Video: Chinese old man gazes into young woman’s cleavage

July 8, 2011Jing GaoOne Comment, , , , , ,

The video was taken on a bus in Guangzhou, Guangdong province. It is quite self-explanatory. Within one day since it was posted on Youku, it has received over 1,200,000 views.

Selected comments from Youku

ligion123: Attentive and focused men are the most attractive.

正常滴反映:One wishes to be watched and the other wishes to watch. Both two fulfilled (wishes). After (she) waking up, (they) would shake hands and say to each other “Thank you!”

冰懂寒:Good breasts

大众服务社赞赞赞Good. Interesting…The woman behind the hottie was giggling.

〃她〃漎未离开:The uncle is awesome.

dgb4ww:If I were there I would wake up the woman by patting her.

周以凡:If I were him, I would steal a glance too.

yasha2011:The grandpa is lonely and horny. Why can’t he have a look? Jerk.

强化钛合金小强:The uncle has a really good physical health.

Garsontall:Uncle! You have become a bad example for kids!


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    shame? where we're going, we don't need shame!

    Aw geez, doc..

    great site btw

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