the Hell on earth Bongaigaon is :s)
    only for 5-1
    mins the News channels showed News about it
    and there News are filled with mostly crap and nonesense and all repeat Telecast !
    This is an example of government’s neglecting Nature.
    Why follow the past
    when we’ve to live the present and think of future?

    Joining China is Seriously the most idiotic idea I’ve Ever heard.
    Instead wipe out the entire militant camps in jungles of NE and seal the border! How many refugee will you allow?
    The war ended 3decades ago then i don’t understand what our gov. Is doing ?

    What india is gettin from NE is like jo tum bow gey wahi tum paogey!

  97. Elvis Mastaine Kangabam | December 11, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Sorry for Some words that I’ve mistaken its BCuz of this autocorrect option!
    I my self had been witnessed discrimination in so called capital of the nation Some of them think of us as 3rd class person and Junglee
    they call us chinky, bhatia, jingalala and sing songs like Jingalala hur and kancha re kanchi rey when we Pass bythem!
    They often ask me do i eat dog or snake and If i use swine’s oil in my School !
    So what do you call it HAPPY GREETING? or Racism?
    What the Fuck is wrong with food habit Bear Grylls eat raw animals so he’s a junglee too
    Christians eat beef let them eat, Hindu can’t eat beef its prohibited so don’t force them Same goes with islam for pigs.
    Yet I’ve seen many brahmin eating meats and even beef outside their home
    our principle is brahmin and said that he is prohibited to eat meat Yet he eats meat and this was revealed by our young teacher !
    So Why people comment on our food habits i don’t know
    they complain of our food ngari (Manipuri fermented dry Fish) and Yet they come to us to borrow Some!
    People Have different identity culture and religion so Why to temper with it !

    I went to tripura and the situation is really bad Seriously
    when i asked my friend to company me in an ally he said don’t go there its Bengali elaka (Bengali area)
    and when i asked Why , he replied they don’t let us in their colony Everytime there’s a fight between the dialect and those Bengali If we enter that colony so we don’t go there.
    I was Shocked listening to this! Ruling and leading is different things
    in Tripura the CM wasn’t leading he was ruling with his powers and Yes about the population of Tripura the dialect people are almost Half as compared to Bengali there.
    At that very moment i wanted to nuke whole West Bengal and Bangladesh and wipe out the entire root as that time i was very angry with the situation around.(I’m just opening myself freely so don’t get mad at me o.k guys !)

    all those money Which Delhi sends for NE become Half before it enters the NE land and then our More corrupt politicians do there work for gettin rich and powerfull.

    Now currently I’m restin in Kokrajhar with the Fine Great Bodo peoples around. The level of corruption! I’ll explain to you
    the national highway Which connect nagaland and Manipur isn’t completed Yet
    properly its been a decade.
    An almost 100m bridge took More than 5 years to complete in Kokrajhar choraikhola village , you can always Tell the quality of product used in building government structures like hospitals and offices all cheap material Which fade and doesn’t last even a year

    here the Bodo people want Assam 50-50 and this place is constantly affected by bandhs and curfews.
    Under BTC minor tribal communities are also demanding independent state. And many More in the NE region
    i believe they’re all brainwashed.

    In BTC a mishthan bhandar owner was shot killed from point blank range inside his shop by a 9mm and the killer got away and the interesting thing is that the police station lies just opposite to it. It has an emergency ambulance called 108 mrityunjoy they didn’t even thought to send One of those
    people Fear militants in NE because they don’t believe the army and the cops will help and protect them. So they pay them understand (this is in reference to the One who mentioned something about paying to militants)
    i remember an Manipuri Uncle who left Ukhrul, Manipur just because his life was at stake the militants were asking for money and If he refused to pay they would come back to kill their family and the cops were too asking for money Fearing this he sold his everything and settled in Delhi bringing Nothing with him except his two sons and two daughters all of then are older than me Yet he managed to buy a flat and do Business in Few years he owned a petrol pump in Delhi and now he has two petrol pumps in Delhi and 1 in Noida so don’t say we north eastern are Kamchor

    Believe it or not you can’t Find a single beggar belonging to Mongolian family in NorthEAST even here a blind person plays his instrument and sings for a penny in temple. Kuch toh karte hain NE k log apne balbute par par kabhi bhik nahi mangengey just like the Sikhs app unka kitna majak udateho santa banta karke par kabhi ek v sikh ko dekha bhik mangte huwey?na kabhi in dono race me se kisi train me chakey bantey dekha.

    Hummey Ap logo ki tarah suvidha uplabdh na ho
    humey third class samjha ho
    han ham garib jarur ho par kabhi kamchori nahi ki samjhey
    (so please don’t call us kamchor ok warna kamchori k raj ap logo k kom ka v bahut hain kholney ko THIS IS IN REFERENCE TO THAT PERSON WHO SAID SOMETHING ABOUT KAMCHORI ON US)


    chor ko sab chor najar atey hain

  98. Elvis Mastaine Kangabam | December 11, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    My previous comments Which somehow got vanished | December 11, 2012 | Permalink Reply
    Too much hatred
    I’m Indian ,Manipuri meitei.
    First of all please stop those vishnupuri guy he is so irritating. His comments really are
    and Aktar bhai sahab we don’t talkbecause Others don’t talk with us
    i would say it as communication gap and lack of knowledge.
    India is a funny country situations like these make me Hide myself in shame
    when i was two i left Manipur and stayed with my dad in Delhi than Patna
    among my friends i Find Punjabis the most awesome kind i love them thou my best friend was Punjabi
    i eat their food and i don’t eat Manipuri foods mostly Cuz i build ahabit of Eatin the Punjabi kind of food style with Manipuri dishes
    Yet there is discrimination in India not only in mainland as we NE people say and in chinkie land as Others stupid people say.
    Its a matter of shame that a our country has all the evil things in it from child labour to dowry system.
    From racism to religious conflicts and corruption.
    I’m refering to those who said NE people are Kamchor! I accept we are drug addicts and alcoholic But aren’t you isn’t the whole world?
    Things had changed my friend
    those were the survey decade old.
    In contray people try to climb the steps in NE poli field. But they get killed murdered Which our Indian Media fail to BRING infront of the world.
    Seriously Don’t you agree? Everyday News are from north India sometimes south India. And a 3-4 min clip for NE in a year (its a literary phrase i used)
    the serial bombblast in Assam kokrajhar bongaigaon guwahati and One More district i forgot the name !
    (Some might b thinking Where theHell on earth Bongaigaon is :s)
    only for 5-1
    mins the News channels showed News about it
    and there News are filled with mostly crap and nonesense and allrepeat Telecast !
    This is an example of government’s neglecting Nature.
    Why follow the past
    when we’ve to live the present and think of future?
    Joining China is Seriously the most idiotic idea I’ve Ever heard.
    Instead wipe out the entire militant camps in jungles of NE and seal the border! How many refugee will you allow?
    The war ended 3decades ago theni don’t understand what our gov. Is doing ?
    Your comment is awaiting moderation. | December 11, 2012 | Permalink Reply
    Too much hatred
    I’m Indian ,Manipuri meitei.
    First of all please stop those vishnupuri guy he is so irritating. His comments really are
    and Aktar bhai sahab we don’t talkbecause Others don’t talk with us
    i would say it as communication gap and lack of knowledge.
    India is a funny country situations like these make me Hide myself in shame
    when i was two i left Manipur and stayed with my dad in Delhi than Patna
    among my friends i Find Punjabis the most awesome kind i love them thou my best friend was Punjabi
    i eat their food and i don’t eat Manipuri foods mostly Cuz i build ahabit of Eatin the Punjabi kind of food style with Manipuri dishes
    Yet there is discrimination in India not only in mainland as we NE people say and in chinkie land as Others stupid people say.
    Its a matter of shame that a our country has all the evil things in it from child labour to dowry system.
    From racism to religious conflicts and corruption.
    I’m refering to those who said NE people are Kamchor! I accept we are drug addicts and alcoholic But aren’t you isn’t the whole world?
    Things had changed my friend
    those were the survey decade old.
    In contray people try to climb the steps in NE poli field. But they get killed murdered Which our Indian Media fail to BRING infront of the world.
    Seriously Don’t you agree? Everyday News are from north India sometimes south India. And a 3-4 min clip for NE in a year (its a literary phrase i used)
    the serial bombblast in Assam kokrajhar bongaigaon guwahati and One More district i forgot the name !
    (Some might b thinking Where theHell on earth Bongaigaon is :s)
    only for 5-1
    mins the News channels showed News about it
    and there News are filled with mostly crap and nonesense and allrepeat Telecast !
    This is an example of government’s neglecting Nature.
    Why follow the past
    when we’ve to live the present and think of future?
    Joining China is Seriously the most idiotic idea I’ve Ever heard.
    Instead wipe out the entire militant camps in jungles of NE and seal the border! How many refugee will you allow?
    The war ended 3decades ago theni don’t understand what our gov. Is doing ?
    What india is gettin from NE is like jo tum bow gey wahi tum paogey!
    Your comment is awaiting moderation. | December 11, 2012 | Permalink Reply
    I meant please stop that not thosemy bad

  99. M_kit | December 19, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Why is everyone so busy debating a domestic Issue on a Chinese website?

