Video: Chinese singer charges RMB 80 grand for sex, undresses on candid camera

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Ma Ruila (马睿菈), a small-time singer has become a “star” after a video clip of her undressing in front of an unknown man circulated on the web.

According to the dialogue between Ma and her client, most Chinese actresses and singers have a price tag and will readily sell their bodies if enough cash is paid.


Youtube Version (With English subtitiles)

Unblocked Youku version.

At the beginning, the man and Ma have some chitchat. One minute later, they come to the subjects of prices of Chinese actresses and singers and their deal. She confirms to her client that she charges 50,000 yuan (US$7,650) for a quickie and 80,000 yuan (US$12,200) for a one-night-stand. Then at 2’00″, she goes topless by taking off her robe and bra.

A-list actress Fan Bingbing is mentioned in the man’s inquiry.

The clip ends abruptly when Ruila hears a “ding” sound and suspects the man had been videotaping the session. She then quickly grabs her clothes to covered and demanded .

Some netizens doubt the two-minute-and-26-second clip was a publicity stunt that Ma resorted to to catapulted herself to fame. One Ku6 net user questioned, “How can a ding sound come out in the middle of videotaping?” “If she has already discovered the camera, how can the video still be uploaded?” Another said.

Others are more than happy to buy the story. “Not a stunt. There are many hookers for the upper-class in the show biz,” one user commented on Youku.

An online survey conducted by IFENG (website of Phoenix TV) shows that more than half of netizens believed such a phenomenon does exist.



English transcript
Woman(W): Coming! Who is it?
Man(M): Me!
W: Hello! Come in. What do you think? The place is not hard to find, is it?
M: It’s fairly good. A friend lives here.
W: Let me hold it for you.
M: No, thanks. Let me take care of it myself.
W: Come in.
M: What were you doing?
W: Browsing the web.
M: Oh, web browsing. Microblog?
W: Er? You know microblogging too? You play with it?
M: Yes, I play with it too. I have listened to you songs. Now my car stereo is playing them. Quite good.
W: Really?
M: Ah, this is the bedroom? The little room is fairly cozy.
W: It is.
M: Can tell from the first sight that it is a girl who lives here. What…What is this?
W: Well, what is it called…
M: Is it a donkey or a mouse?
W: Isn’t it ugly?
M: A little. You bought this apartment on your own?
W: Um.
M: Not bad. Nowadays it should cost 30 to 40 grand per sqm, right?
W: (The cost) Is okay. I bought it early. It didn’t cost much back then.
M: Really?
W: Have a seat.
M: Has Sister Hua told you the price?
W: What did she say?
M: She said, 50 grand for a quickie; 80 grand for one night.
W: Anyway, friends’ referral. So it is a price for friends.
M: Let me ask you, among your friends, is there any “bigger” (more famous) star?
W: That depends on how much you’d like to pay.
M: Well, money is not a problem.
W: If your money is enough, then there are first-tier, second-tier, third-tier or whatever celebs available.
M: Really?
W: Who are singers or actresses.
M: Then how much is it to f**k one like Fan Bingbing?
W: That’s hard to say. I will have to ask them. Anyway, you can’t get her with just 300 or 400 grand.
M: F**k.
W: Well, brother, what about you taking a shower first?
M: Oh, I did take one before I came.
W: Then…Will you stay here or leave afterwards?
M: This…should depends on the feel.
W: What feel?
M: Let me see your figure. Well, nice figure.
M: How tall are you?
W: 176 cm. (5’10″)
M: So tall? You are almost as tall as I am. So tall.
W: What’s that sound?
M: No sound.
W: Are you video-taping?
M: No. Impossible!
W: Then what’s that sound? You must have videotaped.
M: Not possible.
W: Let me have a look!


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