Picture of the day: Street vendors strip off pants of parapolice chengguan officer

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On the afternoon of July 16, a chengguan officer surnamed Han was besieged by street vendors in Wuhan, Hubei province, given a beating and stripped off of pants.

The job of the city management “chengguan” forces in China is to regulate street vendors and outlaw those without a license or permit. Chengguan in China are notorious for often brutally and inhumanely treating street vendors and tramps, sometimes by beating them and other times by destroying their businesses, and driving them away. Similar outrageous news stories were heard at least on a weekly basis. (Read how Xia Junfeng, a street vendor who beat two chengguan to death, has the nation’s sympathy, and how a bunch of pretty Chinese women challenge chengguan bullies.)

According to Han, when he and another colleague were patrolling in their jurisdiction, they saw four tricycles used by vendors as temporary stalls. The vendors rode the tricycles to flee the scene on seeing them. Han followed one of them into an alley before it turned around. When he asked the female vendor why she stopped fleeing and about-faced, she answered, “You think I am alone?” She beckoned six to seven people over to beat and kick him. In the meantime, the female vendor pulled his hair and stripped off his pants. Her husband gave him a heavy blow in the head before he fell unconscious.

When the two sons of the couple came back with knives and batons for a second attack, they were stopped by onlookers. 20 minutes later, an ambulance rushed Han to a hospital.

The couple sells fruits for a living. Han, 43, has become a chengguan officer for just a month. (From Nanfang Daily)

Selected comments from Sina Microblog

AngellaLee Sad. I truly want Chinese to wake up. Can you be sober? The realities of the current Chinese society is really worrying. No more comment about who is right, who is wrong and who is arrogant. Instead, just resolve the root problems of the ugly realities of the society and alleviate the social tensions. I really have the urge to use profanity.

雨滴入海 Chengguan are also poor wretches. It’s just that their job is to be the lapdog of the Communist Party.

彳余艹甤 Chengguan themselves are a tragedy. Another unflattering picture of Chinese characteristics.

邵沫云律师law Perhaps this law enforcer is very devoted to his duty. Perhaps his method and attitude of enforcing the law has brought about this scene. At any rate, he would be a victim of the society. No one of the onlookers held out his helping hand. It is easy to get a rough idea of the fact that the government does not enjoy popular support for its law enforcement.

HXQ3375 The street vendor would be screwed had he not beat the chengguan. Tricycle overturned and fined. Maybe beaten. All in all, just set this example by killing one and see who has the nerve to enforce law violently.

操大S Pay my highest respect to the vendor couple.

婧婧8602 It’s okay. Just stripping off one’s pants. Tunisian government was even finished by a revolution because of a similar incident.

痕fiona People have finally stood up~~But a small lesson is fine. Unification is powerful! 

终南山V过客 You will have to pay your debts sooner or later. No one can escape the question from the conscience and the final judgment.

小小箜箜 He deserves the beating!!!


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    This is a bully act against street vendors selling food and other products to make some money to survive the hardship economic in China. The officers are abusing their power to frighten and intimidating the defenseless people on the street. So this is consider a cowardly act, police force need to stand up as an human or man to deal with the problem like this.

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