Photos: China’s "Rooftop Elementary School” hangs on for 12 years

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This is an elementary school for children of migrant workers living in Wuhan, the largest and most prosperous city in Central China. It rents a residential building in a run-down neighborhood to house its students. Its rooftop, on which tenants used to hang washed laundry to dry, now serves as children’s playground, where they chase each other, gather for the weekly flag-raising ceremony, and practice radio calisthenics as exercise routines. Locals love to call it The Rooftop School.

Lingzhi Elementary School was founded 12 years ago. It employs 18 teachers and currently has 7 classes that runs the whole gamut from preschool class to the 6th grade. All 400 students study inside the single building. Some classrooms as small as 200 square feet fit over 30 students. There are not enough desks that every five students have to share two desks.

Ms. Huang, a teacher at Lingzhi Elementary, said, they thought about building a new campus, “But who will lease us cheap land?”


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    It’s good that while they’re on that roof top they are saluting the government… that enforces a system that ensures they get banished to a rooftop.

    Thanks hukou apartheid! :)

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