Video: 7-year-old Chinese girl uses violence against cousin, cheered by father

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Recently, a video of a 7-year-old girl bullying her cousin of the same age has become viral on Chinese internet. The girl’s father, who is the brother of the little boy’s mother, stood aside and cheered the girl, who had clearly gained the upper hand, while videotaping the entire episode. The girl, emboldened by her father, was getting fiercer. The boy, by contrast, cried “Mom” and sustained visible bruises around his mouth.

Video on Youku:

Three days ago, the video was uploaded to Chinese streaming site with the title “The greatest children’s fight in history.” The gate in the back proved to be that of a medical devices manufacturing company in Cangzhou, northern Hebei province. In the video, the cameraman shouted, “Don’t pinch. Kick! Kick! Hit!”

Soon the boy was defeated and planned to escape. The girl chased him, caught him at last and knocked him down on the ground with a slap. The cameraman yelled, “K.O. Get up! Beat her! Attack! Attack!” The boy was scared and lied still. The girl went on to stomp on his back and hit his head. The boy cried and coughed. The cameraman kept praising the girl, “So fierce,” while goaded the boy, “Beat her! Beat your cousin sister! You should have been very fierce. How can you let her beat you! Attack! Attack!”

Then a woman walked out and asked what was wrong. The cameraman claimed the girl is his daughter and the boy his nephew, and said, “Both sustained some injury. Not a big deal. Daddy (referring to himself) practiced like this when (I) was little. No fight, no way. They fight on seeing each other. Must train a good one through fighting.” In the end, the man asked both children to go home and said, “Let’s fight next time.”


The video received 1.2 million hits until 2 a.m. yesterday. On Sina Weibo, the microblog post about it was commented by over 3,000 users.

Most of the controversy surrounds the parent who was videotaping and cheering.

Some netizens that the father is clearly in the wrong to encourage and embolden the fight, which is very irresponsible parenting and has negative influence on the children’s life. “The father is beneath an animal.”

Some think that since the father said the two kids fight on seeing each other, it seems dissuading is useless. The only solution is to let them fight until one of them is really scared and learns the lesson. That way, they can finally stop.

Another part of netizens believe children should be tempered to be strong and persevering. “Men’s macho and pride should be cultivated at an early age.”


Netizens’ comments selected by Sichuan Online

@fionchung_hr:It chills my heart. How would the boy’s father and mother feel on seeing it? How would children brought up by parents like this end up after growing up?

@肖隆平:(I) Call on minors protection organizations to investigate the father who has very strong propensity to violence.

@幸福大元子:Has (he) considered how much it would influence this pair of kids? The girl who won will think her conduct is right. If she beats a child from another family to some problem at school, can you, as her father, afford to give back a child to the family?

@炎守护神:Get beat today and cannot stand up; get bullied tomorrow and cannot stand up for the rest of life. Men, you know what you want. You want dignity.

@z3250993a:If defeated, either run away, or macho it out. Boys never cry.

@内线霸主:The boy will be bullied again in the future. If he doesn’t want the girl to attack him, he must attack her first to show that he is not easily bullied. The man’s parenting is correct. Only when young men are strong will China be strong.


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    The girl and her father deserve to burn. I feel so sorry for the boy.

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    the girl will be bitch when she grow up and the dad will be whore in hell

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    Did the girl smell the boy? Did he smell bad?

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    may be a boy, but definitely a pussy. lol u go girl !

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    wht the fuk’s rong with the guy is he just fuked up or is he born retarded i mean u encourage those children to fight and u laugh . i betting u’re childhood must have been really fuked up and the woman doesnt even look out raged by the guy encouraging the children. i read a comment and it said the chiildren fight and dont like each other so let them fight and make one of them be scared of the other one well if the dont like each other u should help them be friends instead of mentally scaring one of them. the world is full of stupid

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