  100. For mY bRothers from NE | December 20, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    my NE brothers, it all happens because of lazy govt. of india, not only you suffer, we also suffer by this stupid lazy govt rules of india. I love my india but i hate thinking of many indians here, I born in delhi, I know what they think about the peoples from other part of india…..
    India should make changes in law.
    1st. Death Punishment for Rapist
    2nd. Those do discrimination for indians should be in jail.
    3rd. why only few cases are comes in fast track court? other r become only library. only books of cases, but no action. Every court should be fast track
    And for my all sister n brother from NE govt. should give concern to make NE equal to Other part of india in development.

  101. KASHISH | December 28, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    why does everyone wanna leave india, what do you want, u want to be known as a small tiny country, like wtf, its better to have a bigger country and rule the world u guys dont know anything. if Northeast India seprates u guys are in shit imagine trading, it would cost 10 times more, and other stuff too

    • separatism | January 3, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      ur concept is bit like a loose screw , ok u just said bigger is better for rule then tell me why ur central gov always been a failer to co-operate north east moreover they have been neglected,no intrested why man ,let me tell u small country doesn,t define weak but by unity we can gain strong with social,eonomic,culture,military unity or power of noth east or become sovereign country ,enough to separate from india,moreover india is a diverse country and also not possible for him to dominate north east region or different region . Culture war is so much powerful than other war as proved vietnam vs american result America defeat.
      and futurely central gov is not going to make any future progress for north east it will remain poor ststes insted making faking slogan cry by central leader we all are one ,we will fulfill ur destiny desire job etc all are faking pray only left for them to encraving for natural resources of north east

      but our limitation is what Ne REGION,S basically nagas has no unity ,so for this reason we cannot be seperated from india to be a country it must be unity of Ne but however i also hope them to be unity as a democrat brother and sister and pray our gods to be unity and gave enough strength to seperate from india as a failer gov used our natural recourse for their advantage like a British policy

      and also u are not belong to north east that u can say above negativity of us,so stop commenting us u know nothing abt this we do.

  102. separatism | January 3, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    my brother and sister i’m tribe of guwahati north east i do like to be independent of north east but it,s n,t sounded to be part with china as we know that china are becoming strong day by day if noth east become their ,then our culture our religion is in doom ,but however under indian dominination our north east culter also in cation because seems that when bangladashi was entering in our region threatning our tribe as well as other cast ,economy but not only them ,the indian army also same news rape our north east women ,on the other hand central gov had been failer of our safeguard ,this is not caution to assam but also for 7sister,s ,so i want that north east region become a independent state as a county like singapor,but to be independent we have to be in unity of our tribe with different region tribe,cast, others who belong to NE region like nagaland,arunachal,assam,shillong,tripura,meghalaya,sikkim as 7 sister,s with their local authorities but with them our economy,our social,culture,should be unity and strong and should be sharing so to become a country of our heaven and from this our standard of living ,economy,morality would be increase like singapor and should be there a communism democratic gov for all north east people,s,

  103. separatism | January 3, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Indian or central govt will n,t easily separate us or independent us because of our natural resources they took the advantages of our natural resources of north east or other wise they throw us like a garbage.

  104. for NE | January 4, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Ne cannot be developed unless our gov should be responsible and central Too,indian gov is not good gov i think gov is very secreative abut what they are abt to do with ne breaking our boarder lead bangladeshi to invade our region and threatning our innocent people what ever india did it always a failure or ignorance,so it,s is injustice if north east was dominate by india is n,t like to make any progree moreover the took advantage of our natural resource for their secret desire ,if however north east is seperate,loss will be for both result pak will atttack india or america will attack india ,bangladesh invade north east ,so to be a nation for north east we must be unit our 7 sister mentally, physically ,morealy,economical unity politically(communism) and organise our own local miillitary,to seperate ne,if we ar n,t united ourself among 7sis then our children,father ,mother and sister,s ,culture,s and economy and future will be doom or in danger in the hand of india folk,s of north east should try to devote it for unity because we all are same brother and sister,s of north east and should work together for better future of our peoples of north eat but n,t to be part of china or not to be part of india,together we can make our youtopia place of peace and prosperity of north east,

  105. youtopia Ne | January 5, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    dear brothe and sister of North east or 7sister ,if u all wan it separate for North east as a youtopia country so u all try to help each other work together must be in unity no difference but respect with different culture of ne ,then we deal with india.but after independent of ne there should be no difference influence ,for god sake if u does we all are doom in respect 7 sister will be divided or many aggerssion would be faced like vietnam vs commbodia

    to form seperate ne ,u should form your own regional gov as republican,then we will deal with india what to do ..

  106. Debbarma | January 6, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    I’m TRIPURI from TRIPURA and I agree with most of the positive comments and RESPECT people from all RACES.but we as NE PEOPLE must UNITE and solve this problem.And sure we want the refuges out of our states especially BANGLADESHI they are trying to own our land & people.During the bangladesh Muslim-Hindu WAR many of them fled and took refuges here in NE then killed & reduced our people and now trying to DOMINATE over us as much as possible.And all about the discriminations commented by others are TRUE.About the Seperation WE indeed need & want it.So my fellow NE tribes please join us and lets create a beautiful NATION of we mongoloids of similar Languages & cultures.And most important thing safety of women & children because they are our future.So please my fellow faithful NE people & Indians.please help us built a NATION of prosperity and peace collaborating our NE states into one nation as United states of mongol-tibetan(asians) Lets hope !

  107. Debbarma | January 6, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    As a democratic people we have the right to choose our sides & freedom from India. And think about it why India doesn’t want us to be seperated because they care about us ? I dont think so those amount of money sent for our expense by government are being used by the refuges ang immigrants from outside NE.And just look at the recent Delhi-gang rape case they cannot ensure women’s safety,very corrupt system run by criminals.just take a look at the Indian black money crores stored in swiss banks politicians are not willing to use this large sum of amount for poverty & safety of citizens of India,and many minor people from other parts of India like of dalits etc are die of hunger & thirst and shelter people are already homeless here in India,just take a look at the mainstream Indians they call themselves proud Indians,just look at Indian men how they harrass & lust after their women and our NE women behaving like uncivilized barbaric hooligans yet they call us junglees etc.north easterns are far more literate and civilized because we focus on it not regardless of other specific reasons.If you can’t accept it you are just an ignorant bigot please take your BS somewhere else.and take a look at the child sexual abuse 56% of the most victims are boys condemend by homosexuals and other queers they are common in India.most of our top NE students persuing educations and careers are encountering worst possible discriminations and all sorts of problems,mainly in rape capital of India(delhi) and South India.look at the recent death threat hoax og bangalore NE people had flee from those parts, and of course we are treated as third class citizens in mainland(India).whats the point of being part of India,recent contoversy of few NE student victim of abuse from the Indian Institutes & people.stop lusting & raping girls (mostly our NE)just look at the rampant female foeticide favouring male child over female (sexist people)and they have to raise campaigns like save our gir child etc.And if you refuse this causes you are just plain ignorant bigots & faggots.Its plain and simple we need & want seperate NE country just like phillipines etc.

  108. Debbarma | January 6, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Please look at the Indian youth from both cities & villages from the mainlands like U.P,Bihar,kolkata etc.These innocent lovers they are mercilesly & brutually killed by their own families.what was their mistake ? Love & commiting relationships.In the early morning women are being worshipped as Godesses in main Indian hindu families the next moment they are victims of rape commited by Lustful Indian origin man since dawn of times,many goes unreported in rural areas.Many aurangzeb etc tried capture north-eastern lands and they are miserably defeated by ashom kings etc.It is after those leeches (British)who drained asian bloods.This is the cause NE became weak and joined India durind the 1960s & 70s.just take a look at the native americans now they are third class citizens in their own america taken over by the whites & blacks.This is why all NE people(Tribes) we must unite fight all the injustice perpetuated condeming against us and seek seperation from India.Please its now or never,by understanding the circumstances & consequences of India we need to be seperated from India we were never a part of it.For the welfare of our NE people(Tribes) we must seperate from India just like pakistan & bangladesh.we need all suports mainland and NE.PEACE!

    • BK | July 1, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      Hey you idiot Tripuri In Kolkata all crimes are done by Non Bengali and Muslim people.Bengali Hindu have 93% literacy and have produced m ore luminaries than your entire India or shit like north-east India.Don’t come to mess with Bengali Hindu…BTW there are only 47% Bengali Hindu are living in West Bengal.Why so many Muslim filthy dogs and non Bengali(including your north-east people) are living in Kolkata or rest of West Bengal?

  109. youtopia Ne | January 7, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    do n,t worry folks of ne tribe soonly the day will come when justce will seek for indepence of Ne from the butche hand
    like india ,on the other hand china preparing for war ,result is? But after independent of ne there is going to be much worse for Ne seems that tere is no union among 7 other word independent is out sounded.

    • Subhodip Banerjee | January 15, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      Keep dreaming, as long as you can. The morning light will prove that you are wrong

  110. razpor | January 10, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    This is laughable ,there are demonstrations to stop dam constuction which happen all over india for good or bad,doesnt mean they want to go to china.I am from arunachal pradesh china likes to call it south tibet and i am more indian than anyone i have met please dont play this race card here we have been in india for thousands of years and we are proud that we belong to the land of budha and would fight till last breath for its freedom and if you really thing race is the card why not play it on kryzstan too ask every country to join you that remotely has a racial connection ,this is ridiculous ,please do more research before writing useless stuff.

  111. youtopia Ne | January 15, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    dear brother and sisters of north east try to form north east coeopration league based on democratic and should try to form a govermrnt of 7 leader belong to seven sister,s and should forget our differences and become together as a unit who belong to different culture or relegion,so brother and sister if u want to developed and safe your culture ,different caste,relegion,s ,sisters,family and protect against cross boarder invader bangladeshi etc so we should work togther as one to be unit for country as a seperate country for ne.against the exploiter india govt.

