Chinese women spam Japanese photographer’s Weibo account with sexy photos

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Yasumasa Yonehara is a Japanese photographer whose erotically charged work has put him at the forefront of contemporary Japanese photography. Young sexy women have always been the center of his focus. From sex scenes to portraits, clothed and unclothed of Yonehara’s models and lovers, his depictions of women are definitely beyond the pale for the orthodox society, but have nonetheless received huge popularity in East Asia.


He is also well-known to Chinese for being friends with Edison Chen, a Hong Kong-based singer/actor with a bad boy look who was in the heyday of his career when hundreds of his sex photos with numerous women, including innocent-looking pop idol Gillian Chung and Cecilia Cheung, were stolen from his laptop by a technician at a repair shop, and circulated on the web like a whirlwind, leaving hundreds of millions of people in the Greater China rubbing their eyes and ogling.


Some of Edison Chen’s sex photos leaked on the web


Edison Chen (in black cap) with Yasumara Yonehara the Japanese photographer (in red cap)

edison chan

Edison Chen spotted with Yonehara

The scandal forced Edison Chen, Chung and Cheung out of the show business in disgrace in early 2008. However, as the previous adrenaline rushes of excitement and obsession subsided, both Chung and Cheung have staged a comeback. Many netizens view the entire episode in a new light, believing Edison Chen was a victim, what he does in the photos is privacy not meant to be shown, and that, if harnessed properly, sex sells and can supercharge career, although showing genitalia to the public is still a huge risk that no Chinese wants to take.

Therefore, after Yonehara the photographer opened an account on Sina Weibo (@米原康正real), a popular microblogging service in China, hundreds of Chinese women avid for a spot in his album published photos of their sexually arousing photos on Sina Weibo and “at” his Weibo account to call his attention.

Even Yonehara himself is taken aback by the passion of Chinese women. “my followers in weibo(chinese twitter) have been sending me so many photos everyday……i introduce them by my collage…..” he wrote on his blog.





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