Video: Heaven’s Lunch, a short film about filial piety by Chinese collage student

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From Xinhua

As the Chinese saying goes, “Filial piety is the most important of all virtues.” But in today’s society, heavy workloads and stressful life have taken quality time with parents away from many Chinese. Recently, a short film titled Heaven’s Lunch (天堂午餐, literally Lunch in Heaven) becomes extremely popular online, for it strikes a chord with many web users. Many said, “To fulfill filial piety, we should act as soon as possible.”

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00:59 Son: “Don’t block my sight.”
01:28 Mom: “It’s time for dinner, Xiaoyi”
Son: “Stop nagging! So annoying.”
02:12 Son: “Ma, what do we eat for dinner this evening?”
Mom: “When can I have a meal you cook for me?”
Son: “When you are old, I will cook for you every day.”
Mom: “Okay. Good boy.”
05:30 Mom: “When can I have a meal you cook for me?”
Son: “When you are old, I will cook for you every day.”
05:44 Chinese caption: “When you are waiting for the future, you might have lost it forever.”

Unblocked Youku version

The film is as short as 6 minutes. Since the short film was uploaded to Chinese streaming site Youku less than 40 days ago, it received over 4 million hits. The film is about a son preparing a lavish lunch for his mother in heaven, and conveys the message of “Thanking parents cannot wait.” Many netizens said they had watched the film multiple times, each time with tears covering their faces.

Liu Xiaoyu (刘啸宇), a student of Department of Photography at Hebei Media Institute, serves as the film’s playwright, director, cinematographer and film editor. The total cost of the short film is 200 yuan (US$30), and was mainly spent on transportation and prop. After the film was finished, he asked his parents to be the first viewers. “When I saw my mom couldn’t refrain from weeping, my heart hanging in mid air finally rests in place,” Liu said.

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