Video: KPMG Shanghai employees’ double adultery busted by in-laws and police

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Two married employees, Amy and Rex, at the Shanghai office of KPMG, one of the Big Four international auditors, were caught by their spouses, relatives and friends as well as local police in their love nest. The entire process has been videotaped and uploaded onto the internet, and the captions groan with detailed background information, such as ID numbers and dates of birth, of the two fornicators, calling Amy “A professional mistress, an expert in having abortion, audaciously shameless,” and Rex “inhuman, worse than animals.” The video has soon attracted both attention from netizens who crane their neck looking for gossip and criticism that the blitz and exposure itself trespassed upon privacy and should be illegal.

The unblocked version on Youku:

Youtube version:

In the video, the woman who subdued Amy kept asking, “Do you have a face? Faceless! (Synonymous to “shameless” in Chinese) You slept together? You slept together? Motherf**ker.” A man kept speaking profanity and foul language in Shanghai dialect. A man in police uniform is visible. The rest of the conversation, which is entirely in Shanghai dialect, is unintelligible to me. The camera also videotaped the interior of the apartment they live in. In the end, the background music sings repeatedly, “I don’t want a face,” which means in Chinese “I am shameless.”

Even though the video did not identify any one of the crowd except for the pair, many netizens assume that the one who beats Amy is the wife, and the one who swears is the father-in-law.

According to internet postings, the man has been married for five years and have two daughters, one being two and a half years old and the other 2 months old. The woman got married three years ago. They were colleagues at PwC, another one of the Big Four, and a year ago they both changed their jobs.

The microblog post in which the video is embedded has been shared by over 16,000 users and received 1,500 comments.

(Jing’s note: In comments below, you will come across the phrase “little three” an awful lot. Little three, or xiaosan 小三 in Chinese, is a moniker for mistress or secret lover of a married man, as she is the third person in the relationship.)

Selected comments on Youku

淘淘宝贝娃: At 5:43, see that disdainful look on the little three? Really feel like spitting on her face. Hear the angry reprimand from the old father-in-law? That comes from heartache on seeing his daughter gets hurt. Even though the wife might have her problem, the pair is really hated by both Heaven and men. On one hand, he impregnated his wife, made her suffer both physically and emotionally. On the other, he spent money renting an apartment and fooling around. Did I hear a thunder? Why not strike the pair to death!

随!性: Those who seized fornicators were no good person. They swore “F**k your mother” all along. Why bring up one’s mother when swearing? The woman who came for her adulterous husband should also reexamine herself: Aren’t you remotely responsible if a little three with such a look is capable of grabbing your husband away?

xbl145: This one can pass the Youku censors??? What are Youku editors doing??? It is okay if they expose adultery and the arrest. But it is illegal to disclose personal information, right? Isn’t Youku afraid of becoming a defendant in court? Even though it is understandable in a sense of a human, it is nevertheless illegal.

轻松熊妹妹: It is right to videotape the process. But disclosing their information is not good. Besides, I feel the wife’s family is fierce. So many men good at beating…

candylight: No one vituperates the man who, having a two-month-old daughter, f**ks around…Can it be said that he began fornication while his wife was pregnant?…Scumbag. The woman has also been married for 2 years? Then can the pair at least have some social morals when they display affection? Don’t assault people’s eyes.

jinzhiling801016: Divorce if the roost is ruled. F**king a little three is just so wrong! Now the comments were as if getting a little three is reasonable! //@嘿灰机: The woman is not good-looking? But why (he) has an affair with the woman? I guess it is because his wife rules the roost in the family! See how she beats the woman, swears, and asks people to videotape it. Not simple even at first glance!

zwq522: Comparing them to dogs would be an insult on dogs.//@foxworld2002: Are those two still humans? They are dogs! Dog and bitch!

foxworld2002: Then Yao Jiaxin has his right of privacy too. Why CCAV (epithet for CCTV, or China Central Television) still named him as a typical example? //@sueyinghan: This is illegal, isn’t it? Every person has his right to privacy. Has Youku moderated it?

