Makeshift tiles, loose bolts…Rushing construction as Communist Party’s birthday gifts could cost money and lives

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Less than ten days after its opening on June 28, a revamp of Nanjing South Railway Station is under way. Over 3,000 square meters (32,000 square feet) of granite tiles on the north square in front of the railway station has been destroyed, and brand-new granite tiles will be covering the floor after the revamp.

Residents in Nanjing who reported it to Yangtse Evening Post were left bemused, “The floor looks perfectly good and is just several days old. Why fuss around it again?” Many of them suspected that something went wrong with the tiles and were concerned with the construction quality and hidden peril.

In response, the person in charge at the construction company responsible for the project said that the tiles laid before June 28 were temporary, and that it is exactly for the purpose of safety that they decide to reinforce the floor covering.

“Because the Beijing-Shanghai High speed line must be completed and opened before July 1, the floor was paved in a rush. Now doing it all over again is for the quality of the construction,” he said. However, he refused to disclose how much the revamp would cost.

Nanjing South Railway Station, "The biggest high speed railway station in Asia"

As one of the five major terminals scattering along the newly-launched Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Rail Line, the Nanjing South Railway Station boasts of being “the biggest in Asia.”

July 1 is the 90th anniversary of the founding of the ruling Communist Party of China. A number of superlative architectures and construction projects, including the 36.5-kilometre (22.7-mile) Jiaozhou Bay bridge, world’s longest cross-sea bridge, were finished and put to use before the day in tribute to the celebration. However, more than taxpayers’ money is at stake.

According to China Central Television’s morning news broadcast, on June 30 when the first flow of traffic passed through the bridge, many bolts inserted to fasten the barriers were found to be loose or uncovered. Several gaps were also found in the crash barriers. Many motorists fear that a car crossing the bridge loses control or swerve to the side may very likely fall into the sea.

When the CCTV reporter asked why the bridge was opened before it is finished, a man, believed to be in charge of work at the bridge, told CCTV that it is for the sake of celebrating the 90th anniversaty.

“We have just started installing support facilities on the bridge and it will take two to three months to finish the work,” he said.

A worker said they didn’t have enough time to install all the safety barriers and to fix the bolts before the bridge’s opening.

Shao Xinpeng, the chief engineer of Jiaozhou Bay Bridge project, told Xinhua that safety and traffic would not be affected by the loose bolts or the absence of barriers.

Netizens on Sina Microblog are amused and enraged by the jerry-built project.

Roger筷子: Why not use super glue.

心思明如镜岁月不留痕: Presenting the gifts is of utmost import. Other things can be done slowly.

vv87: Chinese experts have the least credibility. How can they be experts? They are more like terrorists.

Aprilmoon:It seems that not only escalators are unsafe. Had better bring with us life rings next time we cross the bridge.

KDS-i凤 Why is it pissed? It was taxpayers’ money that was used. No idea if donation and contribution was also used.//@ARVIN婚礼摄影师:Being presented with gifts like this, the Party would be pissed. //@菲常娱乐: Toy bridge. Keeping up with the schedule at the price of people’s lives. // @任卫新 :Cross-sea bridge can be disassembled like a toy.

Alice_B244: The opening of the bridge is about officials’ face. Compared to their career achievements, people are a piece of shit in their eyes. They just have so much nerve to bet their official careers on ordinary people’s lives.

Blueonline : I’ve told you guys, too many Chinese have no respect or compunction and have the nerve to do anything even if it would make them die sonless as a result and is offensive to God and reason. So don’t take the high speed rail line easily. Don’t treat your life as that of a guinea pig.

Accidents as a result of rushed window-dressing construction on a tight schedule were heard before. In 1999, Beijing West Railway Station, as a gift for the 50th anniversary of the founding of People’s Republic of China, was found to have problems such as leaks in the ceiling and peeling on the wall. In 2010, part of the roof of Terminal 3 (T3) of Beijing Capital International Airport was lifted and torn by gusty winds, just three years after the terminal was completed ahead of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.


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