Picture of the day: Heaven and earth in Chinese hospital

April 13, 2011Jing Gao2 Comments, , , , , , ,

In Zhengzhou People’s Hospital’s In-Patient Department has two types of ward: ordinary and luxury ward.

Luxury ward is a suite equipped with refrigerator, microwave oven, LCD TV, leather sofa, broadband, water cooler, luxury bed and 24-hour hot water supply. Nurses kept mum about who can live in these wards, and only disclosed that approval from the head of the hospital is required before hospitalization, and normal cadres are not entitled to them. Even if a luxury ward is vacant, it  is off-limits to ordinary people with enough cash. Only high-ranking cadres are admitted.

On the other hand, shortage of ordinary wards has lead to patients sleeping on beds placed in the corridor. (Read how shortage of doctors and medical resources leaves millions of sick Chinese children untreated.)

One lady at the hospital said, “We come here to see the doctor often. Every one knows about the luxury wards. Only respected people are admittable. Admittance has to be granted with the hospital head’s signature…The hospital often runs short of beds and nurses. Patients have to live in the corridor. One luxury ward occupies several rooms and has several doctors and nurses serve one patient. A single person takes up resources entitled to multiple people. Ordinary patients’ opportunity of treatment is invisibly stripped this way. We ordinary citizens are to suffer in the end.” (Picked from NetEase)

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2 comments to “Picture of the day: Heaven and earth in Chinese hospital”

  1. Cleo | April 14, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    someday regular hospital rooms will be just as nice so it's good to fund it from patients who can already pay for it – I hope Chinese patients will stop going to Japan to get luxury treatment.

  2. Tom | April 15, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    These types of wards are fairly common in larger hospitals in China. Cleo has a point that they do help pay for other services, however the hospital's only need this extra source of income because they are not allowed to cover their costs off of basic services. So we see 4 times as many prescriptions being given out than in developed countries, and beds in the hallways.
    Those luxury hospital rooms cost about 1,500rmb per night in my hospital.

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