Photos: Chinese nursing home in desolation and oblivion

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From Tianya

Note: All “captions” under the photos are translated from the original post on Tianya unless otherwise stated.


I have known this since the spring festival in 2011. I did not post any picture until now. The acquisition of these pictures was quite accidental. They were given to me by a tearful girl. I felt so sad after seeing them. Long story short, I am gonna simply post these pictures!

(Jing’s note: The Chinese characters read: 1985 SHUIQUAN COUNTY NURSING HOME)

This is a nursing home, not a concentration camp, can you believe it? Is the county chief a cadre of the Crotch (Jing’s note: ‘Crotch’ in Chinese sounds very similar to ‘The Party.’)? Are we in the New China? Are those who have embezzled charity money still human beings? Do ordinary citizens owe them anything? Whose goddamn fault is this?


Who are they? Where is it? What are they waiting for?


Where is this? What kind of person lives here? Or, are they even (treated as) human beings?


Look at this!


Different people, the same outfit – a beggar look! Sigh, even worse than a beggar!

The door is a single layer of plank. So are the glass windows. This is noteworthy.


No idea how long it has been since they last saw an egg. It is said that what they have for three meals a day is sour vegetables!

Everyone, work hard and make more money. Let us ordinary citizens help ordinary citizens! nursinghome07

Trillions, tens of trillions… Where did the money go?


What a lively face, just like yours and mine!


What is that around her head? Is it for keeping warm or for an injury?


This girl cried really hard. I cannot let her face show without her consent. But I promise it is the most beautiful!


After exploitation and extortion at all levels, what is left for them? Not only them, what about you and me…?


Never taken care of by anyone, look, how happy he is, now that people come to visit them!

Oh, do you now understand what single-panel windows can mean? This is Northeast China. People frozen to death is not a joke!


I am gonna treat these old people to a meal too for next Chinese New Year! Work hard to make money! It would be the best if I could treat them every day! nursinghome16

Look at the tiny characters on the right-hand side of the wall: “******ism is good!” (Jing’s note: it says “Socialism is good”)

It could have been good, perhaps!


Ordinary citizens help ordinary citizens! I don’t know her personally, but I feel she is like my own sister!



Ordinary citizens help ordinary citizens. Let’s work hard to make money from now on! Those people in the picture have done a lot more than us! Thanks to them!

(Jing’s note: The read banner says “Philanthropic Visit to Lonely Senior Citizens from Harbin Sunshine and Love Alliance, 2010”)


Donation and gifts.

Selected comments from Sina Weibo:

水与影:Actually, nursing homes in a lot of places are just like this one! //@nachrichten0047: If I didn’t read the description, I would have thought it was in North Korea. It has so fallen short of the star on the façade! //@葫芦娃shuang: So sad! //@古长宏: Unbelievable. Please, the relevant department, look into the case in order to ensure a correct understanding of the facts.

Silence-Y静:Anyone with a little conscience would have treated these old people like that.

小小松饼:If Spielberg made one more film about Chinese nursing homes, it would surely be more shocking than Schindler’s List!

刘瑄地盘:Share it to the whole world and let them see how rich China is, how atrocious Chinese government officials are.

风情咕咕[淚][淚]I have always had the impression that a nursing home is clean, tidy, cozy and comfortable. It turns out this is the discrepancy between the reality and the ideal. (I) beg local young people can extend their hands and let grandpas and grandmas spend their remaining years in happiness. //@慢慢来_Ba_: How many more nursing homes like this are out there! [泪]

天堂鸟128: And they always claim they are a civilization of five thousand years and have the tradition of revering the elderly and cherishing the young. Shameless. [怒]

在山峰上看历史:China’s money can be used by the United States, by Africa, by North Korea, by the government, by officials, by the rich second generation, by mistresses. Only ordinary citizens cannot use it!

小珊er-爱英语:There are so many things like this. Has all the tax money of the country been fed to dogs!!!

陀飞轮911:Best Actor/King of Acting, when can he take home Golden Rooster Awards, Hundred Flowers Awards, the Golden Horse, Hong Kong Film Awards, the Golden Bear, the Golden Palm and the Oscar? (Jing’s note: For all the populist image as a man of the people that Chinese PM Wen Jiabao has projected, Chinese netizens have been increasingly fond of calling him Best Actor, as they believe his words are mere embellishments that can never be trusted.)//@章立凡: Wen Jiabao (Chinese premier): “Everything we have done is for the people to lead a happier life with more dignity…”

茜窈:Is this really a nursing home? Can anyone help them? So poor!!//@刘真ZZ : I hope the local government can pay great attention to the welfare of the elderly!

大大的樂陶陶:Actually Hu and Wen (Chinese president Hu Jintao and Chinese PM Wen Jiaobao) know everything. They just treat these people like weeds.

ada125天地:It is corruption that landed people in deep water and scorching fire (Extreme misery).

Pentakuxi_Wang_Alexander_Jacky:I thought it is in Africa or was before the Liberation (founding of the Communist China). Then I look at the title, it turns out it is on the mainland in 2011.

北京春天木门的微博:So the residents at the nursing homes covered in Xinwen Lianbo (CCTV prime time news) are parents of the cadres!

作家谢挺:Nursing home is never a place to be. Don’t even go to the ones that are better than this. Last year, my aunt lived in one that is 100 times better than this one, but I still believe (she) shouldn’t live at a nursing home.

王虹艳-holly2013: It seems raising children to provide for old age is still more viable and reliable.

0凹凹爱凸凸0:A socialist nursing home with Chinese characteristics.

宏山2011:What a shitty country it is, if the elderly has no place to take shelter and children’s safety is not guaranteed?

xueyonghao[钟] Treat the elderly nicely. Everyone will grow old. [悲伤][蜡烛]

欢乐的瑞美人:Does it mean one has to be like this when he gets old? Where are his children?

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