  112. youtopia Ne | January 17, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    every folk,s of north east sought for your right!and also uno has given right to be freedom of each territory who desire to be independent as public opinion.

  113. 111111111 | January 20, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Read your reviews, you do not really know, I do not know you usually based on what channels to understand China.

  114. sammy0722 | January 24, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Northeastern Indian states about 3.7 percent of India’s total. People from their face terrible racism . North East girls are harassed and sexually exploited via human trafficking. They are called Chinky etc.

    Let me elaborate a bit. The region was part of the British Empire and integrated forcefully into India after Indian achieved its independence , the former rulers cared less whether the people of North East cared to join India or not; they simply “gifted” Assam to the Indians, the same way the Burmese slave-traders in 1826 “gifted” Assam to the British (at the treaty of Yandaboo).

    Most of the nationalities are on the verge of extinction due to population pressure from India and from Bengal, and the so-called democratic government of India has done nothing to help these ethnic tribes retain their culture, tradition and spiritual customs.In fact people from North East don’t even consider themselves as Indians.

  115. sammy0722 | January 24, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    It is well known fact, that when India became free in 1947, many princely states were merged forcefully. Many of states were threatened by Mr Vallab Bhai Patel threatened many states and at the gun point. Armies was dispatched and Crown prince and autonomus states were compelled to merge with India against there wishes. There never was any democracy but brutal force was quite evident.

    Its results have began to emerge as more and more cracks are becoming evident with each passing day.
    News Channels are filled with debated topics of North eastern peoples integration which has managed to fail inspite of Indians 65 years of Independence. In fact Indians are worst off than they were even under British Raj.

    Indians are living a forced integration where we pretend to be one. MNS and Shiv Sena demanding Visa for North Indians migrants. Biharis are universally hated and seen as criminals including UP’s people are disliked . A south Indian will always prefer to live with his own culture people and so will a North Indian. You are a big mess, right now.

  116. youtopia Ne | January 25, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    hate india much!hate india !hate !hate stop republic celebration in our NE reagion.

  117. North East Boy | January 26, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    The attitude of mainland India towards NE have changed a lot. Now I’m in Kolkata and the people here are really nice… they seem to adore our different lifestyle and culture.

    • Subhodip Banerjee | May 5, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      Hello brother. I am a native of Kolkata, and I was so pleased to read your comment. You are welcome in our city, and so are your friends.

  118. astray for north east folk,s | January 30, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    north east should be given right to form a peaceful land no domination from india ,moreover we are foreigners, ,so for what object they are dominating us! is abt natrural resources like oil?and many other?so what the fuck they want?our peaceful land with tradition people ,ruined our life,prosperity,and always remain fear fom them if they trying to make west pakisthan by bangladesh lead by indian government. Beware my brother and sister of north east 7 sister,s.

  119. Indian | January 30, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    recently i have moved from bangalore to delhi and i have noticed that there are many north easterns here.
    what i hate most about North easterns is that they think they are europeans or americans, they dont behave like they are indians. let me tell you something, the food that u eat the clothes that u wear the house that u live in is bcz of this country! ppl like this should be thrown out of india.
    ure talking about fair skin? have u ever seen ur face? ur attitude? there is no dirth of good looking women in india, i am from kashmir and am proud of its beauty and my country,. we dont even consider noreasterns good looking. the girls from NE just want to marry north indian men because they are not dumb and poor like NE men. if they hate india so much why dont they just get out?
    they dont deserve to be taken care of by the indian government.
    i dont want to be a racist here, but i wudnt have criticized their looks if they were “good” human beings, they think no end of themselves, and they are ugly with flat noses , bowed legs and slits for eyes.

    • wang | February 15, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      You are a pathetic kahsmiri who have been kicked out from your land beacuse of this attitude. I am a Naga and an India..i love my India and my and other NEians attitude is not like that the way you have protrayed. Btw i have banged dozens of punjabi kudi randis.mind it!

  120. raghav | February 1, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Likely according to this shitty report..tibetian people are followers of buddhism,so that means they should merge with india..and ya regarding india..a lot of people with different religions,different ethics,different culture,caste system,live here with neck deep problems of discrimination,unfair treatment and so on..but you what you dick head hans,mandarins,chinese dont get and never will is that..,we live with unity in diversity irrespective of all we support each other,our problems may misguide us or divert us..but we will never ever divide..instead il tell you one thing try to maintain your territory..leave tibet..leave aksai chin..and also pakistan..every1 mentions uk,usa tactics but none mentions MAOIST CHINA tactics these motherfuckers induce this stupid techniques..and one day you will pay for tis shit eating ogres..and regarding north east india..i agree you were neglected but it was all long india gov is improving and investing in every sector..yes it takes time coz we live in democracy not in communism like china where they force everything..we respect every1, it takes time..just be little patient my northeast brothers and sisters,one day we will be number1,and this china will be begging our feet..we all are INDIANS not mainland,north, you and respect you..and will be with you..JAI HIND…TO MOTHER INDIA..

  121. raghav | February 1, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    and for all of you people(disguised chinese) who dont like india or want separate state..go to your chinese gov and ask them for a separate state or hell should i call it “DEMAND OF IMPROVED STANDARD OF LIVING WITH “FREEDOM”"(which of course you wouldn even know….and to hell with you shitheads leave india…Our country would be a whole better without you..

  122. astray for north east folk,s | February 3, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    left one option for north east in order to prevent from neocolonism and terrosim of bangladeshi is to destroy bangladeshi as a west pakisthan, that would be happen if our north east seperate form india,dont be a part india otherwise our community,culture will be doom. together we should form a democratic communism, we dont like their culture,we don,t like their flag ,democracy of india as another part of capitalism like usa democracy is a path for haves to exploit haves not,haves not means ie north east for what object they exploiting us, in the name of faking dream. Almost it also written in book,philosophy,north east as been regard as neglacted region and much in television,or even get less oppurtinity for sport,s or even this day critical condition like wrap ,murder by indian army and even other of different region and create even more intresting or shocking not properly maintain boarder and even unwillingly lead to form more local military army on their own region to protect their culture ,if any crises happen they will sit and watch like the event of boroland crisis threaten by bangladeshi such a pathatic,smelly,stinck inidan a dirty swin.are ,be a pat of india think 100 times we had experiance what to be like by domination form other country,and there fore we want our own seperate gov country with democratic communism.

  123. VoreX | February 3, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    I am Nagaland..
    Nagas are not Indians.. Its a fact.. Nagaland is represented in the UN’s Unrepresented Nations And People’s Organisation (UNPO) .
    Having said that I don’t hate Indians..
    Indians (especially from Gujarat, Maharashtra n Southern States) are well educated and friendly.

    North Indians are kinda sad..
    Not all of them but majority of North Indians are BS people..
    They have low literacy level, unhygienic living lifestyle, racist and most rape cases are from the north..

    I think Nagaland will be in a mess for a decade if it breaks away from India ( I want independence but it will be a MESS for sure) ..

    I don’t kbow what Nagaland will be based on — Communism or Amerian Style republic..

    We look like Chinese but have a strong American style believe –99% Nagas are Christians and out of 90% Christians 80% follow American Baptism (Southern American Baptism) .. Huge American Christian funds come to Nagaland every year…

    Many American Pastors visit Nagaland every year..
    Naga Society is heavily influenced By the Baptist Church..

    Even our leaders(rebel leaders n politicians) are Batist Christians…

    But we have a Chinese style military rebelion — Chinese weapon, support, training and all that stuffs..
    So Chinese Influence will be hard to resist in the event of Independence.


    • wang | February 15, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      Btw who are Indians….even Madrasis are not Indians by your logic. Siikimese not Indians, Mizos not Indians but everybody has loved and tried to be Indian. Time for all those fuckng NSCN etc to shed arms and comes to mainstream like the Mizo National front. We are tired of all those ant India, freedom etc etc which would never ever happened in zillion years to come. So better be in mainstream and reap the fruit which India is sowing now. Jai Naga and Jai hind!

  124. rights of north east | February 7, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    i,m a rabha tribe of assam and we dont like to be part of india we want 7sister ruled by their own respsective leader as we want seperate country.we all know that india is a faking country,and also their song too’that we all are indian ,my ass!shows in tv but don,t belive in their shows and hindi move too all are fake and dillusion means they are so corrupted,we should band every indian movie.even manipur band their movie and also we know what their intention is,in this case we are netizen we are not citizen because it was ruled by foreigner like india.

  125. rights of north east | February 7, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    we can create a beautiful country by imparting 7sister together with peace and joy ,so that all girls and boys, women of 7 state would try to study here and make carer here with new institon of differnt sector like paramedic, science,college,ingener college,air hostege,etc in their own repective region so that women don,t become the victim of rape case while going to out of north east for their job etc on the other hand with this miricale our standard of living would increase,economy and even we can solve the problem of cross boarder west pakisthan as can be happen if we are given freedom from the domination of india or otherwise we will face the same problem .and moreover we are not indian. We all tribe of north east belong to tibeto china,some obc like manipure came from indonesia,and others came from myanmur etc,

    • wang | February 15, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      Stop dreaming bullshit. Your Assam is on the verge of breaking into different states. In ter tribe fights, inter states fights…do u think NE will sustain once we get freedom?

