Picture of the day: Glasses installed on China’s high rises pose hidden peril

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The first high rise with glass curtain walls was completed in 1985. Since then, a glass curtain wall construction spree has begun in Shanghai. Currently, Shanghai has the biggest number of structures with glass walls in China – somewhere between 4,000 to 5,000.

However, the national standards for glass curtain wall were not established until 1996. 20% of Shanghai’s high rises were built earlier than that. The design and the quality inspection of glass curtain walls on these high rises were mostly substandard. Many glass curtain walls are having a high risk of cracking and falling and become practically ticking time bombs. (From Shanghai Morning Post)

high rise

And it did detonate not long ago. On July 8, when a 19-year-old girl named Zhu Yiyi was walking past a 23-storied building in Hangzhou, a glass curtain wall fell from the 21st floor and hit her, leaving a 20-cm laceration on her left lower limb, severing the arteries in her left thigh, and fracturing her thighbone. Her vessels, muscles and tissues in the left lower leg were also severely damaged, which means amputation at the knee would have been the only viable treatment. (Dongfang Daily)

zhu yiyi

Zhu Yiyi has fallen victim to the falling glass and become physically impaired.

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    Those are the results of China's Great-leap-forward developing strategy which focus on embezzle money from construction projects, each official jump on it. Gold panning and GDP are the top priority, which made them brutility. Lives and conscience are the last consideration, there are something they have done that beyond normal people's imagination!

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