Video: Cybersex sold by hour on China’s biggest online shopping site

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From NetEase and Youku, China’s biggest online shopping and auction site, is found to have been used as a platform for making secret deals over sex webcast.

If you key in Chinese phrases for “selling spare time,” “conversation companion,” “beauty” or “service” in the search bar on Taobao, you will find dozens of online stores. Many of them use “real people” and “webcam” as their selling points.

One store advertises itself on the homepage by the slogan, “Show by real people for 60 minutes. 100 yuan, no bargaining.” Another store named “Webcam Baby” says on their web page, “It’s just for fun and passion!”


“Sexy and charming, show by real people for 60 minutes. 100 yuan. No bargaining.”

The reporter contacted one store owner on QQ (Chinese instant messaging tool) with the number listed on the webpage. The owner replied that they use QQ for video chat. As soon as they get money from Alipay (Taobao’s online payment service similar to Paypal), they can start the video chat right away. “As long as the face does not show, you can look at anywhere you wish. Will also pose upon your request.”


Other stores charge comparable or lower prices for similar hourly “video chat”.

Youku Video

00:25 Key in “Beauty.” The search engine suggests “beauty service”
00:32 “Beauty service” directs the reporter to sellers who sell “beauties’ spare time.”
00:39 The reporter makes an inquiry as to what “services” the seller provides.
00:52 The reporter wires money to the seller via Alipay.
00:56 The reporter starts video-chatting with the seller. The seller, with her face outside the webcam, takes off her top while performing seductive and obscene acts.
01:03 The reporter: “How did you come up with the idea of opening such a store on Taobao?”
01:06 The seller (chuckling): “People, when they are cornered, can come up with anything.”
01:12 The reporter closes the video-chat window and calls the Taobao customer service.
01:16 Customer service: “The services you mentioned just now are banned by Taobao. On the top right corner is a button connecting to the report center. You can report them there. Our staff will take care of it within three business days.”

Besides, some stores on Taobao are also selling recorded video of sex webcam. One seller says, “I use my internet experience to save your time and find you loads of video, pornographic film and pictures from abroad.” They charge 5 yuan (90 cents) for each video clip and film, and 5 yuan for every gigabyte of hardcore pictures. Bulk buyers can request a disc be burnt.

It is not the first time that Taobao becomes a hotbed of crime. In January, over 50,000 hacked and cracked iTunes accounts were sold on Taobao. Guns, weapons, illegal or unapproved aphrodisiacs, wild and protected animal products were all once sold on Taobao until crackdown. To this day, Taobao is still a major marketplace for counterfeit and bootlegged goods, pirated media products.

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