Rich Chinese practices drifting techniques on public road with luxury car, kills one

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From Yangtze Evening Post

On Monday afternoon, a BMW M6 sports car, whose price on the Chinese market is about 2.5 million Chinese yuan (US$380,000) suddenly lost control and collided into an electric bicycle, killing the bicycle rider right on the spot in Nanjing, capital city of eastern Jiangsu province. A witness said the fatal accident was caused by the BMW driver who was practicing drift racing. The car kept spinning at a high speed the moment before the hit. The electrical bicycle fell to pieces after the crash. According to the local police, the driver was not the owner of the BMW. Nevertheless, like the owner, he is also a motorsport and luxury car aficionado.


The electrical bicycle fell to pieces after the crash.


Loopy skid marks left by the tires of the BMW M6

Later, the reporter contacted the car owner. He seemed not bothered by his wrecked car. “The BMW M6 was bought several months ago. He was my friend.” He said his friend was simply test-driving his car. Before the owner could finish his words, a few young men dragged him into an auto club. When the reporter went into the clubhouse and tried to talk to the owner again, the same bunch of men barred his way and refused to answer any question. Soon the police cleared the road and towed the car. Then the car owner went out of the clubhouse, got into a Porsche Cayenne SUV and left.

The BMW driver is in his 20s. Rumor has it that both the car owner and the driver at the time were from rich families that do businesses. The victim was about 40 and had four children.


Plastic slippers left by the victim at the scene.


The police arrived.

Selected comments from

蜷缩的地盘 Damn it, I feel super uncomfortable on seeing these. These people who risk others’ lives should be severely punished.

一次性筷子兄弟 People’s lives become props.

苍苍水中坻 Keep drifting. Then drift to the execution ground. Why not drift directly from the earth to the hell. How cool~

千羽海绵饱饱 In today’s world, it is much safer to curl up at home…Do not go out if you don’t have to!

Edwin_精神家园 Can’t those second-generation rich people be a little less annoying?

透明的窗纱 They have connection from high above. What do they fear even if they’ve killed people.

安多螺丝 The ordinary people have become toys of the second-generation rich.

小妖未_成精 Damn. Why there are so many things that can make people furious!!!

刘广躲起来 F**k. Not giving severe punishment is not an option.

o0-魑魅魍魉-0o There have been many scums, especially these days.


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    I can just imagine the driver of the car saying:
    "Geez, why do people always have to overreact when I accidentilly kill someone?!?!"

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    we must get this specific shit from the world wide web

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