Photos: Chinese lovers with dwarfism ride pumpkin carriage to a fairy-tale wedding

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From Tudou and China News Net

Zhu Jie, a 23-year-old woman with dwarfism, is only 128cm tall (about 4’3”). She was known to China’s TV viewers as a contestant in last year’s China’s Got Talent. Friday, she had a dreamy wedding ceremony with her boyfriend Qin Xueshi, who is also a little person, at a theme park in Dalian, Liaoning Province. The bride and groom rode pumpkin carriage for a tour around the park with the parade before they made wedding vows at a church.

Video: Zhu Jie sang on China’s Got Talent with her boyfriend watching backstage. (Jump to 1’24″)

Video: Zhu Jie’s fairy-tale wedding on April 1


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