How Americans view ‘Sister Feng,’ China’s most-hated reality star, and how Chinese respond to it

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Here is a news story by New York Post, which gives you heads-up as to Sister Feng’s whereabouts. If you don’t know who Sister Feng is, read the story below.

The most-hated woman in China is hiding out as a humble manicurist in Brooklyn.

While anonymous in New York, Feng Luoyu, 26, wouldn’t be able to walk down the street in her native country without people jeering. (Jing’s note: Her real name is Luo Yufeng, or Yufeng Luo, not Feng Luoyu.)

Her offense: displaying unabashed ego by publicizing a list of extreme demands for a boyfriend.

“I was hated in China and don’t wanted to be hated by people here,” Feng told The Post in Chinese.

“America is still a place where anyone can succeed. I can open a small business, develop into a big business, take it public and then global.”

sister feng00

Feng’s strange journey to infamy — she has 1.4 million followers on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter — started in 2009, when she handed out fliers in Shanghai in a bid to meet Mr. Right.

“He must be a post-graduate of economics from Tsinghua or Beijing University, with a height of 5 feet 9 to 6 feet. He must have never been a father, and any ex-girlfriends must not have had abortions. He has to be a native of eastern coastal China. He should not be an employee of state companies, but it’s OK if he works for PetroChina, Sinopec or top banks,” she wrote.

Her demands touched a nerve in China, where men outnumber women and competition for wives is steep.

Feng started appearing on billboards and on a reality show with two actors posing as her boyfriends.

Still, the Chinese public would mock her inane statements, such as “Einstein is for sure not smarter than me. He invented light, right?”

She recalled that while walking down the streets in Shanghai, people would recognize her, shouting, “Feng Jie!” or “Big Sister Feng,” as she is known, and then, “300 years!” — mocking her claim that in intelligence, “no one can compare to me in 300 years before and after.”

Now, she wants to meet a “real American” with an Ivy League degree.

“Men ask me out all the time. But none of them are suitable,” she boasted.

A note from Jing: I usually refrain from making personal comments in my articles. However, I am going to make an exception for Sister Feng, or Luo Yufeng. She is shamelessly and ugly, both inside and outside. She has no qualms about her inordinate self-esteem, narcissism or lying. Worst of all, many of her remarks have way crossed the line and turned herself into a public enemy by saying on her microblog that the 40 victims killed in the Wenzhou bullet train crash had done the world a favor by dying. I cannot care less about such a horrible woman living on the same planet, and she is obviously much less condemnable than criminals, but the fact that she has been minted into a reality star by the seedy entertainment industry and that she has been granted permanent residency in the United States ahead of many talented scholars and hardworking people with her antics just makes me feel sad. While some people try to rationalize her eccentricity by saying she knows what she wants and it is only a means to an end, I don’t think being brazen is a praiseworthy quality. After all, there are many means to an end.

Selected comments from New York Post made by users with their Facebook logins.


Selected comments from Sina Weibo on the news that Sister Feng has made headlines in the U.S.

囡趫亾廸咖 A disgrace on our nation!!! God!! Why don’t these people die!! @Luo Yufeng, you are indeed Chinese people’s national humiliation!!

传媒大坑 I’d flee! This can’t be possible! Damn. Her motherf**ker. If she can find one, then I firmly believe there must be abnormal people among those ‘real Americans’ who graduated from the Ivy League. Otherwise it’s so not normal.

单身男人想养狗 Wow, how did Sister Feng pass the immigration officers…?

记住活着真好 American people have adopted you like adopting a bitch! Just wait there for Americans to feed you! Wait to die! Bitch, let’s see when you will be run over by a car! F**k off! Go to your American masters!

白天鹅at杭州 I am really speechless. It turns out that going to the extreme can achieve the same level of international influence and power. Will (she) become the spokesperson for Chinese women? I am crying!

朱梦奇 Sorry, as far as I am concerned, I don’t admit this thing was made in China. Thanks.

阿达WB: You hurry up to poison the American people. Don’t ever come back!

LING-LEI Luo Yufeng spent two years on turning herself from a supermarket cashier into an American citizen. It’s a real-life inspiring drama. At that time I mocked her. Today I feel small and unworthy.

GLORYJAY God, she is not a star. Not!!!!!

QFGSS Right, it is We the onlookers who have made her so famous and sent her to the place she aspires for. We all played into her hands.

myywolf_duduwolf I am afraid the Ivy League universities may experience a few lukewarm years.

李艳霞微开心窗 God! It is not enough that you disgusting Chinese people. Now you are going to disgust the whole world. Why don’t you just turn into a piece of dog shit?

梦想天空Burning   How can I live with foreigners’ aesthetic view? Oh my lady gaga!!!

霍霍霍某 It proves that American people can really withstand the horrible. No wonder they are so much more advanced. They just can accept everything.

關於菡的兩三事微博达人 She is a star?…She is at most a clown on the Internet.

kittyvb The U.S. will encounter another terrorist attack after 9.11.

Here are some more photos of Sister Feng:

sister feng01sister feng02sister feng03sister feng04sister feng05sister feng06sister feng07sister feng08

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15 comments to “How Americans view ‘Sister Feng,’ China’s most-hated reality star, and how Chinese respond to it”

  1. theorycraft | October 3, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    She might be hot headed and ugly but she serves a great purpose as a symbol. In a country where gender inequality is still prevalent, her candid demands for a man of specific quality have a certain progressive resonance. Women are still expected to be seen and not heard, be pretty as well as subservient. Her attitude of the moon or nothing has a special kind of shock value in this type of society-similar to the beginnings of the feminist movement. And she’s not that ugly honestly, she’s got an extreme case of hong kong face, which isn’t my thing, and her skin is too dark to match, but again, she’s not sticking out in public because of her looks

    • Jimmy | October 4, 2011 | Permalink Reply

      What is “Hong Kong Face”? Lol.

