Pretty Chinese women challenge parapolice chengguan bully

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On early morning of May 15, a microblog user uploaded several photos of a public denouncement spearheaded by several chic young women against a city management enforcer (nicknamed in China as chengguan). The post was shared by nearly 8,000 users, and almost all comments heap praises on the heroines.

The old man (in blue at the center with a bamboo pole) was backed in the argument with the Chengguan by several young women who passed by.

The job of the city management “chengguan” forces in China is to regulate street vendors and outlaw those without a license or permit. Chengguan in China are notorious for often brutally and inhumanely treating street vendors and tramps, sometimes by beating them and other times by destroying their businesses, and driving them away. Similar outrageous news stories were heard at least on a weekly basis. (Read how Xia Junfeng, a street vendor who beat two chengguan to death, has the nation’s sympathy.)

According to the microblog post, at around 6 p.m. on May 14, in downtown Chengdu, capital city of Sichuan province, a chengguan beat an old street vendor.  The old man was in his 60s. He carried two baskets of Chinese bayberries with a bamboo pole from his village and was selling them on the road side.

On seeing him, the chengguan broke his scale, overturned his baskets of berries, trampled down those berries and dragged him into the street and began to beat him. The young people who passed by came over, took up the cudgels for the old man and demanded that the chengguan apologize. However, the unabashed chengguan simply said, “Just pay you 100 yuan.”

Raged by his attitude, several chic-looking young women surrounded the city management vehicle and barred its way. As the crowd gathered, finally several hundred people paralyzed the traffic and refused to let go of the chengguan while lashing out at the chengguan.

A video of the pandemonium was uploaded to a Chinese streaming site and soon taken down by the censors.

Net users who commented on the original microblog post said the young women in the picture were “the most beautiful women of the year.” “A beautiful person with a beautiful heart,” another wrote. “The Chengdu girls have risen up. The chengguan is a f**king SOB. Can you have some heart? Were you also raised by your parents?”

Two baskets of bayberries that the old man sold were overturned by the chengguan,

A SWAT team was sent for in four vehicles. The policemen tried to form a barrier and ward off onlookers before the crowd began to throw bottled water at the police. The crowd yelled at the police’s effort to stop TV reporters on site from filming the scene, and booed when the police bull-horned that unauthorized demonstration and assembly is illegal.

The crowd picked up the bayberries and threw them at the city management vehicle.

The police had to tow the city management vehicle away.

Selected comments on Sina Microblog:

贺炜: I love these girls.

何其坪 Damn it. Who do you think you are, chengguan? How can you be so arrogant and preposterous? These beauties were so kind-hearted! (I am) touched! If all Chinese can be so united, will chengguan be so outrageous? Why not list the girls as people who moved China in the year of 2011!

papa2009 The recent revolutions in the Middle East were started by a violence used by “chengguan” to ordinary people. It seems chengguan around the world are the same. The Chengdu girls are beautiful.

CHN-微博 So touched when I see ordinary people in China are so united.

琴瑟鼓浪 Beauty is not captivating until this moment.

moonsoftmoon Witnessing can change China. Support you girls.

零度咖啡A Awesom girls!

Min_Ren:Real beauties! Hot girls!

林晨雪:The chengguan not only manages the city. Their goal is cut people’s purse strings, destroy people’s kindness, corner people to death and force people to revolt. Is the powerful chengguan a sharp weapon to precipitate the replacement of one dynasty by another?

ZZ饺子 So pretty…Will go to Chengdu when I get a chance…Sad that the video has been harmonized (Chinese Internet slang for censorship)…

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    Awesome! Love to see how citizens rise up against these brutal "officers".

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    Respect for those girls !!!

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    great post!!! and high respect for the those girls…

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