Female thief stripped naked, publicly shamed and abused on the street

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If one thinks perp walk is a violation of a suspect’s or a defendant’s human rights, he may find the following story utterly distasteful.

A woman thief was caught red-handed in the city of Taizhou, in east China’s Zhejiang province. Instead of calling the police right away, people at the scene ripped off her top shirt and bra, wrote “I am thief” on her back with a marker, and physically assaulted her. The photos of the public shaming attracted widespread attention on the immensely popular microblogging service Sina Weibo.


The mob finally dialed 110 (the Chinese equivalent of 911) after they thought their punishment had fit the crime. When the police came, she tied some rag around her breasts, with her back showing the stigma and bruises.

A web post also noted that it is a common practice in Taizhou to punish thieves with public shaming and physical abuse. Last year, a man thief was stripped to the waist, written with “thief” all over his body before he was frog-marched and paraded through the streets of Taizhou.


Taizhou’s citizens’ treatment of the thief soon sparked heated debate on the Internet over its legitimacy in China, a country infested with pilferers.

Selected comments from Sina Weibo:

阳光未来-金光辉 It’s because those who were sent to the police station were finally released. Many thieves were caught. Almost none was punished by the law. Now this thing happened. Whose fault is it?

blag525vam The current law is problematic. Some thieves still have the gall to steal after being caught dozens of times, simply because the current law acts as anything but a deterrent to thieves. Furthermore, those who get their property stolen are mostly poor people who squeeze onto buses and ride bicycles. Those officials who devise the law and wear three watches are seldom victims of theft. That’s why they don’t care about punishing thieves.  

blag525vam If the law could really penalize them, no ordinary people would bother to roll up their sleeves. Aren’t murder and robbery more serious than theft? Why no one treats murderers like this? Because the law steps in when people are killed, but it doesn’t when things are stolen. Even if it does, it is like a scratch on an itch. 

都江堰刘训洋 Beat thieves to death. I have got so many things stolen!!!

____唯落 It should be like this. The law will penalize them.

魔仙de妈咪 The law cannot protect ordinary people. The police cannot stop thieves. Then victims give vent to their anger and treat them with resentment. I personally think it is reasonable and justifiable. Those rats deserve no humanities.

张熙承 All thieves deserve to be beaten to death.

人生角斗场 The weak can never earn respect.

EBT-纏綿遊戲 They shouldn’t have done this. It’s so inhuman.

扭扭的小精灵 Thieves are human beings too. The thief should be punished via methods meant for the thief and pay her due price rather than be humiliated and ravaged by spiteful people at will.

0张巍0 Isn’t it obvious? Thieves are the weak among the evil. If she were a murderer or a robber, I guess those people wouldn’t be that audacious.

_Eugo Thieves deserve punishment. But such a means is probably inappropriate.

cherry刘进 No punishment is excessive for thieves, as they have no sense of shame.

快乐无价1999504617 Those who humiliate others have flawed moral character!

Leung-j This is serious criminal act that violates basic human rights! So those who resort to extrajudicial punishment will not be penalized? This is even worse than theft.

后山人记 Who stripped her clothes off? Is punishing her really the only purpose?

我是深喉 Sometimes what thieves do is almost like daylight robbery. What has caused thieves to be so audacious? The government should reflect on that.

joy_z0212 I firmly support this! As far as a thief is concerned, no punishment is too heavy.

舒穆禄躏文 Besides barbaric tribes, only in China will people do such things. Beasts!

DuanRuilei The question of respect/disrespect aside, there is a question of using any means necessary as a result of self-righteousness. In history, there are many stories of people who put themselves in the right causing tragedies.

谢平的微博 Shame on theft, but no tolerance of trampling on human dignity. People should have their own dignity. Perp walking is okay.  But never strip off  her clothes. She is a woman, after all. 视偷窃为可耻,视侮辱人的尊严所不可容。人应该是有尊严的。游街示众可以,但不可以扒掉她的衣服,更何况是一名女性。

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