Married public servant imprisons 6 women in dungeon as sex slaves for two years; authorities: it’s state secret.

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From Southern Metropolis Weekly

A hideous crime in Luoyang, Henan province, from 4 meters underneath – a 34-year-old public servant, formerly a firefighter, spent one year excavating in a basement he had purchased for extra space before he lured six women into the underground warren, held them in captivity for two years, and exploited them sexually as if they were his slaves. The case was not cracked until one of the captives escaped and reported to the police after she was brought out and forced into prostitution by her captor. Police who followed the leads made the grim discovery and extricated three other victims from the dungeon and dug out bodies of other two.  sex slave01

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What made it more absurd is when Ji Xuguang, a reporter with Southern Weekend, heard of the horrific story while he was in the city for a different reporting stint, he pursued the matter further, only to be obstructed and warned by the authorities that the case was off-limits as a “state secret.”

Li Hao, referred to by his six sex slaves as  “Big Brother,” has a wife 10 years younger than him and fathers a son. Four years ago, he bought the basement and began his underground work to enlarg the room for a much larger basement concealed by walls. Because the work was only carried out at late night, residents in the neighborhood were totally unaware of the house of the horrors below when Li Hao was down there tunneling and transporting the construction waste away.

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Residents point at the entrance to the basement, which leads to the dungeon, saying that they were totally unaware of the crime underneath.

Then he kidnapped altogether 6 women aged from 16 to 24 from various night clubs and karaoke houses in Luoyang and incarcerated them in his secret chamber. He told his wife that he got a moonlight job as a janitor. That way, he could spend half of nights with his “girls” behind the back of his wife.

In an effort to prevent these women from escaping his subterranean harem, he fortified it with several iron gates and made sure he only brought food to them once every two or three days so that they would be too starved to muster up any strength.

The monster even provided the girls with desktops. “Of course, they are not wired. Those are simply tools Li Hao gave to the girls for playing games and watching videos to kill time,” according to Zheng Shengli, a police officer.

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Contrary to fierce resistance and the “misery loves company” mentality expected of these girls in such a situation, they succumbed to Li Hao easily and called him “Big Brother” and “Hubby.” At one night about a year ago, two of them engaged in a catfight over while currying favor with Li Hao. Li assisted one of them in killing the other and buried her body right on the spot. On another occasion, Li Hao beat an “intractable” girl to death to teach the rest a lesson.

Ji Xuguang, the reporter who broke the news story, said that the city’s cover-up of the criminal act is an attempt to preserve the city’s image. Li Hao was sacked and expelled from the Communist Party after the case called national attention.

Qiao Zhifeng, a commentator, wrote an article on Tianya, one of China’s most popular and thriving online discussion forum, that China has been ridiculously secretive about too many things that are made public in the west, such as the death toll, background and upbringing of officials, and repudiated sex scandals and ill-earned wealth of Communist party members.

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