      • ko-india | May 22, 2013 | Permalink Reply

        no problem u wan ur nagaland as seperate from assam ,u will got ur freem to be your own, first join it then dream bigger.not intrested to be join with assam,in case of freedom we will deal it.nagaaa……wushan tribe…

      • ko-india | May 22, 2013 | Permalink Reply

        u are not a naga because naga hate indians?wang i have a dougth u are not naga u are much like non north east as outsider u are a fake person pretend to be a naga if u naga then which clane u are prove it?

  126. wang | February 15, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Btw way why are we giving so much importance to this thread which is started by one communits Chinese????? Huh!

    • james | April 18, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      india is one and will always be one country.

      all fake people here- stop fighting. better do something good and contribute to your country.

      entire north east is a part of india and always will be.
      m from bihar.. and we biharis will give our last drop of blood…but will never ever let arunachal pardesh go in the hands of china.
      we love arunachal pradesh.
      jai hind. :)

  127. leave us | February 19, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    back of india! leave our north east !

  128. Baron | March 3, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    am not Indian am African and i leave in Delhi Northeast indians deserve better its so sad to see when your country member doesn’t treat u like one me in particular and my friends love Northeast people because they are civilized and advanced more than these other Indians.

  129. Aplocalpto | March 6, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Ooffs!! Finally..u Bangali pundits, the manipur u found mentioned many times in ancient indian history includi ‘Mahabharat’ is nowhere related with the present ‘Manipur’ the name itself being christened only at the time of force-conversion of meiteis/meeteis into Hinduism by the instigation upon the then Meitei worrior king Meidingu Pamheiba by the infamous Bangali guru Santidas goshai from Sylet in 18th century.He not only convert the Meiteis to hindu but burnt our holy books called ‘puyas’ which are masterpieces of our ancient philosophy,culture, tradition,religious knowledge.Hopefully our forefathers was wise enought to save a few copeis of the scared Puyas for younger generations. Bishnupriyas/mayangs should stop/give up projecting Meiteis to be of Hindu origin i,e decendants of Bhrabubhan as it has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt that Meiteis/manipuris do have their ancestrial blood in their vienes which is not going to surrender their identity to any mischevious forces on the Earth howsoever weak/WICK or strong it minght be.We dont expect ourselves to be a part of any foriegn Nation except our own Ancient Manipuri nation.

  130. Chinkfuckeer | March 7, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Chinki midgetsssss screaming

  131. astray for north east folk,s | March 9, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    take north east mr china what u want we will provide every thing for u but protect our culture from this illegal bangladeshi altough chinese culture is bit similar with our tribal culture.we are ready to accept communist government.india doesn,t regard us as indian moreover we also dont like to be indian because their people ,culture,face,attitude are different.

  132. Aplocalpto | March 13, 2013 | Permalink Reply


  133. Aplocalpto | March 13, 2013 | Permalink Reply


  134. astray for north east folk,s | March 17, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    who the hack are u to call our northeast women chinkfuker u better get fuck with somalian negros not our north east girls and also try to fuck your ma ma you gay,lesbin, genetic psycho.if u came here to north east u,u gona pay for that calling our mother,sister of north east that word.gon a fist whit my punch your face break you jaw several peaces.remember that.

  135. Julian Raxam | March 19, 2013 | Permalink Reply


  136. Julian Raxam | March 19, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    north eastern states were never given an option. we were forced to join India,

  137. astray for north east folk,s | March 24, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    i,like ur opinion julian raxam,indian is a shoe kisser and liker of british and america they are notorious ,selfish,copycat ,unreal pathetic cultural person basically mumbai,gujarat,maharastra,all state out of northeast.if noth east was seperated fom india then we good blessing for humankind of north east they are neglecting us like latin american neglected by central america ,mostly latin america was consist of red indian,they also sought for ther indipendent.alone u cannot freedom northeast u should have to make toghthereness ,integration,and make trust for north east people,if we achive this goal we are strong enough to make part ourself from india,however it is not an easy task so much problem in north east like bangladeshi trying to controll our economic,politic,manipulating congress leadrer,and the leader are also corrupted,like central.mainly bangladeshi are west pakisthan and muslim are betral person,u cannot trust them.

  138. Eurasian breed | March 25, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Many in North East are not pure mongoloid but are actually indo-mongoloid.
    Chinese people mostly have the Y DNA Haplogroup C and not haplogroup D which belongs to Tibetians and Japanese and to many people of the North East.
    First go check your genes and then claim to be chinese or something else.
    Races have been mixing since ages and most Indians too have maternal mt dna M even the most Caucasian people of India. Andaman Island is a proof to that

    • Subhodip Banerjee | May 8, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      By Haplogroup D, you must be referring to the Tungid racial type, that is prevalent In Korea, Japan and Mongolia.

  139. astray for north east folk,s | March 26, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    we suffer lots of toyment from india ,enough is enough we have to do something for that except if china take north east will they have gaurantee that they will satify our goal like evectaion or throw bangladeshi from north east ,i care about mongol tribe because i,m a mongolian tribe too.becuase they are in very very great danger,i have always fear abt extinction of mongolian tribe.but i hope and pray to god please save our mongolian genration tribe and freedom from central domination like india.i am ready to sacrifice for my kindness mongolian and for their welfare and god blessing

  140. astray for north east folk,s | March 27, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    north east hate india

  141. Toaki | April 2, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Grow up guys..India is the one…not bullshit china. Proud Arunachalee!

    • jason | April 18, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      india is one and will always be one nation.

      all fake people here- stop fighting. better do something good and contribute to your country.

      entire north east is a part of india and always will be.
      m from bihar..we biharis will give our last drop of blood…but will never let arunachal pardesh go in the hands of china.
      we love arunachal pradesh.
      jai hind. :)

      • Subhodip Banerjee | May 5, 2013 | Permalink Reply

        Thank you Jason. I am from Kolkata and I would love to visit AP. please let me know how and when I can pay a visit to your state.

  142. ko-india | April 16, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    india is the main reason of such problem for north east trust me !

  143. Saheen Chowdhury | April 21, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Why Indian Bengalis are tolerating those hateful messages from those sino-tibotian sub-national peoples? Bengalis are mix of Aryan, Dravidian, Mongoloid etc. We have fair skin like russians, and we also have dark skin like tamils. Go to north bengal, punjabis will be shorter then bengalis there. So what? We got in our position by our eligibility. If you people can not form your own nation, can not make your language stronger, are those the fault of bengalis? You yourselves make your nation a quasi-nation or sub-nation. Among you sino-tibotians, how many of yours have a strong literature? How many of you actively use your language in your own community? Do you have big scale newsparers, tv channels in your language? If not why? Who non sino-tibotians have to publish your newspapers? Why other Indian nations will run your tv stations? Hindi speakers will write hindi poems, novels, songs, Bengali speakers will write bengali poems, novels, songs. It is our duty to preserve our identity and it is your duty to preserve your identity. If you are majority, is that a crime? If your tribe consists of one lakh people then obviously you can not make a nation. You will suffer from your size. You can not publish big scale newspapers, because there are less readers. Are you suggesting that Bengalis should learn your language and buy your newspapers, to protect your quasi-nation? Why is that bengalis responsibility? If you don’t like Bengalis then ban it from your state, simple. If Bengalis infiltrate or invade you, then fight them back. If you are a strong nation, if your nation deserves to exist in this planet then Bengalis will be defeated. Otherwise you have to accept our superiority. Or are you jealous that Bengalis not only have their own country Bangladesh and even after that they also have two states in India? Both the Indian and Bangladeshi national anthem is composed by a Bengali? Taking from both sides? Well you can not do anything about it, we are just like that. Is that population? Hell no! Bengalis are just 8% of India! We deserve 8% of 28 states. Like the marathas, bengalis are another nation who ruled entire India under pala empire. So 2 states are not so much. For gods sake there is not even a Bengal regiment in India even. So it would be better to drop us Bengalis from your hate-chart. Make your quasi-nation a full nation, things will come automatically. You then don’t even have to worry about your girls marrying others, forgetting your languages etc etc. I as a Bengali often think that we the Bengalis have all tones of skins, all heights but it would be better if we bengalis had some blond hairs, some blue eyes, some afro curly hairs that would make us more versatile, more beautiful. If a Bengali girl marries a Blond, White, Blue eye, African, I think it is better, it will bring some more Bengalis with more new patterns. And it is better if in the marriage, the girl is Bengali and the boy is foreigner. Because I want the kids mother tongue be Bengali, which is more powerful then the father tongue. And being from a bengali mother gives more bengaliness than from being a bengali father. I don’t wine about our women getting married to others, why are you? Or are you still living in the pre-historic tribal setup where women from your tribes are the sole property of the male of the tribe? Come on dude, stop whining. Stop being a pre-historic tribe or quasi nation. If you want to be a nation, act like a nation, not like a tribe. You can not get the respect for your tribe as much as a nation gets. Tribe is tribe, nation is nation. If you act like a tribe then the respect given by the others will be of one form and if you act like a nation then you will get the respect as a nation gets.

