Quick Update: Yao Jiaxin, the student murderer, is sentenced to death by local court Friday morning

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Two week ago, MOT reported how a murder case has fueled Chinese public anger over the likelihood that the murderer might escape capital punishment.

Yao Jiaxin, a 21-year-old student at the Xi’an Conservatory of Music in northwest China’s Shaanxi Province, knocked down a peasant woman named Zhang Miao while driving at around 11 p.m. on October 20, 2010.

Zhang sustained only slight injuries from the traffic accident, including a fracture of her left leg. However, when Yao got out of his car and saw Zhang jotting down his license plate number, he stabbed Zhang eight times to death with the knife he brought with him, and struck two other passers-by while fleeing the scene. He later admitted to killing the victim simply because he feared “Peasants would be pestering.”

In China, where death penalty is meted out much more often than any other country in the world and the idea of “Repay a life for a life” is so deeply entrenched, few people expected Yao to escape capital punishment, especially when this is clearly a murder out of malice rather than a manslaughter. However, on the News Channel of China Central Television (CCTV), the state broadcaster in China often viewed as the mouthpiece of the central government, Yao wept in an exclusive interview for his tragic fall from a genius pianist to a perpetrator and implored for mercy and forgiveness. A Chinese criminal psychologist also rationalized Yao’s felony on the state television, which sparked a new public furor over the broadcaster’s questionable stance.

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This morning at 10:30, Xi’an Intermediate People’s Court handed down the death sentence. Yao’s family is also ordered to pay 45,498.5 yuan (rougly US$7,000) in compensation to the family of the victim Zhang Miao.

The internet is abuzz with cheers for the victory of the public opinion. However, some net users alerted the rest of the fact that all death sentences must go through a double appeals process and be reviewed by Supreme People’s Court before they are either upheld or overturned, which means there is a chance that Yao may be later commuted. Others who are skeptical of the Chinese justice system simply say that until they see the dead body, they won’t be happy.


  1. lcayu‎ #Yao Jiaxin is sentenced to death. He deserves it. As long as Chinese law has a thing called “death penalty,” he should get death penalty. #药家鑫被叛死刑了,罪有应得。既然中国的法律有死刑这个东西,那就该判死刑。

    Twitter - 1 minute ago

  2. kcome‎ RT @bfishadow: Xi’an Intermediate People’s Court announced its sentence for college student Yao Jiaxin stabbing an injured person to death at the first trial this morning. The court sentences Yao Jiaxin to death and deprival of political right for life on the charge of willful murder. My question is, is it enforced immediately?  西安中级法院上午对大学生药家鑫撞人刺死伤者案一审宣判,法庭以故意杀人罪判处药家鑫死刑,剥夺政治权利终身。//问题,是立即执行吗?

    Twitter - 1 minute ago

  1. tzwm‎ RT @jauyiu RT @charonhs: Yao Jiaxin’s case has but two results: either death sentence or death of heart. Similarly, news from Xinhua Agency has but two types: either having no humanity or having no human trust. 药家鑫一案结果不过两个,死刑或死心。就像新话社的新闻只分两种,没人性或没人信。

    Twitter - seconds ago

  2. Loster_yun‎ As for the case of Yao Jiaxin, my question: Is the law sentencing Yao Jiaxin to death, or is the law manipulated by the public opinion. 我对于药家鑫一案,我的疑惑:到底是法律判决药家鑫死刑,还是法律被舆论左右了。

    Twitter - seconds ago

  3. qhdzym‎ Why it’s only text coverage of Yao Jiaxin’s case? Why there isn’t any video? And even it’s death sentence at the first trial, it remains a puzzle as for whether he can really be shot to death in the end~ 药家鑫案怎么全是文字报道啊,怎么没有视频直播呢,还有虽然一审判死刑,但最后能不能真的枪决还是个未知数~

    Twitter - seconds ago

  4. AlChowh‎ The entire world is eager for Yao Jiaxin’s death. Besides his evil deed, Li Meijin and CCAV (slang for CCTV) should also take credit for that!! 药家鑫被全世界巴不得死,除了他的罪行恶劣之外,李玫瑾和CCAV也是功不可没啊!!

    Twitter - 1 minute ago

  5. fly0912‎ Yao Jiaxin is sentenced to death: victory of the public opinion, victory of the law, victory of the justice, failure of the elite. 药家鑫被判处死刑:民意的胜利,法律的胜利,正义的胜利,精英的失败

    Twitter - 1 minute ago

  6. Fdashuai‎ Yao Jiaxin is sentenced to death. But when does he die? Gotta let him be disillusioned and see not a bit of hope, as he never gave others any hope! 药家鑫判死了,不过何时死呢?要让他绝望,看不到半点希望才行,因为他从没给过别人希望!

    Twitter - 2 minutes ago

  7. unpeach‎ The sentence for Yao Jiaxin was not announced to be enforced immediately. I have never trusted Chinese laws. 药家鑫没有判死刑立即执行,我从来就不相信中国的法律

    Twitter - 2 minutes ago

  8. jacyhao‎ F**k you! Yao Jiaxin’s death sentence is not announced to be “enforced immediately.” I bet stayed death sentence – life imprisonment…你麻辣隔壁药家鑫案子死也没说出个“立即执行“,我再赌死缓–无期….

    Twitter - 2 minutes ago

  9. nofoghu‎ RT @chairman5mao: I hope they abolish death penalty after killing Yao Jiaxin. Felons are to be jailed for thousands of years. You just behave yourself and get your sentence commuted if you wish. 希望杀了药家鑫以后,彻底废除死刑,重案犯判个千八百年,有本事你就在里面好好表现慢慢减刑吧。
  10. witchhannah‎ Allow me to say something really dark: I don’t know why Li Gang and Yao Jiaxin’s families focused their attention on trial. Judging from the extent of corruption of the justice system, it is not hard to bail them out even the sentence is death by a thousand cuts. Such pulling strings from behind the scenes is even harder to cause a stir~ 说一句很阴暗的话,不知道为什么李刚和药家鑫案的两家都把注意力放在了审判这一环,以现在的司法腐败程度,就是判了千刀万剐再捞出来也不是什么难事,这样暗中操作还不容易闹的沸沸扬扬~ - More »

    Twitter - 5 minutes ago

  11. jump‎ The damned Yao Jiaxin is finally sentenced to death. It’s the public opinion! TMD药家鑫终于判死刑了,民意啊!

    FriendFeed - 6 minutes ago

  12. dqswj‎ RT @jetzhang: Yao Jiaxin is sentenced to death. It seems they are very likely to appeal. The second trial may not pass death sentence. 药家鑫被判死刑了,看情况势必要提起上诉了,二审应该不会死刑。

    Twitter - 7 minutes ago

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