Now college student, former basketball player Yao Ming jokes about “copying classmate’s homework”

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From Xinhua

Famous basketball player Yao Ming, recently retired from NBA, now attends Economics and Management School at Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU). In a recent New Year’s party at the school, Yao, unable to attend the event, sent a video clip to the party featuring himself addressing to his fellowing students. In the video, Yao jokingly mentioned that he has a lot of difficulty finishing his homework, and if possible, he “would like to borrow a classmate’s work and copy it”.

It has previously been noted that plagiarism is prevalent among Chinese students due to heavy workload and unoriginality of homework, and the fact that a large number of students copy homework from their peers seems to make plagiarism a more permissible behavior in China’s higher education institutes. Because of this, Yao’s joke is deemed appropriate by the majority of netizens and resonates well with a lot the students. The news piece quickly became viral among China’s online social networks, and any students expressed willingness to help the former basketball giant with his coursework.

“I am having a lot of difficulty doing my homework.”

“If possible, I’d like to borrow homework from a fellow classmate and copy it.”

“We all can finish our homework.”

“I look forward to more opportunities to communicate with you guys.”

“Let’s all work hard together. Thank you all.”

A picture of a class that Yao attends has been photoshopped by Chinese netizens to include Internet meme and humor and become viral. (English translation below)

Selected comments from Sina Weibo:

骚尸imbz:I recall that back then when I copied others’ homework assignment, I was literally scribbling frantically. Answers of the entire class handed in had only few versions. Soon I am visiting my Alma mater. I should really thank my bros who lent me their homework. Could have been better if you made another copy for me after you finished your own.

叮小静:Ha ha ha ha ha ha, lend me your answers for me to copy, and I will introduce you to Kobe (Bryant)…Haha… (Note: This comes from a viral Internet joke about Yao Ming having to pass the national English tests despite speaking fluent English: “For all the fluent English Yao Ming speaks, He cannot escape the pathetic CET 4 and 6. At the exam room of CET 4, a big palm suddenly pats on your back, and a deep and low voice came from behind, ‘Hey, classmate, lend me your answers for copying, I will introduce you and Kobe to one another’…”)

夏葵走失在1994[哼]My friends at SJTU say that this son of a gun seldom comes to the class!

帽子洗发:I also want a copy.

vista_烨:Yao Ming, if you flunked your basketball lesson, I guess the entire university would go insane.

Eileen一生有古:Sometimes a good student needs to copy other’s homework. Haha, Yao Ming copies homework, so cute~~

着实模糊了[哈哈](People) all have such a history.

o赤潮o:…Indeed, this guy is still faced with the finals…

曾铭_sjtu:These are the screen caps of a New Year’s party at SJTU. From the Renren page of the organizer of the party: Isn’t it quite irresponsible and unprofessional to publish news stories based on pictures on the web without checking with the organizer?… Yao did not show up at the evening party. The veracity of the pictures aside, please everyone keep it low-key and pay attention to wording to avoid causing unnecessary misunderstanding and trouble to Yao.

徐徐徐晓君:I recall when I went to school, I often copied someone’s homework and then borrowed someone else’s to double-check. [哈哈]

水影艺人微博达人:Big Brother Yao Ming is too cute. Haha, students should take good care of Big Brother Yao.

眯眼小栋栋:Trade with Kobe’s autograph. Then I would not have problem with even giving my answers to you during exams. [花心]

shadow129微博达人:Haha, will a whole bunch of  girls chase him and vie for lending him their homework?


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