Video: Chinese line up to gas up before oil price hikes, complain about rising cost of living

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China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) has announced oil price increase, effective at 12:00 a.m. on April 7.

Gas price is up by 500 yuan per ton; diesel price up by 400 yuan per ton. On average, #90 gas and #0 diesel are up respectively by 0.37 and 0.34 yuan per liter. (US$0.212 and 0.195 per gallon)

(#90 gas in China = #82 in the U.S.; #93 in China = Regular in the U.S.; #97 = Premium)

The video shows on the evening of April 6, private car owners rushed to a local gas station (city unknown) to top off their gas tanks before the new price went into effect the next day.

Original Youku video

Youtube version:

Oil prices in the past 12 months

Source: NetEase

According to the picture picked from, price of #93 gas (equivalent of U.S. regular) at a gas station in southwestern Guizhou province has risen to 7.65 yuan per liter, or US$4.387 per gallon since April 7.

In southern Hainan province, price of #93 gas is now as high as US$4.88 per gallon.

Selected comments from Sina Microblog

勤劳善良人家:Gas price has risen again. Car is affordable, but not drivable!

aggie乖怪:Buying a car is a burden now! Not gonna buy.

@鲜花下牛粪:Ever since I started to use this vehicle, I am no longer afraid of oil price hikes.

何雁南:If the oil price exceeds 10 (per liter) this year, I will sell the car! F**k!

香香老公:Even though I don’t have a car, I still want to yell on behalf of those car owners, “Damn it! The gas price has risen again! Oil prices higher than the U.S., housing prices higher then the U.S., taxes higher than the U.S., only the living standard is beneath that of a pig or a dog! How great socialism is!”

周晓渝2010:We need to keep living our lives with a strong will, even though: gas price have risen, housing prices are still as tough, nuclear radiation is shrouding us, earthquakes keep coming, Shuanghui (ham) contains illegal additives, poisonous rice keep emerging, job demand is high, hospital beds are unavailable, seeing a doctor is hard, medications are pricey, enrollment into schools and studying is hard, difficulty level of jobs is as high as 30,000 feet, whereas our income is still on the ground…we still need to keep living our lives with a strong will, because…because grave plots can only be rented, and their prices are rising.

传说中的阿拉:After we woke up, we’ve found gas price has risen, price of instant noodles has risen, loan rates have risen, prices of down coats have risen, prices of rice and egg have risen, ticket prices at tourist sites have risen, even tobacco and liquor are going to be more expensive…Except income, price of almost everything around us is rising. But we still need to keep living our lives, as prices of graves are also rising now.

江小鱼2003:When I looked at this picture, tears covered my face…It’s painful to revisit the past!

牛顿很忙cl:Overtaking UK and surpassing US starts from gas price.

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