点滴69: Since (he) has the nerve to do it, why be afraid of being watched on the web? (He) has fooled around with another woman outside. Such a shameless act…Did (he) think about how his wife felt at home? Even if his wife might be wrong and could not get along, then why not divorce? Why get a little three…And the little three, (she’s) clearly married…Why have an affair outside? Divorce and get married if (they) want to be together!

annexzwp: It seems to me so many comments are feeling unfair on behalf of the little three and the man. Those dregs just deserve to be made public. It serves them right if they die.

Selected comments on Sina Microblog

花果山猴娃 How can (she) become a little three with this look and a married life? So bad (living) conditions. Hah, what was she thinking?

摇未微: Sigh. Two KPMG (employees) live in so bad housing conditions.

笑笑媽咪_0715: There are so damn many shameless women in the world.

期货骑兵 I don’t know who is the man cursing and swearing in the video. The manners are really awful! At any rate, don’t keep mentioning those words while talking. So repulsive. Even if (they) get hurt, it can’t win much sympathy for them.

yykk601 The wife is no good either.

小魔女貝貝ELVA The facts have proved that no couple can’t be estranged, unless the little three is slothful.

厚土雨露 A bunch of law-ignorant people! Adultery is immoral, whereas catching adultery in the act, beating and uploading the video to the web is illegal!

丽水人民驻香港办事处 Why (the mob) did this! So preposterous…The People’s Republic China has no such crime as fornication, I guess.

4CescFabregas Such an ugly little three…

中年蝴蝶 The little three is so ugly. The man’s taste is more than a little strong. The father-in-law was angry and about to spit blood!

LoVeQuencY (They) deserve it!

品月斋主: The method of vilification can only show that the victim herself is not cultivated.

北京知识产权律师科友 Should have solved the problem through legal procedure. The video can be subpoenaed as evidence. But making it public on the web is a violation of others’ rights. Irrational.

Elma_熙 If I were there, I would beat them much harder. Such a shameless woman. I hate little three the most.

Chenchen_毛毛虫 I didn’t get the Shanghai dialect. I can just see that the little three did not show a little shame on her face. I am speechless.

摄政王yy There are always people who brandish the moral baton and do dirty things like this//@雅婧Cathy:I also think the wife has gone too far. It would be weird for a man not to commit adultery having a wife like this. (I) don’t have the nerve to say any more. Afraid of being vituperated~~~

jingbobobo Such a cheap whore trashy cunt who destroys other people’s family needs to suffer utmost retribution and torture! Breasts cancer, cervical erosion, early death of parents, splintered family!

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5 comments to “Video: KPMG Shanghai employees’ double adultery busted by in-laws and police”

  1. Ivan | August 3, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    Hey, guys, what's the shit? Someone who decided to crush his/her family is really disgusting person, but who gave the right to the police or anyone to make a video with them.. it's a barbarian videotape. People have no rights to do that things and people should decide by their own how to live. If this woman decided to be a whore then this is her own guilt. She will have her punishment. But who are you to say anything about her?… It's realy awful, but not the video – these comments are awful.

  2. Crystal | August 4, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    Who uploaded it to the public domain?

  3. Blacksoth | August 9, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    I think the people directly involved should be working it out — and for the rest of us it's really none of our business. Why are the police there at all? Hints at abuse of power and inappropriate behaviour on the part of all parties as far as I'm concerned. Moral or immoral, the state has no business in people's bedrooms.. even if there's a "little three" in one of them. They're all consenting adults in this situation.

  4. don | August 11, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    wow – i have just come across all these chinese blogs. really cheesy, uncultured stuff. comments are so backward. if i was chinese I would be very embarrassed

  5. dorisleilin | August 19, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    speaking of human rights, hahahahaha.

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