    • ko-india | April 27, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      first of all …!shut the hall out!.. u bengali are very cunning people ,and with all others non north east are gambeler,bad,untrusty,faking movie ,book which are unreal lots of corrupted,so for this reasion manipur band hindi movie and others too may be our local gov should endavour to do like manipur attemp to band all notorous indian movies,magazine and mostly we should not depend on them ,so bengali babu !we know better what we are trying to do ,dont lecture your dillusion moral facking world brotherhood it dont work on us we better be ununited and make our own land of north east ,this problem is arising not because of different coulour but lack of oppurtunity,suppression,however ne being neglected form other non northeast state,and wrapped to our ne women who’went out of ne to’study and job etc,and some criminal case and lots of violation to ne people from other state,from above result we know that we cannot live united with india so we better be seperate from india,not because of different coulour ,haters,but the selfisness of your non north east people,and also all young north east also thoughts like i thought. You should remain in calcutta and do your own calcutta bengali or what ever punjabi,marathi etc,…u like ,not to favour our own north east young,they knew already.and one day we achieve our gold to form our own mother land .not like the horror indian.

      • BK | July 1, 2013 | Permalink Reply

        KO India Saheen is a Bangladeshi Muslim dog and north east must kick all these filthy dogs from their land.I’M a Bengali Hindu from Kolkata and Bengali Hindu are only 57 million in India which means we are 4.9% in entire Indian population.These Bangladeshi Muslim dogs are destroying our west Bengal and your north east states.

        • Saheen Chowdhury | July 19, 2013 | Permalink Reply

          Yes I am a Bengali muslim or “Bangladeshi Muslim dog” or whatever you prefer to call me. And I would never call a Bengali hindu by any “Dog” title. My family brought me up as a person who respects all religions. I just read all these abusive comments made by those sino-tibotians about Bengalis and I defended my nation. I did not care who is muslim or who is hindu or who is buddhist or who is christian, I just cared about Bengalis, irrespective of their religion, citizenship. If that is my crime, I am proudly guilty of it.

    • Subhodip Banerjee | May 5, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      Hello Saheen, it seems that you are a person with a very strong opinion. What ever the case it is, you must realise that India is a democratic country and every one has got the right to give his or her own opinion (whether you like it or not, that is another story). Please dont call our North-Eastern brothers or sisters sub-national people. They are human beings too.

      We must accept the fact that to a large extent, mainland Indians have ignored the NE. I have even seen that in my own family. People from the NE are often considered to be the same as Nepalese, who are a different nation. The same attitude has been carried forward by the Indian Government during the past. It is now, that they have realised that the NE is such an important part of the country.

      If someone from the NE is unhappy it is understandable , why? However, it is our duty to make them understand the truth and lead them to the path of development.

      • Saheen Chowdhury | July 19, 2013 | Permalink Reply

        I have no intention to call anyone anything and I believe everyone has their rights to express their opinions. But when someone is intentionally cursing my nation, I would like to use my right to express my opinions too! I respect anyone from anywhere in this world, no matter from NE or Amazon forest, but when someone insults my people I will hit them back. Hadn’t you read those comments above? Didn’t you see how they are accusing the whole Bengali community intentionally and hatefully?

  144. ko-india | April 22, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    all non-north east we don,t want your support stay on your line ..whatever from your are ..we don,t want your help ,u are indian, mongolian are not,keep your faking slogan out of our way and dont enter to north east.because your are not north east local people.stay away from us u dirty maget.

  145. ko-india | April 22, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    bihari will give lots of poo and will make north east dirty and make ne corrupted…. back off… bihari negro,we will kick your ass like north east did earlier for controlling railway post of assam,give job to bihari but restricted to our local north east people.bitch

  146. I don’t even know how I finished up right here, but I thought this publish used to be great. I do not recognise who you might be but certainly you are going to a well-known blogger for those who aren’t already.


  147. ko-india | May 6, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    im a patriot of ne i love my north east i will die to protect ne.but i support ne that it doesn,t belong to india.I saw lots of sadness of north east local people, suffer lots of toyment becuse of india suppression and like to destroy our culture by the hand of bangladeshi,if indian gov kill me for this block i ,m not afraid of because somebody will do like me and rise our people.

  148. BSK | June 8, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Well I’m Bengali Hindu from Kolkata,West Bengal and although I admire Chinese people(Chinese also admired Tagore and many Chinese are living here in Kolkata,W.Bengal) but Bengalis will never integrate with China because of religion and language difference but I must say Bengalis are more friendly with Chinese compared to other Indian but I’m sure Bengali people like Tagore,J.C Bose,Satyajit Ray are also admired in China.Many Indian hate Bengali because Kolkata has produced more luminaries than rest of India and even China with 4 Nobel prize as first ever from Asia from this city…Read this wikipedia page-famous people from kolkata

    Also read this blog-Indian/Chinese IQ puzzle comments 880-905.

  149. slumdog india | June 15, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    India is the world’s biggest shithole and indians are the shittiest people on the planet. F**k india!!!

    Liberate NE states from dirty indian rat rule.

  150. | June 30, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    What has west bengal got from India & being an integral part of India for so many years…..? Nothing..!It is going backward year by year.People of west bengal always depends on funds from Delhi government!!Bengalis are just slaves of Delhi government.Very sad.Being a Hindu bengali/Muslim bengali/ Christain bengali /Buddhist bengali is not a issue once there is a growth but if there is no growth than all this religious identifications are just stupid.It is just rich will crush the poor with a hammer in the name of religion.
    Bengalis of West Bengal should think of growth which they will be deprived if they are with India & rather should think of some alternative like merging with China.

    • BK | July 7, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      Hey Bose You are not Bengali but a fake Pakistani Dog.Well Bengali Hindu with 47% population contribute 6.9% domestic GDP of India although west Bengal is only 2.7% area of India.

      Muslim dogs have 1/3 times per capita income compared to Hindus.And West Bengal send lots of mineral and fund to Delhi.

      If we separate then we will make it a Bengali Hindu country which will become 1st world with 20 years but we must kill all Muslim dogs living in West Bengal.

      Now you Paki ISi agent go and do sex with your pedophile Muhammad in TOPIX forum.

      • OBSERVER | July 10, 2013 | Permalink Reply

        These Slum dog is a shit eating Muslim sand nigger….


    • SUNNY MITTAL | July 8, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      Hey Chinaman there are many Chinese living in Kolkata,such as China town and they are doing slavery of Indian people.I am a Marwari from India and let me tell you your Chinese brothers are working in restaurant,selling shoes etc.

      • slumdog india | July 9, 2013 | Permalink Reply

        Slumdog Indian, Marwari gandu Sunny Mittal, TERI MAA KI CH00T!!!

        Don’t talk nonsense. Nobody is slave to your lowly slave race.

        It is you slumdog kuttey who are slaves to white masters.

        You lick white people’s ass and wish you were also white.

        But you are nothing but TUTTI colored people who look like tutti and stink like tutti.
        You race is tutti people.

        Your country is the world’s biggest toilet and shithole.

        Right now you are the bitch of the white people. But in near future the mighty dragon people of great China will make you their slaves and bitches.

        You cannot even handle a mere bunch of terrorists like Ajmal Khasab and you are boasting about beating China.


    • Saheen Chowdhury | July 19, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      China my Ass!

  151. Sunny Agarwal | July 1, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Slum dog India is not any Chinese but this is an Australian monkey who was posting with the same name Indian/Chinese IQ puzzle(or may be a Muslim scum dog).

    Listen You 60 IQ primitive Australian yellow Squat creature,just go and kiss your monkey mother’s sweet vagina.

    China has already declared war against America and they will not keep you stable or if you are a Muslim scum dog then listen we will finish you one by one and then we will send you to your child molester prophet Allah.

    • slumdog india | July 5, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      Typical slumdog indian third class mentality. Can’t take a little criticism.
      Indians will always react to criticism like crybabies.

      Weakling crybabies is exactly what all Indians are. And this weakling country of SLUMDIA wants to overtake mighty China and become world superpower. LOL what a joke.

      Indians really know how to live in a world of fantasy and delusion.
      Rather than a superpower, India is the world’s largest shithole which is becoming stinkier and dirtier by the day.

      It is India which should be taken apart and dismembered into soo many tiny pieces, because the treacherous brahmin rulers of this turd country can never be trusted to do anything good.

      Good luck to chutiya Indians in their delusion of overtaking mighty China. Rest assured, when reality takes hold, you chutiyas will see for yourselves how deluded you are.

      All that shining India, superpower India and world’s largest democracy bullshit may look good in the garbage indian press and in stupid bollywood movies. But in reality it is nothing but a monumental lie.

      India is forever a garbage dump ruled by evil feudalists. That is the way it will remain until it is taken off the map of the world for good.


      PS I am not a paki.
      I don’t care.

      Also I am not Australian. SAMAJ GAYA CHUTIA LOAG???

      • Sunny Mittal | July 7, 2013 | Permalink Reply

        Bhosrichod tu keya sochta hai tue ek-do line Hindi likh dega aur mey manluga tu Australian monkey nahi hai.

        Many Australian knows Hindi word littele bit and you filthy Australian Aboriginal mlechha coming here to fool me…go and kiss balls of Andrew Symonds(Australian monkey).

        • slumdog india | July 9, 2013 | Permalink Reply

          Chutiya man Sunny Mittal. What are you talking about?

          Australians can barely speak English properly, you expect them to speak your lowly slumdog language better?

          Australians don’t think much of toilet cleaner Indians.

          Why would they want to learn the language of Bhungis and Chamars?

  152. Sunny Agarwal | July 1, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Slum dog India is an Australian shit eating monkey who was posting in Indian/Chinese IQ puzzle or it’s a Muslim cow fucking sand nigger.

    • slumdog india | July 5, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      Mein tera baap hoon.

      • Sunny Mittal | July 7, 2013 | Permalink Reply

        Mera bap koi tere jaisa sand nigger nahi hoga.Ja tera bap ka lund choose.