      • PT | November 6, 2011 | Permalink Reply

        haha! HongKong face – how very apt! It’s a kind of twisted, prune, conniving look due to hyper-materialistic demands and a deep sense of entitlement. That’s why HK stars are genetic freaks and/or indebted to the wonders of cosmetic surgery.

        To be honest, as said elsewhere, in a few of the interview shots and the professional studio shots, she looks doable also a dose of photoshop does no harm. Besides, doing the Lolita pose ensures the attention of kiddy-fiddling white men. Besides, these kind of studio grade shots are very common for urban mainlander women.

    • Iv | June 18, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      Shutup, you dumb ass feminazi bitch. The Chinese are all laughing at idiot Western cunts like you who think this poor, twisted sack of flesh is in any way entitled to make ANY demands on ANY man. You’d be happy if Chinese woman became arrogant, disrespectful, disgusting she-males like you, drinking like a sailor and cursing like a trucker. Though you might be slightly relieved to know your “woman should still be seen and not heard” only proves your moronic ignorance toward China, yet another country your American shit-for-brains thinks needs to be “saved” from normalcy. In a country where men far outweight the women, females hold more power than you’d think.

  2. Big D | October 4, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    I think she must have blown the US immigration officers or they put a bag over head and imported her as an exotic animal. She really looks like southern jungle-chimp.

  3. Augis | October 8, 2011 | Permalink Reply

    She is almost sexy in the nude pictures…

    • Cat | October 9, 2011 | Permalink Reply

      Thus the power of a great photographer and Photoshop.

      Though it’s more her narcissism and over-sized ego that gets to me.

    • Blacksoth | October 11, 2011 | Permalink Reply

      She looks better in those pics then others, that’s for sure. I guess the way she blew up in China has to do with their one-child policy and the gender imbalance more than anything. There are plenty of demanding women in the west too. She’ll probably share the same fate — complain about being single and why they can’t find a “good man”. Maybe at some point she’ll get tired of it and change her mind.

  4. 罗婊子 | February 7, 2012 | Permalink Reply


  5. [...] 09:08:51 发表 That thing of yours can only be washed by Sister Feng (China’s most hated reality star, often ridiculed for her ‘ugliness’ and shamelessness). 我到底怎么讲不被删 [...]

  6. Shanghai | May 9, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    The double standards in China are what is disgusting. You will continuously find requirements for women to look a certain way, even in job-adverts they will discriminate for beautiful skinny and tall women!

    And please, as if she is the only person who aims to find an educated and handsome man. A lot of women would add wealthy/rich to that list. Bunch of hypocrites is what they are, there are lots of gold diggers in China, this one is at least honest.

    If you decide to abort the female babies then this is what you get. It’s called supply and demand, women are able to pick and choose, deal with it instead of bashing her. This is typical patriarchical ranting because men have realised they are not in the same position of power as before, now that WOMEN can place demands and take control of who they want to marry. It happens all over the world; when women gain some power over their lives they are called whores and ugglies in order to ostrasize them back into place.

    • Mario | May 10, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      I only agree that double standards are crap. However two wrongs do not make it right. I agree with Jing Gao about Luo Yufeng being ugly in the inside. Being ugly on the outside is in the eye of the beholder.

      Jing Gao mentioned this woman got a permant residency because of these antics?! WTF?! I agree with Jing Gao that there are people waiting to come to the USA who have better contributions yet put somethings on the internet and just go ahead of the line? I know friends that are trying to bring their wives and families to the USA and have to go the the infamous Red tape and hassle just to get a travelr’s visa yet Luo Yufeng gets in like that?

      I do not criticize anyone trying to find their ideal mate and have some requirements. Believe me, no one would love to get married to a loser or headcase. However this woman is somehow just being narcisstic and using this as some form of self gratification. If she was a woman that sincerely felt she need someone to outside of China, I can see this. However this woman is just saying and doing things to continue her 14 minutes and 59 seconds of fame.

      I know many women in China that may not be drop dead gorgeous but they do not act like this woman. They just want to settle down with a man and have a family. They do have problems because of their looks and if they have found someone, the eventual abuse they get. I sympathize with them because here are women that want nothing more but to live their lives with another man and have a family but women like Luo Yufeng just made it harder.

      I am for women empowering themselves especially in China but not to the point where they become something that they accuse the men of being.

    • Iv | June 23, 2012 | Permalink Reply

      More “female logic.” “You men are threatened, nyah nyah nyah.” I know you live in a dream world where every man is too whipped to tell you what an imbecile you sound like, so I’ll tell you now: this has nothing to do with patriarchy or any of your other man-hating feminazi tripe. Yes, lots of women want successful men, just like successful men want hot women who like sex and don’t speak when they’re not spoken to. What makes this woman an abomination is the painful contrast between her monstrous appearance and deluded demands. She’s not a role model for “women’s progress” or whatever else your ruined mind has been taught to parrot.

  7. disturbance2 | May 16, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    She’s more of a joke than a target of hatred, actually. Nobody really takes her seriously and people who direct derogatory remarks at her on the net are plain IDIOTS. Really no big deal man…

  8. Apathy | May 19, 2012 | Permalink Reply

    Wasn’t she in ‘Kung-fu Hustle’ as Bucktooth Jane?

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