Chinese parapolice kill handicapped street vendor in daylight, use brutal violence against spectators

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The violent enforcement took place at 1:43 p.m. on July 26 in Anshui, southwestern Guizhou province. The street vendor who sold fruit was a disabled man hobbling along on a crutch while pulling a cart. Information from MOP and Sina Microblog provided by netizens said the murderers were two men and one woman from a local chengguan squad. Thousands of civilians at the scene exploded in indignation and surrounded the chengguan squad. Then in order for the chengguan to break out of the encirclement, riot police arrived with shields, tear gas and water cannon to suppress the protesters. Even gun shots were heard, according to a microblogger. Several civilians were brutally injured during the clash with the police, at least three, judging by all pictures available on the web, with much blood on their faces due to blows to their heads. (Please scroll down to watch the Youtube video that shows civilians fall victim to aggravated battery committed by the riot police/parapolice.)

Chinese media later confirmed the event, even though most news leads have used a cut-and-dried template, “Guizhou provincial government and party committee take great notice of it, order a swift investigation, handling with strict adherence to the law, and maintenance of social stability.”


Chengguan, China’s parapolice in charge of urban street management, often go into conflict with street vendors and resort to brutal violence against unarmed civilians. Ministry of Tofu has had a number of stories on how chengguan are widely hated by ordinary Chinese for abuse of power that borders on criminal activities.

A child was hit in the head during the clash.

Below are two videos posted onto the web by spectators that faithfully reflect the clash between the police and civilians while the street vendor’s dead body was still lying on the ground. In the first video, from 00:17 to 00:25, the street vendor’s body can be seen shaded with three parasols. In the second video, two civilians have blood all over faces, one woman have sustained injury on her right leg.

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9 comments to “Chinese parapolice kill handicapped street vendor in daylight, use brutal violence against spectators”

  1. Dun Hill Horn | July 26, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    These chengguan's of bandits are what's wrong with society. The moral is, don't be born in China if you want to live a long life.

  2. d3rtbag | July 26, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    sad shit..i'm getting tired of seeing these chengguans get away with this shit

  3. [...] happened in Guizhou province on July 26, in which two men and one woman from the Chengguan squad, killed a handicapped street vendor in daylight and riot police used tear gas to drive speculators away. [...]

  4. Blacksoth | July 28, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    Is this normal or an escalation? It's well known that the chengguans' are bullies but now they commit murder in broad daylight and attack women and children (not to mention handicapped). I feel afraid for the chinese people.

  5. [...] man as 52-year-old Deng Qiguo, a familiar local figure and a single father. Ministry of Tofu has collected photographs and videos of the clashes, showing an overturned chengguan van and—be warned—Deng’s body. addthis_pub [...]

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    kill all hongkongese.

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    kill all hongkongese.

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