        • slumdog india | July 9, 2013 | Permalink Reply

          Lehkin teri maa toh sand nigger ka lund ziada pasaand karti hai !!!

          • OBSERVER | July 10, 2013 | Permalink

            Sunny may be wrong but I’m correct-Read Tapan Ghosh and how we Hindus are planning to kill 30 million Muslim sand niggers living in West Bengal.

        • OBSERVER | July 10, 2013 | Permalink Reply

          You are a middle easterners or Paki hybrid mixed or some ISi agent whoever it may be but you can not fool a 173 IQ guy you shit eating primitive mongrel…your monkey grand father after having a sex with fungi philic creature gave birth of a single digit IQ jerk who after having a sex with street dog gave birth of a SLUM DOG LIKE you.

          BTW you Muslim dog/bitch should know we Indian Hindu admire China and Buddhism were born here but you shit eating Muslim dogs will go to hell BARE NAKED.

          • slumdog india | July 10, 2013 | Permalink


            You are a chutiya.

            You don’t have 173 IQ. You are only good at bullshitting.

            The way you write you sentences doesn’t show you to be of high IQ.

      • SUNNY MITTAL | July 8, 2013 | Permalink Reply

        I have got it.You are the same Muslim scum dog who was posting with the name Bliss in Indian/Chinese Iq puzzle and bashing Brahmin and Hindu.You filthy Iranian prostitute go and do sex with your father whose previous 12 shit eating wives have given birth of 36 childrens.

      • SUNNY MITTAL | July 8, 2013 | Permalink Reply

        Slum dog you are a Robert Lindsey guy/gal..Lindsey always blame Brahmin and Hindu and his nakkars like Muslim scum always bash on Brahmin.

        Now you team Lindsey should go into hell.Dekha to Brahmin ka Brain.

      • OBSERVER | July 8, 2013 | Permalink Reply

        HEY BLISS CAN YOU RECALL ME,I’m the same Bengali Brahmin who kicked your ass in Indian/Chinese IQ puzzle.YES you are not Pakistani but you are a shit eating Iranian Muslim bitch.

        now go and fuck your Prophet Muhammad.

        Time to kick ISLAM OUT OF THE WORLD.

        • slumdog india | July 9, 2013 | Permalink Reply


          All you slumdogs can do is make big talk but no action.

          How are you going to kick out islam from the world?

          You could not even kick out the sulley from India, even after they inflicted a thousand years of rape on your ancestors.

          • OBSERVER | July 10, 2013 | Permalink

            So finally you accept that you are a Muslim bitch-that’s the difference between Bengali and rest Of India.China is our friend,Britain is our friend,America is our friend….but you muslim dogs are not our friends…How can I kick Islam…well well well there are 5 million Muslim dogs living in Kolkata and Just like gujrat we can burn all you alive with all your mother fucker Paki or Bangladeshi Muslim brothers can’t do anything.

            BTw my ancestors were Brahmin,so even Muslim couldn’t do much because they used Brahmin intellect to run their kingdom.

            It was mostly lower caste Hindu who converted to Muslim and their mothers were raped by Muslim.

            Now westerners are waking up and in 3rd world war we will destroy Islam all together just like what Hitlar did 80 years ago.By the way there are 30 million Muslim sand nigger living in India and if we want within single day we can send all of you to your prostitute Allah or devil’s hell.

          • OBSERVER | July 10, 2013 | Permalink

            Sorry it would be 300 Million Muslim sand niggers living in India…

        • slumdog india | July 10, 2013 | Permalink Reply

          @ OBSERVER

          ABEY HARAMI !!!

          If Bhenchod brahmins are so smart, then how come their ass is always being ruled by others ?

          Are they smart at being sycophants ?

          • OBSERVER | July 10, 2013 | Permalink

            Hey you Muslim sand nigger,go and fuck your Pig mother’s ugly vagina…You are not Chinese or Buddhist…you are a Muslim cow fucking sand nigger from South Asia or south East oe middle east…China has already made friendship with US

            NOW go and read this one-BARE NAKED ISLAM

            Well 2 Million Bengali Brahmin has produced more jewels than 200 million rag head cow fucking sons/daughters of Child molester Muhammad living around the planet.

  153. SUNNY MITTAL | July 8, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    I also have a proposal.Let China take north east people from India but we will not handover those lands to China.I think China must attack pakistan and Bangladesh so that they can occupy those two lands but India’s demography will remain same.

    North east people must leave India but we will not handover the land to China,i.e from far east Arunachal will remain part of India.

    • slumdog india | July 9, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      Your proposal is bullshit. China will not just take the people of North East, they will also take the entire North East territories.



    • slumdog india | July 9, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      Sunny Mittal, you’re another big mouth slumdog Indian gandu, shooting straight out of your arse.

      You think you’re in any position to make such ridiculous statements?

      Your country, far from being as powerful as your delusional mind tends to think.
      Is nothing more than a toilet bowl, where majority of the people are dirt poor and butt ugly.

      Mighty China will gangrape your prostitute Mother India again, just like in 1962.
      If you Indian beggars dared have the audacity to mess with the Chinese dragon.

      Remember Kargil? Your Vajpayee ran to Bill Clinton for help against pakis.

      Indian gandu hijras can’t even defeat a smaller country like pakistan but dream of beating mighty China.


      Slumdog Indians should win the Nobel prize for stupidity.

    • slumdog india | July 10, 2013 | Permalink Reply



      It belongs to the people of those territories. And only they have the right to decide which country their lands belong in.

      • OBSERVER | July 10, 2013 | Permalink Reply


    • slumdog india | July 10, 2013 | Permalink Reply



      If AP and NE decide they’ve had enough of filthy slumdog India and decide to join China and ask for China’s help to get rid of Indian yoke. And if China answers the call for help.

      Then AP and NE will be liberated and free within 24 hours. All you Indians will do nothing other than piss in your pants as the mighty dragon approaches.

      • OBSERVER | July 10, 2013 | Permalink Reply


      • OBSERVER | July 13, 2013 | Permalink Reply

        Hey you see The power of Bengali Brahmin!

        You are the same Bangladeshi dog who created the thread slum dog Indian state west Bengal belong to greater Bangladesh….and how I could detect your original identity.

        You Muslim scum come with Chinese but you don’t know we Bengali Brahmin has more than twice IQ than all Muslim scum dogs living around the planet.

        • slumdog india | July 13, 2013 | Permalink Reply

          ABBEY MADARCHOD !!!!

          I don’t care about sullahs either.

          Even if you had a high IQ, which I doubt you do. It won’t save you from the gang rape you will get from the great dragon.

          • OBSERVER | July 15, 2013 | Permalink

            Bengal tiger will rip dragons apart into pieces.

  154. | July 14, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Its high time west bengal people should think to be part of China.

    • slumdog india | July 15, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      West Bengal and NE states should become independant from shithole india and let China become their guarantor against rapist india.

    • OBSERVER | July 15, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      Hey you Slum dog/fake kaushik Bose should know that WB can make a separate nation for them and can make it a 2nd world standard within 10 years if we kick all Muslim scum and immigrants out f the land…But China?Kolkata has produced more intelligent people than entire China added together.

      Now you Naked Muhammad go and fuck your Bangla/Pakis etc.

      • slumdog india | July 16, 2013 | Permalink Reply


        I don’t care about the benglas and the sullahs. Good luck to you in trying to kick them out.

        But I know your boast is nothing more than fart.

        Kolkata is biggest shithole inside the toilet called SLUMDIA (India).

        If you are soo much smarter than all of China, then how come your city and whole country is such a massive shithole?

        And why is China light years ahead of India and why does every Chinese city make your beloved kolkatta look like a gutter?

        C’mon tell me the truth if you have the guts.

        Don’t just make boastful nonsense.

        • OBSERVER | July 17, 2013 | Permalink Reply

          Hey u Monkey/chinky there are 20,00 Chinese doing our slavery in Kolkata,living in streets,selling shoes,restaurant business and we are feeding them.Why those monkeys came in our land to do our slavery during British India.

          Talking about Kolkata,The old British Calcutta is hell becuse there are 35% Muslim dogs and another 30% non Bengali Indian are living.

          the newly made Kolkata in last 40 years where we superior Bengali Hindu are living looks lot better than your toilet cities like Beijing.

          Bokachoda Google Dekh_Salt Lake city,Kolkata

          New town Kolkata

          EM bypass Kolkata.

          tera toilet cities se 100 times better.

          Kolkata tera entire China se jada Nobel; prize,Oscar,Grammy jeta hai.

          Ab tu tera ma ki bur chat nehito humlog o chinky/monkey ko finish kar denge.

          • OBSERVER | July 17, 2013 | Permalink

            Hey why are you not moderating my previous comment to this bastard Slum dog?Are you Chinkys so coward?

          • slumdog india | July 17, 2013 | Permalink



            Everybody know that kolkata and rest of india is world’s biggest and dirtiest toilet.

            And all indians, including bhookhey, naangey begali hindu chamar are beggars of the world.

  155. slumdog india | July 16, 2013 | Permalink Reply


    You say “”"” Bengal tiger will rip dragons apart into pieces “”"”.

    Empty boast, because empty vessels make the most noise.

    Indians are all empty vessels.

    All you slumdog Indians can do is make empty talk, like passing wind from your ass.

    Don’t pass too much wind otherwise the dragon will tear your ass apart again. Just like in 1962.

    • OBSERVER | July 17, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      Dekh boca choda there mother fucker blog administator is not even moderatin g my commenmts in fear.

