Video: Chinese school practices Michael Jackson’s dance as routine morning exercises

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Duping Elementary School in southwestern Chongqing’s mountainous rural area has recently replaced their routine morning exercises, or radio calisthenics, with Michael Jackson’s dance. At 10 p.m. on every school day, 700 students come to the playground and dance to MJ’s Dangerous.

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展宇666: Quite good! Even though the moves are not standard, at least kids are willing to dance! At least much better than those radio calisthenics.

魅力de大刀: Praise!! Much more awesome than our radio calisthenics. The PE teachers at the school are awesome! This is a protest against today’s education system. The Ministry of Education is imbecile!

123825921: Is there a knife? Why not kill me~~

fu丝K: Even though we all like Mr. Jackson, it doesn’t have to be like that. Where is the cuteness and innocence of school children? Sigh.

关晓东!: Not bad. Innovative. At least after kids grow up, they have a talent to show. I think it’s good.

ak471986520: Michael Jackson’s big love is ubiquitous.

简简单单。: Always play with something useful.

路者130: Quite good. It’s got to be exercises anyway. It’s better to learn a dance than to do those boring radio calisthenics. Kids like it, and it can gradually nurture dance skills in kids and reach the goal of warm up bodies. Maybe it’s even better for the future.

x君自傲x:I like Michael. But I don’t understand if it is the school that does this? Do these students know or love Michael? Is promoting and learning this the significance of building schools? And this is an elementary school in the mountains. Do you want to prove Michel’s big influence, or those who organize this activity are very fond of Michael, very rich and very capable?

子峰123:American culture has fully invaded us! A powerful country must have a powerful culture. It’s not wrong to learn others’ culture. But Chinese have only learned something superficial. They haven’t learned the essence of the West! Speechless…

花不错: Every time I see idiots like you, I am so sad that I feel like banging my head against the wall. I guess people like you never donate a cent to others. You will only stand at the moral high ground and point your fingers at others. But you are only an immoral and evil person.

andyafdd:The question is are these students really happy? Don’t thrust your own will upon students.

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