Picture of the day: Shuanghui manager munches ham sausage to prove food safety

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Shuanghui Group, China’s largest meat processor, is having a crisis after illegal additive was found in its meat products. Its ham sausages, the company’s most popular and one of China’s most consumed cold cuts, had been put off shelf for more than 20 days. The financial loss is estimated at millions of Chinese yuan.

On April 6, Shuanghui staged a comeback amid the scandal. At a supermarket in the southwestern city of Chongqing, Shuanghui’s district manager surnamed Ma and its sales team touted for custom. Whenever shoppers came by, he began chewing ham sausage to show them it is now clenbuterol-free.

However, his gesture was cold-shouldered by shoppers, who thought it was all an act. Ms. Yan from Yubei District said, “They don’t use this trick until something is wrong. They are obviously putting on a show for us.” Mr. Liu from Jiangbei District said, “If it has to be like this now, why did they use ‘lean meat essence’ in the first place? Why didn’t they make checks well?”

‘Lean meat essence,’ or shou rou jin, 瘦肉精, is the Chinese nickname for clenbuterol, a chemical, if fed to pigs, can prevent them from accumulating fat. It is banned as an additive in pig feed in China because it can end up in the flesh of pigs and is poisonous to humans.  (Picked from Chongqing Evening Post)


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