      • OBSERVER | July 17, 2013 | Permalink Reply

        Still not moderating my comments in fear because i wrote about the 20,000 Chinese monkeys slavery of their superior Bengali Hindus master here in Kolkata.

        See Dragon ka lund chota ho gaya in front of superior Bengal tiger.

        • OBSERVER | July 17, 2013 | Permalink Reply

          Hey bastard Slum dog thera blog administator ko mera long comment moderate karne liye bol?

          Keya Chinese Lesbian hai?

        • slumdog india | July 17, 2013 | Permalink Reply

          HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Empty vessels make the most noise.

          Where is the proof to support your bullshit claim?

          Go to Dubai and Europe. See for yourself how all Indians, including your so-called superior bengali hindus cleaning toilets at the airport.

          There is no bengal tiger. Only bengali beggars.

          And you my friend should quit your habit of talking from your rectum.

          • S Mukherjee | August 11, 2013 | Permalink

            Hey chutiya Pakistani nigger Bengali hindus will not even go to piss on the face of your Arab Muslim dogs but all muslim dogs are doing our slavery in west Bengal.Bengali Hindu have produced 8-10 times more genius than white in America considering population.Our per capital income is above 1,00000 USD in Ameica ,nearly twice than white while Muslim niggers are doing slavery here in US.

            Ja tera bap ma ko dekh child molester Muhammad.

          • S Mukherjee | August 11, 2013 | Permalink

            @administrator please moderate my comment and please don’t fall in the trap of these Muslim Niggers because your Chinese people are good and they are my good friends.

  156. Kob | July 16, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    I’ve read one third of whatever is written down here.
    I am a Bengali from WB and the place where I live there you can find Nepalese Rajbanshis Ravas and many more of other cultural backgrounds and many of them are my friends (both guys and girls).
    I feel awkward the way some of you have put up an issue which has nothing to do with any races but still.
    Most of you have no idea what Bengali people look like therefore don’t just generalize..A Bengali of WB is way different than the Bangladeshi Bengali (Muslim majority and they like to call themselves Muslim first then whatever they are).
    Learn the difference.
    Huge number of people migrated (legally! or illegally) to your states are 98% Bangladeshi Muslim, specially areas in Lower Assam, Tripura and some parts of Meghalaya (the main cause the conflict).
    Bengali language evolved from Sanskrit and Pali, which is entirely symbolic (if you know what I mean).
    And please, we don’t have any hard feelings for you. Either you are misguided or deceived and I can take the responsibility of what I’v just written.
    We are respectful to your language, culture and your outlook. Diversity is beautiful and blessing.
    Keep fighting for the welfare of your society and culture. WB is with you.

  157. Kob | July 16, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    *of the conflict

  158. OBSERVER | July 17, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Ja tera 20,00 Chinkys ko humlog feed karenge here in Kolkata.

    Now moderate my first comment other wise I will assume you are lowest IQ shit eating turd skin primitive creatures.

    • slumdog india | July 17, 2013 | Permalink Reply


      Tumhara Kolkatta toh dunya kah saab sey bara tutti khana hai.

      Jahaan dunya key saab sey ziada bhikaree aur randian hain.

      Tum loagoan ko khud khaney ko nahin miltha. Aur doosroan ko khilaney ki baat kartey ho.

      Abey itna jhoot nahin bolo.

  159. OBSERVER | July 17, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Hey you fasting poor chinese blooger why are you not moderating my first comment? How many times I will have to write same thing again and again?

    dekha to slum dog our Kolkata Bengali hindu have produced more Nobel,Oscar,Grammies than you total fucking China…that’s why these coward Chinese dragons are not even moderating my previous comments.

    • slumdog india | July 17, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      It is because Chinese dragons don’t understand what garbage you are writing. So they throw your garbage into the trash bin.

      • SUNNY MITTAL | July 17, 2013 | Permalink Reply

        Hey monkey,1% Chinese monkey can’t even speak 1 single English sentence properly while 25% Indian Hindu have English education.

        Hum log English me likha aur tera Chinky goof could not understand that language.

        Ja tera ma ko jake chod.

        • slumdog india | July 18, 2013 | Permalink Reply

          Abey you baboon ki aulaad.

          25% hindu gandus only have babu english education. While remaining 75% is illiterate.

          Bahoot fakhur hain apney angrez ahka ki zaban bolney mein?

          Pheley mujhey tumharee maa ko toh pura chodney dey.

  160. OBSERVER | July 17, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    dikharye your comment is awaiting long as it will not be published I will not post any more comment to these sand nigger Slum dog.

  161. SUNNY MITTAL | July 17, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Hey Chinky/chingla go and eat all those moving creatures because you people don’t even have money to buy food,so you have to eat shit of the street.

    Bhooka Chinky monkey.

    • slumdog india | July 17, 2013 | Permalink Reply


      Starving beggars shitting on the streets are more likely to be found in India than in China.

      India is the world’s largest slum and toilet.


      • SUNNY MITTAL | July 17, 2013 | Permalink Reply

        Hey behenchod Lakhsmi Mitta ka nam suna hai?World’s 6th richest person…o tera Chinese bap ko kharid shakta hai>

        • slumdog india | July 18, 2013 | Permalink Reply

          Haan suna hain oos fraud ka naam. France ney oos choor ki gand mein laat maar kar nikaal diya.

          Air mein teri slumdog Indian maa koh muft mein chod raha hoon.

  162. SUNNY MITTAL | July 17, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Abe behenchod ab mera comment bhi moderate nehi hora hei?

    Hey You Chinese Creatures why are you afraid of us Indian?

  163. SUNNY MITTAL | July 17, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Hey my two previous comments are not moderated just like Observer?when ever we are kicking your monkey asss you shit eating creatures are not moderating our comments.

    • slumdog india | July 17, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      Looks more like you and observer have your gandu ass torn apart.
      Otherwise why so much frustration?

  164. SUNNY MITTAL | July 17, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    @Chinese creature slum dog-dekh mai 3 times comment diya,phir bhi tera blog owner moderate nahi kiya?Aur hum log bat nehi karenge.

    tu jit nas chillata hai chilla.

  165. SUNNY MITTAL | July 17, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Hey you bastard blog owner why are you not moderating my previous 4 comments-Beshya!

  166. SUNNY MITTAL | July 17, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    i ‘m posting for final time,and if you don’t moderate previous 5 comments of mine I will report it to indian Government or Chinese Embassy in India.

    • slumdog india | July 17, 2013 | Permalink Reply




      • SUNNY MITTAL | July 17, 2013 | Permalink Reply

        Hey bhosri tu such bata pehele tu Muslim hai or Chinese Buddhist Hai? Agar tu Muslim nahi hai to Ajmal Kasav ka nam kyu le raha hai?

        Kya o tera dost tha?

        • slumdog india | July 18, 2013 | Permalink Reply

          Mein terey jaisey slumdog indian bhungi ki gand marta hoon. Jiss tarha Kasab ney tum loagoan ki gand mara tha.

  167. chinese creature | July 17, 2013 | Permalink Reply


  168. chinese creature | July 17, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    @Slum dog chutiya

    I just sent a Bengal tiger who will not only rip apart your father’s monkey ass but it will also cut your monkey mother’s ugly mid part.

    Ja ab tu fog,repltiles pakarke kha..

    Chinese monkeys are coming in Kolkata for doing our slavery,studying but we Bengali Hindu are less than 1000 in population to entire China.

    Bangladeshi Muslim dogs are doing slavery of Chinky monkeys.

    • slumdog india | July 18, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      Abey ja ja sala bengali gandu.

      You bengalis are on average 5’3″, butt ugly niggers.


      But you will sell your starving bhuka bengali gand to arab sheiks for some rupees.

      Bengali muslims toh bengali hindus ki maa chod rahey hain.

      Ab batao kaun kis ka slave hai?

      • SUNNY MITTAL | July 18, 2013 | Permalink Reply

        A behechod kutta or half breed mongrel tu sale Kaushik Bose ka E-mail dekharaye…kya to Tom wright hai jo Wall street journal me likhta hai…Bhosri Bengalis won’t go to China because Chinese are inferior than Bengali Hindus…tu sale Bangladesh or Muslim Bengalis ko West Bengal se lele.

        Kolkataalone is more intelligent than 1.5 billion Chinese creatures.

        • slumdog india | July 19, 2013 | Permalink Reply

          Abey baakwaas bund kar, ya apna demaag sahee karvao.

          Saala marwari madarchod, gandu.

          Don’t talk like China is eager to invite nigger bengalis in.

          Nobody likes bengalis or Indians for that matter. Everybody thinks indians are the ugliest, dumbest, smelliest and dirtiest creatures, who never take bath.
          Thats why they smell so bad.

          Dothead indians are the laughing stock of the world.

          There is no race more inferior than indians including bengali hindus.

          Kulkutta is soo smart then why it is a big shithole?

          Sahe sahe jawab dey , jhoot aur bakwaas maat kur.

          Tum gandu.

          • SUNNY MITTAL | July 19, 2013 | Permalink

            Eh behenchod there are 33% Muslim dogs are living in streets that’s why Kolkata is a shit hole…hum log o behenchod tutti eating urdu speaking Pakistani log ko hamara mut deraye hai our o log hamara mut pi rahi hai

            Bengali Brahmin have 120 IQ-Muslim mlecchas have 70 IQ.

      • OBSERVER | July 18, 2013 | Permalink Reply

        O finally I have got it.You are not any Chinese,you are not any foreigners but you are A MUslim Bengali dog or a Paki ISI agent Muslim dog.

