Photos: Poolside speed dating requires participants to dress in swimwear

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A speed dating party was thrown in Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan province in China’s southwest. However, the organizer has a specific dress code for participating men and women: wear a swimming suit and be “undisguised” with one another. All men changed into swim shorts right away. In contrast, only four women changed into swimsuits.

According to Anhui Satellite Television, the special meeting was held in a natatorium. Participants are expected to give a brief self-introduction in the the main entrance and put on swimwear. Both participants and netizens have quite a lot to say about this novel format.


Caption: “Quite relaxed. Quite natural.”


Caption: “It helps to tell which one has a good figure.”


“I think the first meeting…”


“…doesn’t have to be in an indoor swimming pool, does it?”


“It is quite novel.”


“To engage people based on one’s own preference.”


“Being too conventional is in fact not good.”


“Compared with the usual type of speed dating, it is not embarrassing.”

Selected comments from Sina Weibo (Microblog)

李峰-L It seems like animals about to mate…

YuJ7 A meeting prior to an orgy?

微凉8501 Why not accomplish their aim in one move – speed dating while being naked. After all, the purpose is the same.

猥琐_xiao_神童 No need to view (the newscast) in detail. It must be elaborately designed for the women to view the size of the men’s penises more conveniently and for the men to view what those women look like after their makeup is removed in the pool. What a good company!!

桃园牧童 Picking cabbages in a farmer’s market? Sort of like those talent-search reality TV shows.

咪兔ff想吃葡萄 Boring…(They) must be really bored to the extent that their balls ache…

小小姐的春天 So (they) saw the bodies. What about the souls? !

悠悠悠雨 Must be for viewing the figures…And for a look at the face free of makeup…

姓胖名子_宅心人厚 It’s no use. Many cosmetics products are waterproof…沒用。。很多化妝品可以防水。。

qubo97 Does doing this have any point?

caibird2011 What if the “cock” gets excited

鬼妹阿苏 Guess everyone there bears an ulterior motive.

非营业性航母 Then a nude beach must be better?! A bunch of senseless men and women.

快乐菲阳 In a natatorium? (They) might as well (meet) in a hotel?!

Coky_Char …Without a great figure, who has the nerve to go there-O-!!! A huge assembly of “love handles”?

Wilmer_木耳 People in Chengdu are really fond of making a show…

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    i was going to say only in japan but remember its in china.
    i like the last quote
    “Compared with the usual type of speed dating, it is not embarrassing.”

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