First maid restaurant opens in Kunming; netizens’ reaction

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Photos from China News

A maid-themed restaurant recently opened in Kunming. All waitresses dress as cute and submissive Japanese maid-servants. As this is the first maid-themed restaurant to open in Kunming, it has attracted customers of all ages to come check it out, especially the anime-loving youth demographic. The staff treat the customers as masters and mistresses in a private home rather than merely as restaurant customers. Cosplay restaurants stem from Japan, where the anime, comics and gaming industries flourish, and its popularity soon spread to other parts of the world.


maid cafe01

A “maid-servant” uses iPad to take orders.


A “maid” brings food to a customer.


All waitresses at the restaurant are anime-lovers. Their drawings hang on the wall of the restaurant as decoration.


Waitresses draw their favorite anime figures to decorate the restaurant.

Selected comments on QQ.

腾讯金华市网友 拜托。耶~~~ Servant, how much is a bowl of dumplings? (Jing: It sounds similar to “How much is a night’s sleep” in Chinese.)

自由︾安靜1 Want to f**k the maid in the fourth picture who touched her face with her fingers.

腾讯网友 腾讯评论员 Rich people are masters in any society. Ordinary people are servants all the time.

腾讯网友 神仙 Debasing dignity in exchange for capital. Nowadays businesses would just come up with any idea.

腾讯江苏省网友 ━..━ ━ I think I am so outdated that I can’t accept these. I am sorry my lovely country.

腾讯上海市网友 Crowdy/太阳鸦 Sigh. Good things are not being learned. The bandits’ AV (jing: bandit is a derogatory term in Chinese for Japanese people. AV stands for adult video) and perversion have been learned. And they chant “boycott (Japan)” all the time…Go to hell.

腾讯济宁市网友 含烟々听沧桑 Will those maid-servants say “Please don’t, master.” (Jing: a popular line said by porn actresses to actors in Japanese adult video )

腾讯网友 张就是涨 The maid-servant outfit looks very pretty. The maid-servants do not.

腾讯网友 ♀我冇罪 ♂ Chinese people~~! Can you come up with something creative and innovation? Do you really resolve to carry imitation through to the end?

徐州市 三疯 Is the second woman in the fourth picture a shemale?

腾讯上海市网友 二当家的 Can I eat at the restaurant while doing a hand job?

腾讯网友 FREEDOM Moral degeneration. They do not learn from the bandits’ merits but their perversion. I guess later there will be a SM (Sadomasochism) restaurant?

腾讯安庆市网友 老马 There have been similar ones since a long time ago. Those I saw in one restaurant in Shanghai are a lot prettier than these women.

昆明网友“当档荡挡” Even though diversity should be encouraged, it is still a bit out of line to use maid as the selling point. After all, letting diners be treated as “masters” and making servants maid of masters is akin to stratifying the society.

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