        Behenchod, there are 25 million Muslim, dogs doing slavery Of Bengali Hindus in WB and if we kick them they will have to die in starvation.Muslim dogs from Bangladesh are illegally coming in West Bengal and making it a parasite.

        @TO all my North East Hindu brothers-Let us all put hands together and Kill all Bengali Muslim dogs in North East or in our West Bengal.


        barenaked islam


        TIME TO KICK ISLAM OUT OF BRITAIN[and from rest of the world].

        • slumdog india | July 19, 2013 | Permalink Reply

          Teri maa ki chut.

          First you slumdog indians say I am Australian, then say I am Irani, then I am paki, then I am bengali muslim, then Chinese.

          Now again you filthy indians say I am paki or bengali muslim.

          Abey puree dunya kay passport bikree kurney ka karobar hai tumhara kya?

          • SUNNY MITTAL | July 19, 2013 | Permalink

            To tu secretly admit kar liya that you are not Chinese,Hindu but You are Muslim cow fucking sand nigger.

            Now Chinese dragon will rip apart the vagina of all Muslim mothers.

      • pakistan ki bund maroe | July 31, 2013 | Permalink Reply

        I am a pure bengali brahmin Fair handsome 6 feet tall and robust and i can promise you one thing that I can break you filthy jaw by just one blow of my Feast. i am also into MMA. i am sure there are many pure Indo-aryan bengalis as tall and strong as me

      • pakistan ki bund maroe | July 31, 2013 | Permalink Reply

        I am a pure bengali brahmin Fair handsome 6 feet tall and robust and i can promise you one thing that I can break you filthy jaw by just one blow of my Fist. i am also into MMA. i am sure there are many pure Indo-aryan bengalis as tall and strong as me

  169. | July 18, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    West Bengal & north east should be united with China.

    • SUNNY MITTAL | July 18, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      Sale chuitiya tu kya Tom Wright hai jo Kaushik Bose ko lekar likhata Wall street journal me.

      Tom tera Lund hoga kom.

    • OBSERVER | July 18, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      Hey you slum dog,You are a Muslim dog from Pakistan or any Indian Muslim scum bag…go and worship your prostitute ALLah.

    • slumdog india | July 19, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      slumdog india should be torn to pieces, because it is ruled by dogs.

      iss gandu mulk ko toar kay ruk doo

      • SUNNY MITTAL | July 19, 2013 | Permalink Reply

        Betichod tu itna harami chutiya memokhasram, hai ki tu tera real identity bata nehi sakta…tera itna inferioirity complex hai…ja ab tu tera ma ka vagina chat

        • slumdog india | July 19, 2013 | Permalink Reply

          sunny mittal, you marwari nigger.

          Mera identity sey tum ko seeraf itna garaz hai kay mein tumhara gand pharney wala hoon.
          Aur tumhari maa ki choot leyney wala hoon.

          Your IQ is not 120, it is well below 70.

          Otherwise how could you be thinking that I was Chinese or even Irani and Australian?
          When I have been speaking to you and your buddy Observer in perfect hindi and not in Chinese or Farsi.

          You and Observer are chutiyas who have IQ of 1.20 !

          Don’t worry about muslim chut. Worry about your own hindu ma ki chut, which is being ripped apart by sulla lund.

          • SUNNY MITTAL | July 20, 2013 | Permalink

            Pedophile prophet ka picture dekhna hai to Barenaked Islam visit kar aur e blog party
            Why Hindus should kill all muslim in India

            You could not even understand Sunny Mittal and Observer are same person(IQ less than 50).Mai ek Marwari but o Observer jo Indian/Chinese Iq puzzle post kiyatha o Bengali Brahmion hai aur o Muslim dogs ke bareme bolatha.

  170. SUNNY MITTAL | July 20, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Hey slum dog I knew you are Muslim because only sons of fuck muhammad would say so…and Observer also said that you are a Bangladeshi or Paki scum or even a India Muslim dog

    Even may Chinese living in India can speak very good Hindi but I knew they would not use Hindu..

    Ja ab tera Ayesha ma ki Chiut chut nehi to hum usme ag jalenge or o tera god Pork ke manx ke sath khayenge.

    Chutiya mera IQ 145 hai,tera Muhammad ka double.

    Hindu gopds will reap ugly lund of All Muslim sand niggers.

  171. SAMBIT | July 20, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    And final comment to SLUM DOG,

    Your IQ is less than 50 because you could not understand that Observer and Sunny Mittal are same person posting with different names but I could understand that you and Kaushik Basu are same person.

    Actually that guy Observer is my friend who posted in Indian/Chinese IQ puzzle and he told me how Muslim dogs from India,Bangla and Paki are trying to create diversion among us.

    O Bengali Brahmin ka IQ 173 hai,higher than all Muslim dogs in India,Pakistan,Bangladesh.

    Finally Chinese are our friends,so is rest of the world but we will cut penis of each Muslim dogs living in India.

    • slumdog india | July 29, 2013 | Permalink Reply

      I don’t care if the marwari gandu sunny mittal or the bengali protitute OBSERVER are the same person.

      All indians are gandus. That is why you worship giant dick god called shiva linga.

      Tell me, do you guys always feel shiva linga’s divine power in your rectum first?

  172. | July 29, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    West Bengal & North East should join with China.

  173. SUNNY MITTAL | July 29, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    E behenchod chutiya mullah,tera allah ke picture me mai har ro j mut ta hu…tu chutiya etna low IQ scum hai ki same person ko dono alag samajh liya but I could understand you and fake Kaushik Basu are same person.

    Now you say who has high IQ Hindu or naked son of prostitute Allah..ja tera ma ka vagina chat you Bangladeshi son of bitch Nazrul Islam.

  174. pakistan ki bund maroe | July 31, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Ek baar ek mullah Shivji ki kathore upaasna karta hai, toe Shivji usse khoosh hokar pooch tey hai “tujhe kia chahee ey” . To woh kehtaa hai “mujhe muhhammad se milna hai”, iss par Shivji musquratey boltey hai, “beta chai piyega?” , Toe wo kehta hai “nahi”, “mujhe chai nahi peena hai mujhe bus muhammad se milna hai”, Shivji usse fir pooch te hai ke ” beta chai piyega tu”, wo fir se kehta hai “nahi, aap bas mujhe muhammad se milaa doe ek bar”, Fir ek barr Shivji usse poochtey hai , “beta chai piyega ke tu?” , iss par mullah gusse se bol padta hai ” ha pilawo bhai pilawo”, Toe Shivji Jor se awaaz lagate hai
    ” eh Muhammad do cutting lana be”

  175. SUNNY MITTAL | August 11, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Read Indian/Chinese IQ puzzle and how I kicked the monkey ass of all Muslim scum and bitch.

  176. Drebeltrooper | August 13, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Northeast was never part of India historically. Indian pple are only interested in our girls ( Just check their comments ) and Indian govt is interested in our natural resources. Other then that we are sh*t for them.

  177. | August 13, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Shit# what are u talking about? Your history textbook is wrong… Our land was taken by force by the indian govt. We are not indians and we dont want to be indians. Dick head dont post if you dont know

    • Indians are the bitches and prostitutes of the white people.
      India is nothing without the support of white countries like America and Europe.

      China can wipe out India in just a few days. Thats why India is joining America and other countries like Japan, Vietnam, Phillipines etc. to form anti-China gang.

      America and anti-China gang want to stop China from becoming a superpower. But nothing will stop China.
      America is a fading superpower and without America, Japan, Vietnam and shithole India cannot even dream of fighting against China.

      Mother India is the world’s biggest prostitute. And Indians are history’s biggest bastards.


  178. SUNNY MITTAL | August 21, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    Bokachoda Muslim dog,china is our friend & America,Europe,china,japan Africa,Latin all people together will finish Muslim creatures very soon.

  179. | August 26, 2013 | Permalink Reply


  180. SUNNY MITTAL | August 29, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    E paki boca choda,Pakistan should join China and then we will wipe apart Bangladesh.

  181. India is a toilet | October 19, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    China can easily smash India.

    India is like a hooker for America.

    Indians are gandus.

  182. NE states are not part of India | October 26, 2013 | Permalink Reply

    North East states should separate from India and join China soon. It makes perfect sense.

    Didn’t Pakistan separate from India due to difference in religion?

    Then why are the NE states being forced to remain part of India?

    The NE people are totally different from the rest of India. They are racially and culturally more similar with Tibetans and Chinese.

    Many NE people hate India, they consider being called Indian an insult and want out of India. Which is nothing more than a gigantic shithole. The cesspit of the world.

    And Indians are the most vile race on the planet, as well as being the most ugly and dirty.

    Indian democracy is a fraud. In truth, India is a corrupt feudal state, run by the rapacious upper castes. It is democratic only in name.

    In comparision, China is a far more advanced, progressive, prosperous and civilized country. Regardless of all the anti-China vitriol we get from the Indian and western media everyday.

    The NE states have a much better future under China, which is the future superpower, than under a rotten corpse like India.

    All Indians can do themselves a favour by lighting a funeral pyre and jumping into it.

    We the people of the NE states have been, and are still being very badly treated in India by the filthy Indian vermin.

    There is no future for our kind in India. Which is the world’s biggest shithole.

    Even the filthy Indian dogs don’t want to live in India. Which is why thousands and thousands of Indians want to immigrate to other countries every year.

    What kind of future do we, the people of the NE states have in the rat country called India?

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