Picture: Nose of CCTV female reporter chopped off by stranger

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From Beijing Morning News

Yesterday afternoon, a microblog post published by a user named @dad胡嘉海 (“dad Hu Jiahai”) caused quite a stir on Chinese internet, “Shocked: at around 1 p.m. today at the east gate of the headquarters of China Central Television, a woman went outside from the TV station. A man came over and asked if she works at CCTV. The woman nodded. Then the man immediately took out a knife and committed physical assault. The woman’s nose was cut off. Her neck was bleeding.”

A picture of the victim with blood all over her face and one hand covering her nose was attached to the microblog post. Within a few hours, the post was shared by hundreds of thousands of net users.

Soon the post was deleted and suspected to be a mere rumor. However, later, multiple employees at CCTV confirmed the incident.

According to insiders, the offender came from Liaoning. He drove a car with a license plate issued by Liaoning province to CCTV’s east gate in the morning and demanded to talk to a CCTV reporter and help solve his problem, only to be chased away by the local police. In the afternoon, he came back again in his car. When he saw the victim coming out, he asked if she was a CCTV reporter. On hearing the affirmative answer, the man slashed the woman several times with the knife previously hidden inside newspapers and soon fled the scene in his car.

Lu Jian, a CCTV anchorman, wrote in his microblog, “A girl may have been disfigured once and for all. Many female colleges of mine have been talking about how to go home after the night shift, and said that they would not be a reporter in their next lives.”

Rumor has it that the man is a petitioner.

The original microblog post author “dad Hu Jiahai” expressed his deepest regrets last night after he learned from net users’ comments that the victim is surnamed Lin, “Ms. Lin, who has been badly hurt, how are you?” “I passed you by here, but I did not help you in the least.”

It is said that Lin, 27, is a trueborn Beijinger. She is unmarried but has a boyfriend.





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